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Mywig.Store Reviews [April] Is it a Scam or Legit?

Mywig.Store Reviews 2020

Mywig.Store Reviews [April] Is it a Scam or Legit? -> This online- store is famous for crafting Hair -wigs. Shoppers! Grapple the best color, size of the hair wig at minimal prices.

Beauties! Want to flaunt with a beautiful hairstyle? I heard a big “yes.” Then, you must visit. The online store is the last resort to your search.

The e-store is crafted to acquaint women with different wigs. The store portrays the real beauty of women in her Hair. We are here to help our shoppers with some interesting Mywig Store reviews. 

“Hair speaks up your identity and tells about your inner soul.” The e-store works hard to identify Women’s aspirations and her desire for her looks. Thus, the store bestows the latest collection of hair wigs like curly, wavy, bob, or straight.

The store is performing well in the United State and serving thousands of clients daily with professional wigs. The store is providing special offer-Any four wigs at $ 50. Ladies rush fast to grab the opportunity.

What’s your ultimate passion, Ladies? To express yourself with your beauty. Right? The online store gives you a reason to love and pamper yourself.

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What is Mywig?

The e-store believes women should look adorable and graceful. The store captures a true reflection of beauty. 

Have you noticed the rainbow? Rainbow has seven different colors, and every color has a different meaning. The same goes for a hairstyle. Every style reflects women’s uniqueness.

The store has recently come up with fashionable hair wigs according to shoppers’ profession, style, and passion. The core vision behind the success of the store is its dedication to supplying the best wigs and at pocket-friendly prices.

Stay tuned! Check out some inside tales of the e-store. And, get an answer for your question-Is Mywig is legit? Or a scam.


  • Website type – Women hair wig                                  
  • Shipping time for products – 7-14 days 
  • Delivery – within a few days 
  • Exchange of products – Easy exchange within the period
  • Return – Easy return within 14 days
  • Order Cancellation- Within 24 hours you can cancel and will get full return
  • Mode of payment – online payment
  • Contact details –

Is Mywig is a legit brand?

“Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder.” The online store indeed adopts the quote, and that’s the reason they are supplying hair wigs of different colors, sizes, and professions. The store understands that Hair is a natural jewel for every lady. 

The online store is solely working with a motive to manufacture hair wigs of different styles like curly, straight, bob, and many more.

The hair wigs are designed and created by the top-known hair stylists and designers. The e-store gives women the reason to love themselves and let them fly with new colors of beauty.

Pros of buying from the e-store

  • Four wigs at $ 50 (best offers)
  • Pocket-friendly prices
  • Different colors, sizes and professional outlook of hair wigs
  • On-time delivery
  • Hair wigs designers are specialized and creative
  • A perfect store with a new collection

Cons of buying from the e-store

  • No cash payments
  • Delay in the shipping of products

Let’s hear some customer reviews.

The online store is selling the customized hair-wigs according to the shopper’s needs and requirements.

The store is so beautiful and mesmerizing that you could’ not able to take your eyes from the products.

The majority of the users believe this online venture serves the best and at budget-friendly prices. The hair wigs are more of like temptations because it gives you thousand reasons to 

adore and allure your beauty.

You cannot ignore the fashionable hair wigs, and definitely, you can flaunt like a professional model. Ladies! Why don’t you try some trending hair wigs and vaunt your beauty?

Some users may dislike it because they didn’t like to try some new looks and are comfortable with the modern look.

Final Verdict

Are you a hairstylist? Now, with hair wigs, you get a golden chance to be a hairstylist. The online- store displays the top-notch quality wigs at affordable prices.   

Ladies! Now, change your hairstyle, try out new looks, and love yourself. The hair wigs are the craziest thing that can ever happen to you.

Are you ready to be a runway model or a stunning businesswoman? If “yes,” you are warmly welcomed into a new zone of fashion.

The online store is an in-house fashion store of hair wigs. The motto of the store is to let women express themselves in a refined and better way.

Beauties reading my blog, do share your shopping experience and comment below on the comment section. It is the time to get on-board with the professional hair wigs designers.

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    1. No good a scam website. They took my money no phone to contact them and the email that they give you is no good

      1. I recently place the order with mywigstore and it’s been 12 days and I haven’t received anything I have been trying to reach out to the email that they claim that you can contact them through no response back the information that they send through email all the ID numbers do not work I contact the FedEx and UPS and they ran those numbers to track my order in the numbers are not valid numbers

    2. its a scam. the wigs come from a third party overseas. the hair is plastic or some sort of synthetic. wigs are not laced at all -weaved glue to the net. looks like a homemade wig gone wrong. please don’t waste your time or money. I’m waiting for them to send me a return address. otherwise, I’m placing a complaint with PayPal.

