Stylish Feb Review [Oct 2020] Is It a Fake Scam or Legit?

Stylish Feb Review

Stylish Feb Review [Oct 2020] Is It a Fake Scam or Legit? -> The website we are talking about today is a gear up store for all women clothing needs.

When it comes to styling and looking different amongst the crowd, people mostly prefer to have and wear Indian attire. They usually think that it is the only thing that will make them look different and out of the blue. 

Today’s Stylish Feb Review will be about a website that has got this huge collection of Indian Wear for women, which comprise different varieties and sections and gives them several options to choose from

This made in India website can be a perfect store and stop for some people enabling them to have a mind-blowing collection with statement pieces for all.

Let’s dig in and find out if this website is worth trying for the people or is not.

What is Stylish Feb?

There is no hidden fact about the culture and traditions of India. People usually prefer to have and wear Indian wear on special occasions. This seems like blessings for many people as they think that they are connected to the religion and the almighty.

Indian wear has captured a large market, and people are getting crazy over it. This website that we are talking about today is a gem of a piece, and it has got superb Indian Wear and a western-wear collection for the ladies. The blend of the taste makes it different for the people to choose from.

The collection has night suits, salwar suits, sarees, tops, and western dresses as well. The website’s collection is versatile and is impressive. They don’t have any particular line of work or designs but have all mixed up collections.

The prices are very nominal for these kinds of clothing, and the designs are also catchy. These types of clothing items usually are comfortable and easy to carry.

Specifications of Stylish Feb 

  • Website:
  • The website is currently active.
  • Website type: Women clothing
  • Collection for: Women and young girls
  • The website is 13 days old.
  • The website has a thirty days return policy.
  • Email-
  • The website prices are reasonable.

Advantages of Stylish Feb 

  • The website has a collection for women
  • The collection has both Indian and western wear
  • They also have a section of bedsheets
  • They have suits, sarees, lehengas, dresses, tops
  • They accept several payment modes
  • Items purchased can be returned within thirty days of purchase

Disadvantages of Stylish Feb 

  • The website is just 13 days old
  • The website has skipped on providing contact details
  • The website has no information regarding shipping 
  • The website does not have any social media presence
  • No Stylish Feb Review could be found on the internet or the website

Is Stylish Feb legit?

Looking up for a website means going inside out of it for all the information. Websites need to display and give all the information to the people so that they can make informed decisions about the purchase.

Researching about this website, we got to know that this website is just 13 days old, and they have been working since these few days only. The website has got no Stylish Feb Review from the customers or users, which means that the website is not that popular, and people may not have come across it yet. The website has no social presence and has given no information regarding the shipping time and policies. 

Thus, all this proves that the website is new to the market and cannot be judged this early. We would give at least a 6 months to monitor the performance and will provide a review again.

What are the customer reviews?

While researching some Stylish Feb Review, we found that the website has no reviews on the internet or on the website yet. It can be possible as the website is very new to the market. Thus, no reviews could be found.

Final Verdict

While conducting proper research on the website, we found that the website is new to the market and is not at all old. The website has not provided complete information regarding the processes and has also skipped on some crucial contact details as well. 

The website has a good collection of Indian and western wear and can be accessed by people easily.  

The website has no detail about the company and the owner as well. Therefore, we would say that the website can not be trusted at this point, but, we will again review it after 6 months of its performance for a better review.

0 thoughts on “Stylish Feb Review [Oct 2020] Is It a Fake Scam or Legit?

  1. 6 days ago I ordered my first order from this website but till I have not received yet and no updates about my order..
    There is no contact detail , no customer care no where I contact to someone for my order details..
    ..this is very wrong

    1. Hi . I ordered. I lost money, there is fb page.. naari ki dukan
      & This is their number which i found in this youtube video comment section

      Pls report their fb page


      I filed complaint against them

    2. Hi Sonia, Now you can forget your order and move on because I have also ordered and same is not delivered. They have closed their website also and not replying to the emails as well. So in nutshell they looted us and that was a fake website.

  2. It’s been one week and I have not received my product. There is no information given to contact. I’m not able to track my order. Please don’t purchase from this website.

  3. Hiii…
    Even I have order my first product.. Current situation have forced many seller to opt for such bridge.. Want to be POSITIVE for this new site.. Given delivery time is 10-15 days.. Will update when and how i receive /not receive my product !!

  4. 2 weeks ago I ordered my first order from this website but till I have not received yet and no updates about my order..
    There is no contact detail , no customer care no where I contact to someone for my order details..

  5. I ordered on 20th September and git a message saying they have shipped my order but after that no response. I mailed them but no reply has come. Now I assume that it’s a fake site

  6. On 29th I ordered my first order and it’s been more than a week I have not received any information regarding my order and also not got my delivery

  7. I ordered something before 15 days… But it didn’t got delivered and now the store is also not available what to do?

    1. I ordered on 26th September and made payment online. Till date I never got my order neither any updates….all fake sites coming up.

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