Tatumreport com Breonna [Sep 2020] Read News On Breonna

Tatumreport com Breonna

Tatumreport com Breonna [Sep 2020] Read News On Breonna >> Read the details on what happened with Breonna and the controversial report by Tatum Report.

Police violence cases in the United States of America have increased rapidly over the last few months. Another such case happened when police officers killed a 26 year old female named Breonna. Protests have erupted all over the country in support of her. But some shocking revelations were revealed by the Tatumreport com Breonna report. Let’s look at what exactly is happening, and does this report have all the pieces of evidence to prove her guilty?

Who was Breonna?

Breonna Taylor was an aspiring nurse and was working as a certified emergency medical technician in the USA. Breonna was killed on March 13, around 12.30 am when she and her boyfriend were in her apartment in Louisville.

It was around 12.15 am in the night when police officers arrived at her apartment with a search warrant; what happened next lead to the death of Breonna. But the Tatumreport com Breonna report indicates that she was guilty. Let’s further look into this.

What happened?

On March 13, the police officers arrived at her apartment with a search warrant. This warrant was related to a series of raids about her Ex-boyfriend, Jamarcus Glover. Officers used a battering ram to open the door. Since it was late in the night, this spooked Breonna and her boyfriend, Kenneth Walker. Kenneth was armed with a handgun; he fired a shot, fearing an intruder. The police officers now fired in return, and this crossfire leads to the death of Breonna.

But Breonna’s family has filed a lawsuit against these officers for wrongful death, excessive force, and gross negligence. And because of this, protests have emerged all over the country.

What is the controversy?

Protesters believe that Breonna was not guilty and that this was another police brutality in the United States. But the Tatumreport com Breonna report doesn’t indicate this; they have published a story about the Breonna Taylor death investigation to show her involvement.

According to them, an anonymous source has provided them with stunning detail, revealing that Taylor was involved with Glover, her ex-boyfriend in his drug enterprise. They have not revealed information about this source. Still, they say that they have surveillance images and recorded phone calls between Breonna and Jamarcus Glover.

The Tatum Report has also provided a 39-page report, which includes all the details regarding the case. However, private information is kept hidden.

Comments on the report:

The comments on the Tatumreport com Breonna report are mostly in support of Breonna. Stating that this is the case of police brutality, some have even accused that police department of the United States for murder. But some people also believe that this report is accurate and that she was indeed involved.


The Tatumreport com Breonna report’s bottom line needs a little more backing if they are telling the truth. They must reveal their sources so that people can cross verify this information and themselves determine whether she was guilty or not!

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