Tips For Opening A Bar In Louisiana – What You Need To Know?

Top Tips For Opening A Bar In Louisiana

So, you’re thinking about opening a bar in Louisiana? That’s great! Louisiana is known for its vibrant nightlife and love for good music and drinks, making it an ideal location for your new venture. But before you dive into the world of the bar industry, there are some things you need to know.

Starting a bar in Louisiana isn’t just about choosing the perfect cocktail recipes or designing the coolest interior – it involves careful planning, understanding local liquor laws, staying ahead of trends in the industry, obtaining a bartender license in Louisiana, and ensuring that your operations will run smoothly.

From creating a solid business plan to hiring skilled bartenders who can whip up classic New Orleans cocktails with a twist, every step matters in setting up a successful establishment.

Of course, setting up your business structure legally – not forgetting obtaining all necessary permits and licenses, such as a bartender license in Louisiana by the state law. 

It’s no small feat, but with this guide offering valuable tips from experts familiar with Louisiana’s unique bar culture and regulations, you’ll be on your way to running a popular watering hole in no time!

Tips to Help When Opening a Bar in Louisiana

Don’t know where to start when you open a bar in Louisiana? Here’s what you need to know:

Create the Best Bar Business Plan

When you plan to open a bar in Louisiana, you need an ace bar business plan. First, get yourself familiarized with Louisiana liquor laws. Understanding the regulations would be crucial, for it can influence business operations and marketing strategies.

The next step involves researching local bar culture and trends. Do you think Louisianans prefer their drinks served in mason jars or highball glasses? Are they more into swanky cocktail lounges or laid-back dive bars? What kind of music resonates within the community? Traditional jazz or contemporary beats? 

You must incorporate these insights into your plan to make you stand out and ensure you’re catering to local tastes appropriately.

Lastly, don’t forget about the operational aspects such as staffing, inventory management, accounting, and more; these are equally important for running a successful bar business. Remember, it’s not just about starting the party- it’s about keeping it going!

Find an Ideal Location

Scouting out the perfect spot for watering holes is an exciting part of the process. You must ensure it’s in the area that will attract the target crowd.

Since Louisiana is known for its vibrant bar scene, you need to choose a location that would require you to research local trends and customer preferences. Consider factors like foot traffic, proximity to popular venues, accessibility, and visibility. Of course, never forget to have a bartender license in Louisiana to operate legally. 

Consider also how hurricanes and flooding could affect certain areas. These are common in Louisiana, so you would want a location that’s not too prone to natural disasters. The more aware you are about these aspects, the fewer headaches you’ll face!

Set Up a Business Structure

Before diving into the cocktail shaker and beer taps, you must establish a solid business structure to ensure the venture’s legality and protect your assets. Also, you must be able to obtain a liquor or bartender license in Louisiana. 

After you decide on the type of entity you want to form, you need to register it with the Louisiana Secretary of State by filing articles of incorporation for a corporation or articles of organization for an LLC. Also, you need to apply for an Employer Identification Number (EIN) from the IRS – this is necessary for tax purposes.

Obtaining a liquor or bartender license in Louisiana from both state and local authorities would also be important. Failure to do this may lead to penalties, including fines and even the closure of your establishment. 

Be sure you’re familiar with all regulations about serving alcohol in Louisiana. You should understand the requirements to keep your customers safe and help prevent any legal mishaps.

Obtain Permits and Licenses

Ready to get those shakers shaking and taps flowing? Then you should also prepare your bartender license in Louisiana. 

In Louisiana, you’ll need a bartender and Liquor License. Depending on your bar’s operations, there are different liquor licenses, such as Class A-General for bars that sell booze for consumption on premises or a Class A Restaurant for restaurants selling alcohol with meals. 

Also, don’t forget about the local parish or city permits; each may have its requirements, so make sure you’re covered.

Now that your liquor license is in order, what’s next? Any good bar owner knows compliance with health and safety regulations is key to keeping those doors open. That means securing a Health Permit from the Louisiana Department of Health (LDH), which ensures your establishment meets all food service sanitation standards.

You’ll also need a local Fire Marshal’s approval certifying your place is safe from fire hazards. And last but not least: zoning laws! Make sure your dream bar location is zoned for alcohol sales – if not, you might be pouring money down the drain before even opening day. Remember: due diligence pays off when navigating these legal waters.

Keep Up with Bar Trendy Styles and Designs

In Louisiana, bar culture is a blend of tradition and innovation. Locals may appreciate people who preserve the state’s rich history while appreciating fresh takes on old classics. 

When you design your bar, consider incorporating elements of Louisiana’s vibrant culture – think of jazz music decor or Mardi Gras colors to give off an authentic vibe.

Remember, too, that space utilization is key; customers should be able to move freely yet enjoy intimate conversations if they desire.

Also, staying trendy isn’t just about aesthetics; it also involves keeping up with what’s popular in drinks and service styles. Don’t forget about hosting themed nights (trivia or live music) – they’re great for attracting a regular clientele.

Keep tabs on industry trends, too – know what other successful bars are doing and learn from them. Remember this: you’re not just opening a bar but creating an experience for your customers!

Purchase a Point of Sale System

In the lively bar scene of Louisiana, speed is key. As you serve up beers and cocktails to locals and tourists alike, you don’t want to be held back by a slow or outdated POS system. A modern one will make it quick and easy for your staff to ring up those gumbo bowls and hurricane cocktails, helping you avoid long lines at the bar.

Also, in Louisiana liquor laws, your POS system can aid in keeping meticulous records necessary for audit purposes. You’ll need detailed sales reports to comply with the state’s stringent alcohol regulations. 

So go ahead and invest in that top-of-the-line POS system; not only will it streamline daily operations, but it could also help maintain compliance with local laws. It’s another way you’re setting your Louisiana bar up for success!

Hire Skilled Bartenders and Staff

Having the right team behind your counter can make all the difference in creating an atmosphere that will draw in a crowd and keeps them coming back for more. 

Hiring skilled bartenders and staff isn’t just about finding people who can pour a beer or mix a cocktail, and it’s about building a team that understands Louisiana bar culture, complies with state liquor laws, and provides excellent customer service.

Look for bartenders with experience working in fast-paced environments, understand local drink trends, and know how to handle even the rowdiest Mardi Gras crowds. 

Ensure they’re familiar with Louisiana’s unique alcohol sales hours, which vary by parish, and remember that anyone serving alcohol must be at least 18 years old.

Train your staff on checking IDs diligently since Louisiana has harsh penalties for serving minors – including hefty fines or potential loss of liquor licenses.

A well-trained staff will help maintain compliance with the laws and contribute significantly to guests’ overall experience – making yours one of those bars folks just can’t get enough of!


So, you’ve already got your plan, found the perfect spot, set up your business structure, and gotten all the necessary permits. You’re keeping up with trends and have a great POS system and a stellar staff.

Remember, running a bar in Louisiana isn’t just about serving drinks – it’s about creating an experience. Know the laws, respect the local culture, and stay on top of operations. With these tips under your belt, you’re ready to make your mark on Louisiana’s vibrant bar scene.

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