Text Rbg to 50409 Scam [Sep 2020] Get Full Information!

Text Rbg to 50409 Scam 2020

Text Rbg to 50409 Scam [Sep 2020] Get Full Information! >> Read about a movement to save Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Supreme court seat, and it’s not scam.

You might be aware that different countries run different movements to support a particular cause and the citizens play a significant role in such movements. We often see the news channels asking us to give a missed call on a particular number to support a cause. 

You might also see your chat groups getting messages on signing a petition, and the more people sign it, the cause becomes powerful and gets more support from the politicians.

There is a movement going on in the United States to support and save the seat of Supreme court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and a similar moment started back in April 2020. The director of Resistbot said it was successful.

But, now it has again begun, and there are rumors that it is a scam. Thus, read this news on ’Text Rbg to 50409 Scam.’

What is Resistbot?

Many NGOs and volunteer groups perform a mediator’s work and ensure that the citizen’s voice reaches the politicians. Resistbot is one such volunteer group that will send the letters of your request to the officials. Thus, ’Text Rbg to 50409 Scam’ is a rumor.

It is a process wherein the person sends RBG text from his phone to a particular number that is 50409, and then the resistbot will ask for the name and address of the person who is interested in supporting the campaign. 

Then the name of the person is written in the letter and three copies are prepared. The two copies are sent to Senators, and one copy is then sent to the United States representative.

How does the Text RBG to 50409 works?

  • Firstly the person will send RBG from his phone to a number that is 50409. 
  • The bot will automatically generate a link and ask the person to sign the letter or petition and name.
  • The letter is then sent to the officials at the top and who are representatives of the people.
  • If you want to see a copy of how the letter will look, you need to send a sample, and the bot will send you a link with the copy of the letter. Thus, ’Text Rbg to 50409 Scam’ is a rumor, and it works for real.

What is RBG?

RBG is an acronym of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and the movement is all about supporting the lady’s last wish not to be replaced from the seat in the Supreme court until a new President comes in the nation. The lady dies at  87, and her seat is vacant thus. Many people are coming up and supporting the campaign; many volunteers are working for this cause.

There is a rumor about ’Text Rbg to 50409 Scam,’ but that is not true as the campaign is working very well, and in April, the USPS movement was a great success. The lady is a true pioneer and fought for women’s rights for her entire lifetime.

Thus, we can say that this campaign is real and is working very well.


The final verdict on is that the campaign is to support the last wish of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who is Justice in the Supreme court, that her seat will remain empty unless a new president rolls in the country. And, whoever wants to support this campaign can send RBG, and this way, the Resistbot will send your letters to the representatives.

The rumors on ’Text Rbg to 50409 Scam’ are not valid as it is not a scam.

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