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Fashion Safe Bra Reviews [Oct 2020] Is This a Legit Website?

Fashion Safe Bra Reviews

Fashion Safe Bra Reviews [Oct 2020] Is This a Legit Website? -> Read the article thoroughly to now the product in and out before purchasing and using it.

Are you looking for a permanent solution to those underwired bras that hurt you all day long? Well, in that case, you must have a look at this fantastic bra and the online Fashion Safe Bra Reviews to get a better replacement for all those hurting bras.

This lingerie product provides the utmost comfort to all those working and house, making women out there Worldwide. Moreover, this product adds a bit more ease to your daily habits of wearing lingeries as it has a front lace closure.

But the information on the internet is not always 100% genuine and reliable. So, the viewer should make sure that the product is that amazing as it seems to be online before purchasing.

Let’s look at some corners of this product.

What is fashion safe bra?

Fashion safe bra is a 100% organic lingerie product that is amazingly designed from ultra-comfortable fabric. This fashion safe bra has a front closure with skin-friendly laces so that you don’t have to twist and turn while putting it on.

Well, this comfy bra has the most extraordinary feature that it doesn’t have any underwire, which is the most famous factor in Fashion Safe Bra Reviews online. And it is available in various sizes, especially for plus-size women.

Moreover, this bra doubles the comfort and support with its wide and lined straps. 


  • Product type: lingerie product for women
  • Colour options: black, beige and purple
  • Underwire: without underwire
  • Straps: supportive and lined straps
  • Push-up effect: yes
  • Closure: front closure
  • Size: various sizes are available

Pros of buying fashion safe bra:

  • This fashion safe bra has a front closure, and women don’t need to twist and turn to put it on.
  • The product has an appropriate amount of push-up effect to enhance your beauty.
  • This bra perfectly fits your body and provides the utmost support.
  • This fashion, safe bra is an entirely organic bra, which has no side-effects.
  • This product offers you the necessary support in a soft way with its soft-lined straps.

Cons of buying fashion safe bra:

  • There are very few color options for this fashion safe bra.
  • There are some negative comments about the quality of the product in the online Fashion Safe Bra Reviews section.
  • This lingerie product is a bit expensive and can’t be afforded by everyone.
  • This bra’s fabric may stretch too fast and fails to support the body after using it for a few days.

Is fashion safe bra legit?

After health, legitimacy is the most prioritized factor in lingerie products. Well, this bra has become famous in a few months and has satisfied tones of customers Worldwide

And further, all the genuine reviews from the previous customers are praising the product online. So, the product can be called out to be legit and can be tried if you wish to invest this much in such lingerie products.

What are the users saying about fashion safe bra?

Previous customers’ genuine reviews and personal experiences are the most significant help while deciding on a lingerie product. Talk about Fashion Safe Bra Reviews contains mixed reviews from the customers who have tried this amazingly comfortable product.

A few customers love the brand and call it a perfect product that doesn’t feel tight at all. And the women wearing it are tagging it as the right choice t be worn at office premises or even in informal places.

Well, not all the customers had the same experience as some of them didn’t really like it and complained about the fabric. 

Final verdict

After looking at each and every corner of the online information, we can share some details we have found about this bra. These facts include color as it is available in three color options and different sizes.

Also, the online Fashion Safe Bra Reviews reveal the utmost comfort it provides and satisfies its users. However, some of the users have also complained about the quality and longevity of this women’s lingerie product. 

Furthermore, the product has more reviews than positive ones and is a little bit expensive to be tried.

So, according to our research, it’s totally the user’s call whether she wants to try such a costly product or not. You can freely share your views about this lingerie product if you have already tried it out. 

Don’t forget to tell us about the article in the feedback section below.

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  1. Suddenly all the negative reviews disappeared and been replaced by 5 star reviews.

    Sorry don’t believe these.

    Seems to be all same info Loovely who have disappeared – wonder if this due to 200 complaints on TrustPilot!!!

    1. How long to wait for delivery . Paid 105.31 dollars nothing arrived will not recommend to others. Please refund my payment to my account.

    2. Email them back asking for a refund. That’s what I had to do to get them to bother shipping mine. Also, I just checked their website and it no longer exists.

  2. Have ordered these bras because they were made of bamboo and it said MADE IN AUSTRALIA so how come I have been charged by my bank $3.16 for international fee ????

  3. 4 1/2 weeks after ordering – nothing received. Some communication early but then nothing. Has to be a bogus company is all i can say. Time to talk to scamwatch unless i receive my goods by the end of the week.

