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Sutera Pillow Reviews [Oct 2020] Is it a Scam or Legit?

Sutera Pillow Reviews 2020

Sutera Pillow Reviews [Oct 2020] Is it a Scam or Legit? >> In this article, you get to know about Sutera pillows that help in dealing with our pains to help us sleep better.

Which position do you comfortably sleep in? Is your pillow comfortable enough? Many would give NO as the answer, and some may say YES, but it would be very few. We sleep nicely when we have the right quality pillow to rest our heads and keep our body in a stable position for rest. 

Good night sleep is the essential thing that our body needs in this mad rush for position and wealth. So, why not try to get a peaceful sleep to begin with and later move to more significant aims. 

 Currently, it is trendy in the United State and is going to spread to various other countries too. And Sutera Pillow Reviews are also trending. 

To get a new pillow makes you dig into the available options and then match them with your specific preferences in sleep. Some prefer it too soft and the others a little hard, so it all starts and ends with our personalized choices.


Sutera Pillow is an online portal that has a wide range of pillows with exclusive features and designs. Sutera pillows provide comfort and support both to help us have a peaceful and painless sleep. That is what everyone needs to wake up fresh and take charge of specific duties on the personal as well as professional fronts.  

Who is this for?

Sutera pillows are for everyone, whether you sleep on the side, on your stomach or your back. The pillows are designed in such a way that they keep our neck and back in alignment and help us have a nice sleep. We sleep better and do not feel any pain or pressure anywhere in our body when we have the right quality pillow and mattress.

The material used is of high quality, without chemicals, breathable, and is also skin-friendly. Sutera pillows help us in having a good sleep and rest feeling comfortable and fresh at the same time.

Features of Sutera Pillows

  • Made up of polyester and bamboo
  • Maintains our neck’s natural curve and gives support to the neck
  • Availability in different sizes.
  • The neck pillow is using memory foam which retains the pillow’s shape
  • It has high & low curved surface at both ends to satisfy everyone
  • Removable pillowcase for washing 
  • Prevents stains or marks
  • Unique butterfly shape
  • Company contact – 1-844-200-8925

Customer reviews

According to the different feedback and reviews available, we have come to know that the customers have found an excellent product. Sutera pillows have received the best of comments and many have even shared that they are now sleeping much better.

Several users have found relief to their chronic pains, which was making it hard for them to give rest to their bodies. The pillows have been received with very positive reviews of whoever has been using them. 

A few of them have found it very soft and are not getting any support from the pillow. Most of them have discovered Sutera pillows useful with all the combined features put in the proper place. Some found it better in one single position and not in the other. 

The reviews are multiple, but one can come forth with a view only after personal usage. So go ahead, buy them, and put them to use to sleep well, dream better, and wake up to the best of mornings. 

Pros of buying Sutera Pillows

  • Contains a premium foam
  • Suitable for every position in sleep 
  • Easy to remove the cover for washing
  • Loved and preferred by many
  • Made up of bamboo and polyester
  • Has high and low surfaces for comfort
  • Free shipping for orders above $50
  • Exclusive design

Cons of buying Sutera Pillows

  • No information about the company
  • No update about the stakeholders
  • Depends on preferences
  • Too soft no support


Our health determines our character; for this, we require proper food and at least 7 to 9 hours of sleep. Sutera pillows provide for one of the essential aspects of our health. If we are uncomfortable and painful throughout the night, then definitely we wake up feeling dull and restless. 

Sutera comes to the rescue here by providing support and comfort to us, no matter which position we sleep in. Try these pillows once to see if they match your sleeping requirements. Sleep well, dream a lot, and work hard to make your dreams a reality.

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  1. I ordered a Sutera pillow about March 7, 2020. It is now April 25, 2020, & I have not received it yet. Who do I contact?

    1. i wish i had known what a ripoff this company was i ordered mine june3 never anything i was told i would get a refund nothing how can they ripoff people and get away with it no response nothing i hope they can sleep good at night scam scam scam i want my money refunded !

    1. SAME!
      It is a scam, for sure!

      I paid for my pillow on April 13.

      When I complained about the delay they sent to me a UPS tracking number (label ready to ship)
      I called to UPS, they informed to me that is long time, and the package was not shipped.

      By email Sutera support told me that the pillow was already shipped, and it was not shipped at all.

      He have to denunciate that company.

