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Bellevue Bites Website [June] A fighting chance for locals

Bellevue Bites

Bellevue Bites Website [June] A fighting chance for locals -> In this article, we get to know about the Bellevue Bites Website and the service it does.

Do the restaurants have the opportunity to function even in the pandemic? Well, the site provides the restaurant with a fresh start and connects all the local restaurants to supply food to customers with great deals.

The site is led by the high school girl Sophie Sajnani who has helped to develop a connection between the local restaurants. It has been designed so that it can help the restaurants in the time of economic crisis.

According to the information that we get from the Bellevue Bites Website, it is found that the site is active in Canada, United States. The website has a list of restaurants of the Seattle and Bellevue. The discounts are offered daily as per the developer, and she does this all by herself.

The developer wanted her computer skills could play a part in helping the people, and it is working. She is all her education and skills so that she can help the community of restaurants in the time of social isolation.

Let us first know about what is Bellevue Bites Website?

Who is the owner of the site?

The site is created by Sophie Sajnani to help the restaurants supply their food with exclusive offers just for free.

There is no service fee for the restaurants, and the site helps them out a lot to deal in this difficult situation. 

The developer of the site has created this site by her graphic design and computer skills, and it makes it immensely useful for the people.

Go through the entire blog to know the service and contributions.

Points to note about the site:

  • The site creates a network for restaurants.
  • The web network is for local restaurants.
  • The developer herself called the restaurants to help them
  • Does not charge any fees
  • The blog is just for service and charity
  • Launched designs of backpacks

Linking of the situation:

The site is of great importance for the people of the USA. This is because it provides them with an opportunity to work and supply food in the times of this challenging situation where they are trapped.

The restaurants have a significant impact on the site. Since they were not able to work, the web network has created a very positive effect on their lives and the people despite struggling are ready to support the local eateries.

The developer herself cold-called the restaurants so that they could sign up and join in this service. This is a non-profit site and developed just for the sake of charity.

Categories and number of restaurants helped:

The site supports several restaurants that are in Bellevue and the surrounding areas. It also helps the restaurants of Seattle, Portland and Vancouver.

The restaurants that are helped are:

  • Orenji Sushi: Traditional and contemporary food
  • Caspian Restaurant: that offers authentic Persian food
  • Tutta Bella: provides genuine Italian Wood
  • Cielo Cocina Mexicana: Family recipes from Jalisco 
  • MokSHA: provides Flavorful Indian food!
  • The Roll Pod: Has a Seattle based Indian fast-food chain
  • Katsu Burger: Home of the original Japanese deep-fried burgers
  • Bruchelle bagel bistro and a lot more restaurants are helped through the chain.

Views of people:

People appreciate the work done by the Sophie Sajnani and are playing their part as well to help the restaurants even in their struggling phase. 

People have felt the need for service in tough times. And in the time of the pandemic, they are coming up and adding them in the network. The network is a non-profit network and is going to flourish due to the efforts of the people.

The developer feels that her knowledge should be utilized in some outstanding service. Therefore she developed the site which is being liked by the people a lot.

People are trying to make more and more efforts to help these local restaurants in this time of need.


The site is a vast network that has been developed by the developer. She has taken up a great initiative to help out the people and the people without charging any fees. This non-profit service is of great help in the time of the pandemic. 

People cherish such charities and play their part as well to help others. The developer herself has set up the websites and holds it for everyone interested.

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