  4. I ordered & paid on Saturday 26th September. I have been waiting for an email on the status of my order. This morning I clicked on the link “view your order” & I get this:
    Oops, something went wrong.

    What happened?
    This shop is unavailable

    Same when you click on the “visit our store” link. I also noticed that payment for this Australia Made product is going to Fashionbra Bh Paris & there is an international transaction fee on my credit card.

    I’m on hold with my bank. I think this mob is a scam & I suggest everyone else waiting for there orders do the same.

  5. I had to email them requesting a refund, then they shipped it. They didn’t send me a shipping confirmation or tracking details like they promised they would, and wouldn’t reply to any further emails. It actually just arrived in the mail about 10 minutes ago while I was on the phone to my bank to request a chargeback. I have to say, it is incredibly comfortable, well fitting, amd the most supportive bra I’ve ever worn, but I will never be buying from Fashion Safe again due to the poor experience with customer service.

  6. Yes I am waiting for my bra too. Ordered 7 Sept. I emailed 22/9 asking if it has been shipped and they replied that it has been shipped. I have no tracking number and at present the shop is unavailable online.

  7. I purchased this after reading fabulous reviews. Delivery took over a month and emails I sent were not replied too. The bra is comfortable but there is no way to adjust if the elastic straps stretch. The bra pushes my breasts together and doesn’t have a good shape in a t shirt. I am suspicious about this company as there is no fashionsafe label, only a Chinese one, no washing instructions or packaging and my parcel came from an Auckland address. It doesn’t warrant a huge price like this

  8. ordered 6/9/20 has not arrived after emailing told it had been shipped failed to forward shipping advice.. Site online shop no longer available .Has covid shut it as billed from Paris

  9. Yes took my money as well. I thought they said the bra was Australian made and I get a message from Xu pei talking about a different tracking number. It will not load the website when I try to track my order. All I saw were 5 star reviews and thought it was legit. Extremely disappointed

  10. I’ve ordered a bra, money taken and no goods! This was 11th September…. surprising but the web site isn’t working!!

  11. Interesting, I ordered on 3rd September and the delivery was 2 – 9 days. I understood these bras were made in Australia by 2 ladies who wanted a comfortable bra. At this stage seems we have been ripped off. Shame.

  12. I had heard great reports about Fashion Safe but this certainly isn’t my experience or that of many others lately. Ordered 3 bras on 17 Sept. An email saying order placed and money taken out of bank but no further communication.

  13. I am starting to think it’s it not a real company!
    When I try track my order there is nothing and you try there web site nothing comes up.
    I think I have been conned goodbye money!

  14. Hi, I made an order for these bras on 23rd September. I thought it was weird that I never got a confirmation email. They have never arrived. I believe I have been scammed. I tried to contact the fashion-safe bra site on Google, it has been taken down and you can’t contact. They took the money out of my credit card, and going to get the banks to try and track where my money has gone.


  15. Well, after leaving my post yesterday… miracles do happen. I am pleased to say my bras arrived in the mail and they look exactly like the pictures in the ad. So thank you fashion safe for coming through.

  16. I ordered and paid for two of these on sept 25th and have had nothing arrive yet (Oct 13). I did not receive an email receipt but got a Text acknowledgement with a link to view shipping progress. When I click the link I am told the shop does not exist. Has anyone else had this experience? I see Myra Brayley has the same story.

  17. I received 2 bras of very inferior quality. I’ve been refused a refund despite the company being unable to offer a suitable size replacement. This is not a bra – just a lacy garment with some very poor padding. Do not buy!

  18. I’ve ordered and paid for one in August , never heard from them again, no product, no web site , it’s a rip off. Pfft

  19. All of the above comments apply to my order of a Bra ordered from JESSICA LINGERIE two Australian women making wireless front fastening Bra’s so ordered 27 Sept 2020 the order coming from FASHION SAFE and $80.65 (converted from AUD) debited from my account by FASHIONBRA BH Paris. The bank gave me the phone no for them which i rang and couldn’t understand as in French. Then NOTHING no acknoledgement, shipping. tracking . Managed to find who i’d ordered from and told to quote number and resubmit I did and still nothing so back to Bank to reverse payment and having to block my card and all that entails. Day after 3rd Nov 2020 and contact from dispute authority, Bra turned up, from Auckland,—-Chinese made with no documentation and no return instructions. So BEWARE

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