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Thomas Lane Fundraiser Website [June] Read Truth About This Site

Thomas Lane Fundraiser Website

Thomas Lane Fundraiser Website [June] Read Truth About This Site >> In this article you will get to know about a website that is honored for a small kid, who has lost his life even before seeing anything in the world.

Thomas Lane Fundraiser Website and such other type of websites make us realize time to time that we don’t own anything in this world. What does a person own is their deeds and karma?

Well, it is one of the most trusting phases and many philosophers’ help by mentioning the same in their write-ups in the United States and other parts of the globe.

What is Thomas Lane Fundraiser Website?

Thomas Lane Fundraiser Website is in memory of Master Lane Thomas Graves, who was just two years nine months and eleven days when he left this world in the year 2016. This was a great shock and heartbreaking for Matt and Melissa as parents of Lane Thomas, who were in deep pain after the sudden and traumatic shock of their loving son’s no more feeling.

The great pain for anyone is that when we have a loss of someone loveable to us, though this is the truth of life, it is excruciating when it happens with kids at a sudden instance. 

The parents have created this website in honour of their loving son and thought to dedicate their lives to the further needy and who helped them in the extremely ultimate ways.

They are thoughtful and at the same time, thank full to those who have provided the support to them at their darkest period of life, as the community support is very remarkable. 

Anyone can need help from the neighbours, friends, family at any point in time, and it is our responsibility to obey that rule.

How does the Thomas Lane Fundraiser Website work?

The website could be accessed via and is one of the homes for the needy families who are in trouble at any point of time of their life to approach. The foundation is firstly established by Omaha Community foundation, but gradually they have occupied their 501©(3), public charity status by the government.

Matt Graves, the father is the CEO of this foundation, and both parents work towards the fulfilment of the repayment they have received from the community. They are keen towards the way of their work and almost helped many families at the time of need.

With Matt as Chairman and Mellisa as Vice Chairman, there is another complete board of directors, available at the website. These people are together as a divine humanity task force to execute the helping hands.

What is the structure of the website?

The website is coolly provided with a sophisticated design and a simple pattern. It has various tabs like a pledge, facts, About us, take the pledge, keep love alive, press, contact, donate etc. the donate tab makes the donator enables by making either a one-time donation or a recurring donation. 

The one-time donation gift amount begins from dollar twenty-five and so on and with a provision to make the customized donation amount as well by clicking on another box. The process enables one to clarify; if the donation is in some tribute like in the memory of someone, in honour of someone or the recognition of someone, all this information can be shared by the donor over there.

There is a whole complete informative form capturing this information, and one can fill the details. If in case someone is willing to make a donation by cheque then the mail can be addressed to Lane Thomas Foundation, PO Box 540365, Omaha, NE 68154, along with the cheque in favour of the foundation.  

In the United Statesmany such foundations exist, and people do get help from such organizations. The foundation can be approached via email at to receive any information. 

It is always great to donate, but one should keep a check as well in terms if they can see the foundation’s work. The foundation is socially available at Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as well. 

The Bottom Line

Though the time is a big healer and it is said that all wounds get fade away with time, but there are inevitable pains which have no life span, and they are endless. Loss of the loved ones is the major pain in anyone’s life, and it is excruciating as a parent. 

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