Chase Alert Text Scam [Sep 2020] Alert For Bank Scam!

Chase Alert Text 2020

Chase Alert Text Scam [Sep 2020] Alert For Bank Scam! >> Have you got phishing text or email from Chase Bank? Read to be aware of fraudulent emails & text.

Bank frauds have been increasing rapidly, and the scammers are finding new ways to con the customers. They send phishing emails or text messages or even phone calls to get the users’ bank details.

JP Morgan chase bank is doing business as Chase Bank, or chase is a national bank having headquarters in Manhattan, New York City that constitutes the United States consumer and commercial banking subsidiary. Chase Alert Text Scam is frequently happening nowadays to get the money from others’ bank accounts by fraudulent links and codes. The one who follows the link or shares their personal information gets trapped and face a significant loss.

What Is Chase Alert Text Scam?

It is a phishing scam happening on the name of chase bank, United States. Phishing is an illegal criminal activity that uses fraud to trick you into giving bank and personal details.

The scammers might send an email or a text message stating that they are repetitive bank and pretend to be professionals. They add terms like account will be frozen or deactivated unless you click on the link or call back some number.

When you get such an email or text, don’t ever respond or click the link as those links can affect your bank account and personal data, and you might end up losing your money. These are the Chase Alert Text Scam ways to get your personal and account information.

If you doubt your bank account or notice some unusual activities, we suggest you contact the bank directly and solve the issue.

How to recognize a phishing email, call, or text?

  • Threatens to deactivate an account if no immediate action is taken
  • Invites for survey that asks to enter personal or bank account information
  • Asks to confirm, verify and update bank account, credit card, or billing information
  • Asks personal or account information to remove unauthorized charges from your account
  • Asks information by claiming that the account has been compromised
  • Asks to click the link they send through email or text to verify your identity and account information
  • A genuine email from the bank doesn’t threaten to close the account or use a harsh tone.
  • If you identify the email or text to be phony, don’t do anything and report it directly to the bank.

Some Live incident happens:

Recently a guy received a text from chase bank stating his bank account has some unusual activity. If it isn’t him, he can text back with a ‘no.’ hence, he replied with no. as soon as he answered, the scammers called him and asked his account details and sent a security code. The guy sensed something shady as it might be a Chase Alert Text Scam, so he disconnected the call, contacted the Chase Bank directly, and was shocked to know there isn’t any call record of the previous calls.

Thankfully he didn’t give much information, which saved his money and him from the fraud, but this could be anyone.


If you feel it is a Chase Alert Text Scam, you can report it on (official email of chase bank). It would be best to watch out such text and mails to prevent you from getting conned. Just as suggests, “don’t reply to any mail or text if they ask for your personal or bank details. Also, don’t follow any link directly as it can withdraw the money from an account with a single click”.

Thus we advise the United States customers of the chase, banks to be aware of such fraud and protect themselves from robbed.

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