Is 50409 Rgb Scam {Sep} Find Out More Here

Is 50409 Rgb Scam

Is 50409 Rgb Scam {Sep} Find Out More Here ->  Find out the latest social media movement supporting a deceased supreme court judge.

People across the United-States must have been receiving various texts mentioning Is 50409 Rgb Scam? It has become the latest hashtag trending across social media channels. It is aiming to inspire people to submit messages via resistbot. It further automatically converts that text to letter elected officials of United-States. The term RGB stands for Ruth Bader Ginsburg, former Supreme Court Justice. She passed away due to pancreatic cancer at the age of eighty-seven. 

To find out whether Is 50409 Rgb Scam or not, we need to understand what the campaign is all about and how it is trying to make a difference in society or help people. 

What is RGB 50409 Campaign?

It is a follow-up movement after the death of Supreme Court Judge Ginsburg. It is becoming popular across social media channels, including Facebook and Twitter, using phrases such as texting is manageable. It sends a letter on your behalf to senators stating that you have signed a petition and do not want to allow new justice until the inauguration. As a result, many people are asking Is 50409 Rgb Scam. It seems like it is not a scam – and the movement is real. It produces a letter of support that is being sent to political representatives.

This way of sending messages started in April, when a similar format was used to support the United-States Postal Office, which was about shut down its services. The campaign was successful, and more than 4 million letters were sent to senators and local representatives.

What is Resistbot?

It is a group that sends letters to the officials of the government. Once it connects with the user to support any campaign, the platform asks their name, address, and other essential details. It further attaches individuals’ words to the letter and sends three copies; two are sent to senators while one is being sent to the local representatives. The same is happening with the present movement, and the message is trending on twitter supporting the campaign. 

What is the user response towards the movement?

The movement has become popular and trended on Facebook and Twitter; even celebrities support the training and are using hashtag across social media channels. People across the United-States are always known to support one or the other campaign to better society, and awareness amongst the people is also very essential for the success of any movement. Therefore, Is 50409 Rgb Scam stand false, and is a genuine movement running. 

Final Words

If you come across any such issues, one should definitely participate in it and support its people. People of the United-States should share such stories on their social media, creating awareness about the same. The more the number of messages sent to senators, the better the chances of movement becoming successful. Suppose you have doubts about any of the scam movement. In that case, you can report for any suspicious activities on the Federal Trade Commission. 

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