      1. They are a scam i just received my wigs after waiting almost 30 days. None are what I ordered . In fact all 4 wigs were thee exact same thing. I ordered 4 totally different wigs. THEY ARE FALSE ADVERTISING . I will never ever order anything online again if it doesn’t come from a reputable company.

      1. This site is so fuckin fake I haven’t received my order yet and I keep getting the run around and I ordered these products a month ago and I paid for VIP and I still haven’t received it yet I requested a refund and I was told I would get a refund when I sign for the package I honestly just want my money back there are no good reviews about this site products

    3. Is a scam don’t order nothing don’t play Snow order nothing don’t do it I did it never received anything after you place the order they’re going to send you this information none of the tracking numbers work tried it don’t do it is a scam

    4. Oh they’ll send the hair. Now each to their own and all that, but in my honest opinion the hair is awful. They promise human hair, lace front etc. Lies.
      The hair is synthetic, there is no lace in sight and a plastic scalp section with ridiculous stitching that looks like they were having a good laugh when they put it together.
      My advice sis.. save your ££s or $$s and purchase and expensive wig that you know will be decent.

      *oh and this offer of 4 for 50 is an absolute joke. They don’t even send anything that looks like what you requested!

  1. SCAM! SCAM! SCAM! Do not order any wigs from this store. I orderd the 4 for $50.00 and Lord have mercy when they cam I thought I was being pranked! I am African American and I have very wavy and curly hair and I ordered the short wet wavy, a three other wavy lace front wigs and what they sent me looks horrible. NOTHING I ordered was there. They looked liked the dog had dragged them down the street and the garbage truck ran over them. I was mortified. I ordered all four different short wigs and they sent one that looked like someone cut off Morticia’s head from the Addams Family and sent it to me! I am 4ft. 11inches tall and the wig was so long it came to my waist! Not a piece of lace on any of them. I thought this was a legitimate company but found it to be a fraud taking people’s money and sending them anything because you cannot contact them directly for a refund and no return address to return the items. Also, my son’s girfriend that told me about the company ordered the 4 4 $50 and they sent her 4 of the same wigs! She hit the roof and called her bank and told them about the situation to be refunded and the company investigated. Ladies!!!! Please do not order from this company! This is a sham and a scam and you will lose your money!! I’m not being a Debbie Downer but I refuse to let another woman that is trying to look great get caught up like we did!

    1. Same here sis!!! Definitely feels like some kinda prank. I know them Mf’s were laughing as they put that crap in the bag and shipped them off. I DO NOT RECOMMEND

      Actually it’s a shame you can’t post pics on here so I could show you the mess that they be sending. Omg.

  2. Personally, my experience has been horrible. I placed an order 8 days ago, paid for VIP shipping which guarantees 4-7 day delivery. No updates, no status changes, no phone number to call. I sent an email to the email address given on the site and received a message that says my message was undeliverable. My order status as of this moment? UNFULFILLED!! They have $66 of my money and don’t even have the decency to at least contact me to give me an explanation as to why no product is on the way, or what they will do to fix the problem. This is DEFINITELY NOT the way to run or build a business. DO NOT PLACE AN ORDER WITH THIS COMPANY! As far as I’m concerned, I’ve been scammed!!

  3. Better to buy in person or probably contact BBB to look for reputable wig companies. Bad experience for me.

  4. I ordered from them in April 18 2020 and paid extra for the 4 to 7 day delivery and today is the 24th and I haunt received anything yet. I have tried emailing them at the above email address and it’s saying the email address isn’t any good. Does anyone have another email address or phone number for the company??

  5. Hi! PLEASE PLEASE DON’T order from here I ordered from here 2 months ago ordered from here 2 months ago still haven’t received anything no merchandise or my money back I try to contact the email that they gave us and it does not exist it’s no good the email is no good this place is website is a fraud and taking pictures from other websites and trying to sell it to us and they have my $60

  6. I haven’t received any wigs that I ordered. I ordered wigs 4 weeks ago.
    I am taking a LOST!!

  7. Same thing happened to me. Nothing I ordered wad in there. Lesson learned. I’ll just go to the hair shops from now on.

  8. I got a wig, not the wig I ordered. Also the same as the above, wrong phone # and email. Who do we contact to report this scam?

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