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Enchantcloset Com Reviews [Oct 2020] Is Enchant Closet Reviews Scam or a Legit?

Enchantcloset com Reviews

Enchantcloset com Reviews [Oct 2020] Is It Scam Or Not? >> An online website sells clothes & accessories in all categories specified for women’s clothing.

Are you aware of the latest women’s fashion? Or are you thinking of shopping from a new fashion store?

Many ladies look for new styles every day to add an outfit to their wardrobe. Enchantcloset com Reviews have checked on such a site that seems like an online shopping scam. 

Digital Platform has made online shopping an inexpensive affair for all people. Now, we can choose the required products amongst the varied options available online. In the United States, numerous websites give suitable clothes and accessories at competitive prices and maintain their quality.

Please read this article to know more about this website and examine whether it is a reliable shop. If customers want the best discounts and offer but terrified of deception, then write up is the one-stop solution!

What is Enchantcloset com?

Enchantcloset com is a United States online shop that sells various women’s clothes in different category. They have additional specific segments, including the sale section for the affordable and various clothing styles. The other areas are: 

  • Just In
  • Top Sellers
  • Women Tops
  • Women Jeans & Bottoms
  • Women Dresses & Skirts
  • Jumpsuits & Rompers
  • Beachwear
  • Lingerie & Sleepwear
  • Active wear
  • Hoodies & Sweaters
  • Just For Men
  • Accessories 
  • Home & Living

Specification of Enchantcloset com: 

  • Website Type: Range of all the sections in Women’s apparel
  • Website URL: 
  • Shipping Time: Not given 
  • Shipping Cost: Not mentioned
  • Delivery: 30 days for all orders 
  • Returns and Exchange: Not given 
  • Email Id: Not given 
  • Company Address: Not given 
  • Refunds: Not given 
  • Cancellation Time: Not given 
  • Mode of Payment: Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, JCB, Apple Pay 

Pros of Enchantcloset com:

  • The website has a significant discount on the products.
  • The website has product descriptions.
  • The site also allows various payment plans.
  • The site is protected with the HTTP secure connection. 

Cons of Enchantcloset com:

  • The age of the website is too young.
  • The negative Enchantcloset com Reviews are available on Facebook. 
  • The shopping experience of customers is not satisfactory.
  • The website has not defined its policies.
  • The site owner detail is also hidden.
  • The customer support is nil, and not contact number is given,
  • The email id is missing.
  • The company address and return location are also not provided. 
  • The web page has a low Alexa rating and low popularity.
  • The refund and cancellation policies are missing. 

Is Enchantcloset com scam or a legit shopping site? 

The Enchantcloset com Reviews studied a site that claims to sell the clothes at an affordable price. The internet is chock-full of shops that steal product images from other websites and stores. This shop is also exactly like this and uses fake and quality photos. 

Enchantcloset com is exactly three months old, and the domain address is declared By Proxy, LLC, a third party. The age of this United States website also makes it suspicious. Another reason why the customers should be careful of Enchantcloset com is that there is no data about the ‘About us’ page, return or exchange policies, and the contact information is nearly blank. 

Enchantcloset com Reviews also could not found the owner of this online fashion store, and even the company information is hidden. They don’t give links to their social media accounts. All these points address a suspicious site, and it’s a scam. 

What are Customers saying about the Enchantcloset com? 

As Enchantcloset com Reviews already claimed that this website could not be trusted. Other factors from the customer’s side also contribute to make it a scam. The shipping policies and product policies are vague. Many buyers have complained that they never received which they have bought. The shop was listed barely three months back, and it has already wrecked its reliability.

There was one Facebook group on which there were a lot of adverse reactions from buyers. Enchantcloset com Reviews found one peculiar thing about Enchantcloset online shop: the customer’s email or address. There is no customer forum and contact number. 

Final Verdict:

Apart from the details stated earlier, the shop is highly suspicious, and this online shop is not trustworthy to buy from. Purchasing from here can lead to the buyer’s information that might get stolen and misused. They charge the buyers accounts when they purchased the item and never refund or return the complaint about not receiving it. 

A lot of buyers mentioned on Facebook Enchantcloset com Reviews, who shopped from Enchantcloset never, got their order and lost their money. This shop lures customers with low prices and scams them, and that is why this shop is not recommended. Buy the item from the trusted sellers. 

Leave a comment below if any customer bought the product from here!

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