        1. Still not legit. They are dishonest. After reading the reviews, I decided to cancel 2 days after ordering. Mostly because I thought it strange I did not get a website confirmation on my order. ordered off a Facebook ad. Paid by PayPal. So I emailed the address PayPal had. Get a response from Gadget Web ( also a scam company). They tell me they can not refund because it has shipped. A say bull unless they order them from China when customers order and consider that shipped. Shipped to them maybe. They say return it when you get it. Sure. Restocking fee of 15% . Plus you have to pay shipping both ways. So basically not much refund. Scam company. Any company that does not verify your purchase and email’s you through a another business front is not legit. They are most likely copying another similar product and ordering counterfeits from China.

          1. @Linda, you are 100% correct – it is a scam! They lie when you call and say the order has shipped so they can keep your money. I have wait for more than a month for a tracking number.

        2. Yara, I received my pillow and when I opened it, it smelled like cigarette smoke. Did your pillow do the same?

    2. Hi! I contacted their Customer Support at
      I experienced the same problem, they explained that there’s a backlog on production. They responded immediately to my concern and continued follow ups on delivery at every step. Needless to say, I just received my pillow since ordering it in June. I hope this helps!

  2. I ordered 2 pillows for my son’s bday. It gave me no invoice num. And said the payment would go under pos debit Gadget web! It’s May 5 th. It stated 7-15 days for shipping. Tried to pull up no phone numbers found 929-322-8203 off another site continues to have busy signal sure thinking I lost all my money Going to call my bank

    1. I just ordered one:(. I DID read the reviews & they were all good except for when I read the reviews on Amazon. I STILL haven’t received an email or anything. I did take a screenshot saying I ordered it. There’s no order # nothing. I think this is a scam. I even read reviews where people took the cover off & there were stains on the pillow. Some are used & if u want to return it you have to pay your own shipping & a $20 restocking fee. I say we should all do a class action lawsuit on them but the problem is I was reading there’s no company info or stakeholders. If I knew all that before I wouldn’t of bought it. I just gave them 40 bucks for nothing. There’s got to be a way to find the company.

      1. I had the same issue and now i am out of my $141. DO NOT ORDER through this company. I found a smiliar pillow on amazon for cheaper and it is the same product.

    2. I ordered my pillow 2 months ago and STILL have not received it! I have called and emailed the company. I received an email stating it was back ordered and would arrive soon, that was 3 weeks ago. I am pretty sure they are not a reputable company.

      1. I have ordered my pillows closeTo a month. It’ll be exactly 1 month this 22nd! I have requested updates on the order. Each time I get a response saying that they will ship it out the end of next week. When I ask for my refund they say they have sent the request to another department!!! This is by FAR THE WORSE CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!! No actual response!! They give you the run around!!! I’m very disappointed with the company and their response!! It’s unprofessional. Especially when the shipment is only in THE U.S!!! Not overseas!!!

    3. I ordered a pillow on June 17. I received the pillow approximately August 6. The order date on the packing slip showed a purchase date of July 17. After 3 days, I realized the pillow did not work. Sent an email to support; the reply said to call customer service. I did and got an obvious call center in India. He refused to honor the 30 day guarantee. He refused to let me speak with a manager. Then tried to give me a store credit. Finally, said I could return it, but it would be subject to a 15% restock fee (yes, it is in the fine print of the returns page says you may be charged) and I would have to pay the original shipping (also in the fine print). I would not recommend purchasing from Sleep Sutera at all.

  3. same!!! I ordered on 3/31/20, after MANY emails and comments on their facebook page, I was finally given a tracking number on 4/25. It was to be USPS priority mail from Henderson, NV, and I’m in southern CA. The tracking number STILL shows the package in “pre-shipment”… who can answer for this?!?!

    1. Same here. I ordered March 26th. On April 25th I received a message saying it shipped and provided a tracking number. I have called about 3 times and get different answers. When I track the package, it says it’s still waiting to be shipped! What is going on?!

    2. Let do a class action lawsuit. I also ordered in April and have not gotten the items. They sent pillow cases instead and said they would send me the correct ones. Months without me ever getting. Ive called many times and emails many times with no reply. Ironically. I found another number for Sutera. When i called that Sutera number, it was for another product (smart light) which i also ordered and never got. All together i was scammed $160! I have learned my lesson and they have to learn as well! They had so many good reviews but i didn’t see all this until now. If anyone is doing the lawsuit already… let me know!

