Space Mask Review {August 2020} Read It Before Order!

Space Mask Review 2020

Space Mask Review {August 2020} Read It Before Order! >> This article will review a Mask made from high-quality materials that make it anti-bacterial and also UV-protective.

Are you on the lookout for good quality masks that are comfortable and keep you safe? As the wearing of masks has been made compulsory almost in all countries, the demand for masks has risen. There are many varieties of masks for you to choose from, depending on the quality and the comfort. Space Mask is one such mask that was recently launched online. Space Mask Review will help you better decide if this mask is right for you. 

The mask is available to buy online in the United States and get delivered without any hassle right at your door.

Let’s dive straight into reviewing if this masks lives up to its claims. We will take into consideration several factors which will help you make a wise decision. 

What is Space Mask?

Space Mask is a recently launched mask available in the United States. Along with being a necessity during the pandemic times, the masks offer protection from dust, droplets, smog, pollen, etc

Space Mask offers you three-layer protection and is still comfortable while breathing. The nanotech fabric is such that it keeps moisture away from your nose and mouth. Not only this, but the mask is washable; hence you can reuse it and don’t need to keep buying masks.

Space Mask is available in various colors and sizes. You can choose from black, white, pink, beige, purple, and many more. You also get discounts when you buy more number of masks. 

Space Mask Review on the website is all positive. However, on the Internet, there are a diverse set of opinions, and most of them seem unhappy with the product. 

Space Mask Specifications

  • Three-layer protection with an anti-bacterial filter. 
  • The mask is made from a fabric that is anti-bacterial and does not allow the growth of microorganisms. 
  • The nanotech material from which the mask is made makes it comfortable and easy to breathe.
  • Cotton ear straps make it easy to wear the mask for longer hours. 
  • The wicking fiber keeps the moisture away from your nose and mouth. 
  • The new variants have a nose clip that can be molded and a feature to adjust the ear straps. 
  • The mask is available for both adults and kids and in various colors and sizes. 

Space Mask Pros

  • The website has not been blacklisted anywhere online, and there is no report of any suspicious behaviour.
  • The masks are washable, so you can reuse them. 
  • The more the masks you buy, the more is the discount. 

Space Mask Cons

  • The website has been set up recently. 
  • Customer reviews show that users were not happy with the product and the price.
  • Apart from the email id, there is no contact details mentioned. 

Is Space Mask Legit? 

With the pandemic, the variety of available masks has gone up. Space Mask is also one such mask that is available online. Due to a lack of sufficient information and contradicting reviews, we cannot conclude the mask’s legitimacy. However, we would like to make you aware of the following points that you must consider before the purchase. 

There are no contact details, so you have only a support mail ID if you don’t get the product or are unsatisfied with the quality. On the website, Space Mask Review is all positive. However, we found several complaints regarding the mask.  

Space Mask Customer and User Reviews

As far as Space Mask Review is concerned, we found a mixed set of reviews on the Internet, but mostly negative. The reviews on the website, however, are all positive. Some customers are happy with the product, both in terms of the price and the quality. 

However, we found a significant number of reviews over the internet that suggested that customers were unhappy with the product. The customers have complained about the unreasonable return policy and found the masks expensive compared to other similar products. Some of the users did not receive the masks at all. Others have complained about the customer service.

Final Verdict

As stated above, we have not been able to conclude if the product is legitimate. We’d like you to consider our Space Mask Review, in case you want to buy the mask. There are many other stores where you can purchase similar masks at a better deal. 

Dear Readers, we suggest that you double-check sources, in case you want the mask. Also, let us know in the comments if you’d like to share any reviews.

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  1. I’ve bought quite a lot of the 3.0 version masks from this place. I’ve also tried a lot of other masks from other companies. These are by far my favorite. They fit well, they’re comfortable, easy to clean, and I haven’t had any problem with customer service. It’s not the easiest website to navigate. But I do love their masks.

  2. No confirmation email. When we asked when we would receive they replied had been shipped and delivered to an address in California. We live in Missouri. They said sent to address we put in at time of order which is not true. Then said they would reship as a courtesy. No masks yet.

  3. I purchased 3 masks and am disappointed that the nose clip broke and as a result I no longer have protection from eyewear fogging.

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