  4. Its a mess. I ordered 4/1. Got a tracking number 4/27 that label qas created and since then NOTHING. Ive called, emailed…used social media. Same generic answer. Everytime I call I get a person with a heavy accent with a rooster CROWING as loud as can be in the back…its a scam. So far they said theyll offer me 10% discount if I dont get it next week…

    1. I think this company is a complete scam.

      I ordered a pillow. They charged me $15 more than the price listed on the site. When I contacted them they told me the pillow was backordered but I’ve already been charged. They haven’t given me any idea when to expect it and keep referring me to their customer service phone line which no one answers. I left a message a week ago and have not heard from anyone. I really want this pillow but if I don’t hear from them this week I’m going to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Their customer service is abysmal.

      1. Let do a class action lawsuit. I also ordered in April and have not gotten the items. They sent pillow cases instead and said they would send me the correct ones. Months without me ever getting. Ive called many times and emails many times with no reply. Ironically. I found another number for Sutera. When i called that Sutera number, it was for another product (smart light) which i also ordered and never got. All together i was scammed $160! I have learned my lesson and they have to learn as well! They had so many good reviews but i didn’t see all this until now. If anyone is doing the lawsuit already… let me know!

  5. I ordered two Sutera pillows on April 13th. I called on May 4th and was told that the pillows left the warehouse on April 25th and was given a USPS tracking number. The tracking number is to Henderson, NV and all is says is Pre-shipment awaiting -item. It is May 7th. When I ordered, it said it would be shipped within 5-8 days. I, too, was not given an order number. The numbers I have for Dreamdeep/Sutera are 866-200-7259 where I actually talked to someone, and 844-200-8925 and got their after hours voicemail today. I’m going to try again tomorrow to get my money back and then contact the BBB. This is ridiculous.

  6. Horrible business practices and false advertising. Their is only a back pillow. Not a problem per se but don’t buy it for side or stomach like they advertise. Basically impossible to return and get your money back. Strongly not recommended

  7. I also think my money is gone. Ordered 04/23, received an order number , but am still waiting for my pillow! The 1-844(200-8925) # picks up, but no one comes to the line.

  8. Finally I find a place with honest reviews. I ordered mine on May 5th still waiting it is end of May but after these reviews I will dispute my transaction now.

  9. I just ordered it & im gonna call my bank to see if I can cancel the transaction. I just hope I can. I think the pillow is a scam from Nigeria or something. Someone said when they called the 800# that they heard roosters in the background. They are probably not even in the US. That’s why it takes a month.

  10. Not a scam, just a garbage company. I don’t recommend dealing with them at all.

    I ordered in April and it took a month to receive it from Irvine, CA. The website is garbage. I emailed twice to get a status update, first to get a shipping notification, second to find out where it was – each two weeks apart – so I was patient. The pillow showed up in a destroyed box wrapped in a torn plastic shipping envelope. The pillow was dirty on one side.

    After determining it wasn’t for us, I had to try to contact them three times, once finally by phone, just to get the return instructions and the number needed. They offered to pay me 50% of what I paid just to keep the thing, but I figured I’d get a bit more sending it back, plus an unnecessary pillow out of my house. I should have taken that payment. I had to pay for shipping out of pocket, ok. But now it’s been over a month that they’ve had the pillow and I’ve still to hear back from them about my refund. I’ve sent several emails, to which I got one response to call their customer service line. I’ve done that and there was no answer. Just today I waited 7 mins on hold to leave a voicemail and when I tried calling back 15 mins later, the call doesn’t go through.

    1. Did you ever get your refund? Your story is the same as mine to a T. I called to cancel the order and they offered me 50% discount to keep the order. I chose to keep the order and my pillows arrived 3 days later surprisingly, however to this day, I still never received my $50 back. I was going to send the pillows back because they suck, but I didn’t want the hassle esp since I thought I was getting a 50% refund. I ordered in the middle of April, received the pillows at the end of May, have an email about my 50% refund and 4 months later still nothing…

  11. I ordered 2 pillows and a silk pillowcase on June 16. I got the pillow case on June 23. July 5, I sent an email to customer support asking where my pillows are. I got a reply back showing delivery on the 23rd. I emailed again to point out that the delivery was for the pillowcase only. They sent another proof of delivery for July 2. I immediately questioned family members and did more digging. I had to put the tracking number into the USPS tracking system because the link they sent was faulty. It showed that the pillow was delivered …to Illinois… I live in Texas.
    I emailed again with a screen shot of my order, which showed my address, and their “proof of delivery”, which showed Illinois. They once again sent proof of delivery for the pillowcase. I caps lock screamed at them that “THAT INFORMATION IS FOR THE PILLOWCASE!’ They gave me a number to call, which I did this morning. It was answered by an Indian gentleman who had no idea what I was saying and kept giving me information for the pillowcase. As I started explaining AGAIN,, he stopped responding. I wasn’t disconnected. There was no “hold” music. He just stopped responding until I hung up. I called back. No answer.

  12. I ordered two pillows through an online add… one month later- no word. Contacted PayPal for refund, suddenly is sending out the Sutera pillows. They arrive, they are flat and stink so badly of chemicals (made from polyurethane) I had to get them out of the house. Finally found refund number (they offer 30 day money back guarantee) and Indian call center guy says there is a 15% restocking fee!!! And I have to pay shipping to India! I just got them and I’m out $30 out of $100?? SCAM. Do not buy these crappy pillows from this scam company. This “return policy” is no where on their website. Returns is a dead link. They promise 30 days and happy customers. Where is the better business bureau on this one? Bait and switch.

  13. I don’t think the company is a scam, just terribly disorganized! Probably because their headquarters is in China.

    I ordered one pillow and saw that it was immediately billed to my Visa. I decided to wait patiently since it appeared that everyone was anxious about their orders, which seemed to have an average lag time of 6 weeks. I was pretty desperate to get mine, as I’d been having neck issues for a number of months and wasn’t getting any relief from the “My Pillow” that I also invested in earlier.

    Well, my order arrived last Sunday, July 5th. I ordered it at the end of May. It came from Henderson, Nevada by USPS in a soiled, ripped mailer with the pillow in a plastic bag and the box it was in smashed. I pulled everything out, put the pillowcase in the wash and put the pillow outside in the sun for fumigation. It was clean, so was the pillowcase…just being Covid careful.

    Yesterday, July 7, a Penske delivery truck pulled up to my mailbox and tried to stuff a box the size of the Sutera box in my mailbox. I wasn’t expecting anything, so I went outside and told the deliverer it was my mailbox he was attempting to stuff the box into. He asked me for my address, and I asked him where the box was coming from. There was no indication on the outside of the box where it came from or what it was! Just my name and address…

    When I felt the weight of the box, I instantly surmised it was another pillow…which I hadn’t ordered!
    Indeed, when I opened the box, there was a nicely boxed Sutera Dream Deep pillow, this time from Mira Loma, California! It said “From your order on June 30.” Well, I did not order anything on June 30th and I checked my Visa account to make sure I wasn’t charged for two pillows, which I hadn’t been. Now I will need to return the pillow since there is no one else in my household.

    Now, how do I feel about the pillow’s credibility? I have used it two nights, and I have to say that after the first night, I felt no different, in fact, the base of my head and neck was extremely uncomfortable… BUT, I had slept the entire night on my back and side and did NOT feel compelled to toss the pillow aside for something more comfortable. In fact, it was pretty comfortable despite the fact that I didn’t exactly have my neck in the furrow molded for it. Last night, I slept somewhat better and again, did not feel uncomfortable sleeping on the pillow. This morning, my neck and back of head feel pretty darned good! Fingers crossed that after a week on this pillow, I will have found the solution to my neck problem!

    Testimony by Mary Beth, July 8, 2020

  14. It isn’t a scam, just really poor business practices.

    I ordered one on June 6th. Received no tracking or information. It showed up a month later in a battered box that was open on one end. The box that had the pillow was fine.

    But today, I received another one. It says the order was placed Jun. 30 but there was order placed then nor was I charged a second time.

    The order number is the same as the one I received on June 6th.

    So their business is messed up. But now I have 2 pillows.

  15. Ordered my pillow about 3 to 4 weeks ago and received it today. I am laying on it now to take a nap. Will let you know how it works out. I’ve had multiple neck and back surgeries and battle chronic back pain praying this pillow helps🙏🏻

  16. I received mine in a reasonable amount of time . . . about 2 weeks. This is the first pillow that works for my neck. No pain in the morning.

  17. I ordered two pillows $109 April 25th 2020 and I never received. I have called and written emails and they are not helpful. This company is crooked

  18. This is a scam!!!! I order 3 in May and I still have not received my shipment. I have tried multiple times via email and voicemail. BUYER BEWARE!!!!

  19. I cannot review the pillow because I have not recieved it! As I type this review im on hold for the 4th time with Sutera’s customer support. I placed my order 6 weeks ago and still haven’t recieve my pillow! I sent them a couple emails and they just kept saying my order was being processed. On the last email I was told they don’t have any orders under my name! I’v been trying to speak to customer service and every time I call they place me on hold and never answer back! Now I just want my money back!

  20. My Experience with Sutera!! PRO .. 1st…. Hooray!!! I Finally received my (1) pillow TODAY, JULY 21, 2020!!!
    The pillow was very nicely packaged in a Sutera box within a nice cardboard box.
    The pillow is very nice & I will update after I sleep on it!!
    CON: My packing slip states my order was placed JUNE 30, 2020 … NOPE .. I Paid through PayPal on JUNE 15, 2020!
    Never received until today, Called three times & was told it was processed & I had a Tracking #, I asked what it was & I was told they would email it to me!
    Did I receive an Email?? No Called the 3rd time on July 18, 2020 (1 844 200 8925), pressed “0”, a rep answered & was told the very same thing!! BUT …
    This time I did receive an email .. this morning July 21, 2020 via a delayed email through something called “Gadget Web” LOL .. my long-awaited pillow was
    delivered a short time after I saw the email!!!! lol
    I agree with another purchaser >> I think the company takes your money and has BIG processing PROBLEMS!!

  21. I ordered a pillow before reading the comments. I’ve been trying to cancel it and they insist they want to speak with me on the phone. I’m not able to get to the phone when they want due to my job.

    I ended up finding a few minutes between two ER rushes to call and the guy on the phone was rude. There was no hold, he did not say he was looking things up, I said I want to cancel my order and it was just complete silence from him but I could hear a TON of noise in the background. He said the order has already been cancelled. I don’t know why they insisted I had to call.

    Then, they are sending me emails insisting they must speak with me on the phone and that I gave them the wrong phone number. I don’t know if it’s a legit company or a scam but, in 2020, this is not a way to do things.

  22. I waited 2 months for my order finally got it today have not tried it yet but will be putting up another review

  23. Sutera is fraudulent.

    After ordering a pillow and realizing that it would take weeks to get the pillow, I asked to cancel the order. They would not refund the money because they claimed it had shipped. When I asked for the tracking number they said it was actually in the process of getting shipped and that they were changing fulfillment companies. IOW, it hadn’t shipped. Since then, they haven’t answered my e-mails. I’m currently working with Paypal to contest the charges.

  24. I just got my Sutera pillow last night 8/6/20, I order it 2 weeks ago, and received an email Congo upon completing my order with tracking I formation.

    I am 43 and have had neck pain for over 2 decades due to bone spurs on C4-C5. I’ve tried a lot of other pillows and nothing has worked. Today is 8/7 and today was the first day in like I said 2 decades I woke up pain free in my neck. But also in my shoulders and arms. Which would frequently go numb due to how I’d sleep.

    I am extremely happy just after 1 night of sleep! I was skeptical but the purchase was worth it every penny!!

  25. I ordered mine off of FB, my confirmation email was sent to my spam box. I got another email when it shipped with a tracking number. I got my pillow in less than two weeks and I really like it so far. I was worried when I read all the reviews about the long shipping times but my experience has been great.

  26. No problem here! I got my 3 Sutera pillows in Alaska through Deep Dream . Not sure what company you ordered through. It took about 6 weeks, but it takes twice as long to receive anything in outlying rural Alaska.

  27. Same deal with everyone else here (for the most part) .. Took almost 3 months to receive pillow, tried to cancel several times and received either an automatic or no response initially. The only response I got was conveniently (for them) AFTER the pillow shipped almost 3 months later.

    The pillow is ~okay~ as long as you’re a child or smaller. The neck groove has very little support and is far too soft for an adult. The side where you lay your head to the side is useless and actually caused me neck pain the following morning from lack of support (far too thin).

    I’d try sending back but that would likely just be a waste of more money as I don’t trust the company to give me a partial refund (-15% restock-which is a joke). I wouldn’t be surprised if the company doesn’t even unbox the returns but just ships them back out to new customers. This company should not be doing business, period.

    Bottom Line:
    Stay away. The company’s business practices are unethical at best and the quality of the product isn’t even subpar on it’s best day.

  28. I ordered two pillows from the Sutera website,, and paid $80. for them with Paypal. I received a confirmation email from the next day, and they were delivered three days later.

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