Fancy Style Look Com Reviews (August) Reliable Or Not?

Read Fancy Style Look Com Reviews

Fancy Style Look Com Reviews (August) Reliable Or Not? >> This article gave you all the in-depth details of a website claiming to provide original silk Kanjivaram sarees at affordable prices.

Indian women are obsessed with sarees and as a result, are often trapper by online scam websites. In this article, we will be giving you all the information about a website dealing with Indian clothes and accessories.

You all are strongly advised to read the reviews of any online website before placing any orders from the same. This will prevent you investing money in fraud websites, and will also assure the safety of transactions.

This article will introduce you to Fancy Style Look Com. It is an online webstore offering sarees, lehenga choli, salwar suits, t-shirt, jeans, kurta, and night suits for women

The site is operated from India and is frequently visited by women’s there to check out their collection. But, before spending your money on this site, you must be assured of their authenticity, which would prevent you from online scams.

In this article below about Fancy Style Look Com Reviews, we will be introducing you to all the pros, cons, and specifications of this website. This will help you gain clarity on is Fancy Style Look Com Legit?

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What is Fancy Style Look Com?

Original Kanjivaram Silk Sarees are still a dream for many women. They are very expensive, and also are not very readily available in the market.

Fancy Style Looks thus provide you with an easy solution for the same. They offer original Kanjivaram Silk Sarees at a very reasonable price, and also provide other clothing items along with that.

They offer varieties in night suits, western wears, and many other categories as well.

Read Fancy Style Look Com Reviews to know more about this website, its working, discount offers and many other details.

What are the Specifications of Fancy Style Look Com?

  • Website: Deals with traditional sarees and western wears.
  • Email:
  • Address: Not mentioned on the webpage.
  • Contact Number: Not Specified.
  • Shipping Time: Within 24 hours of order placement.
  • Shipping cost: Depends on the locations, and the number of products.
  • Delivery: Within 5-7 Business Days.
  • Returns/Exchange: 30-Day Return policy is offered y the site.
  • Refund: Initiated as soon as the company receives the parcel.
  • Cancellation: Only before the order is shipped.
  • Mode OF payment: COD, Debit Card and Credit Card.

Pros of Fancy Style Look Com:

  • The website offers a wide range in Kanjivaram Silk Sarees.
  • The website provided varieties in western wears as well.
  • The website ships the product within 24 hours of order placement.

What are the drawbacks of Fancy Style look Com?

  • The site offers a massive discount on their products, which a legit site would never opt.
  • The website has not mentioned about the mode of payments they order.
  • They have also not mentioned their address and contact number.

Is Fancy Style Look Com Legit?

It is necessary to ensure the legitimacy of the website before making any transactions from the same. We have mentioned some points about this website below, which will give you enough clarity about Is Fancy Style Look Com Legit, and also, you will easily be able to conclude whether to shop from the same or not.

Firstly, Fancy Style Look Com Reviews are not mentioned on their webpage. This thus makes it difficult for the customers to place an order from the same. 

Also, the website is a new entry to the online platform, and this is why there is not much information available about it on the other media as well.

And, it isn’t very sure to trust a new website, as do not have many visitors, and customers to review the same. Also, they have bot mentioned any details about their address and contact number. 

It thus makes it difficult for customers to trace or contact the website in case of any conflict or query.

Thus, we can conclude that the answer to Is Fancy Style Look Com Legit is No. There are chances of this website being a scam.

What are customers saying about Fancy Style look Com?

As mentioned above, Fancy Style look Com Reviews are not available on the webpage, and also not found on the internet. 

Some of the reviews available are also not in favour of the website. Some customers have complained that the site delivers different goods than displayed on their webpage. Also, some have written that they haven’t received anything, and the money for their order is also deducted.

This itself proves the trust of its customers on this website. 

We have given you enough reasons explaining the scam going behind this website.

Final Verdict:

After exploring the website, we can quickly answer to your query: Is Fancy Style Look Com Legit, which is a big NO. There are chances of this website being a scam.

We thus advise you to stay away from the same and switch for the other better alternates available.

Do share your views about Fancy Style look Com Reviews below.

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  1. its a fraud company, who will get money and will never reply,
    actually we will have be very alert because lots of these kind of websites are active.
    please stay away from this

  2. My name is jafriya. Recently I found this website and the rate of the items given were comparatively low so I thought purchase from them. And I have purchased 5 items. Worth rs 499, rs 299, rs 299, rs 299, and rs 299 So what should I do if the product does not deliver to me on time ?

    Where should we complain about it?

  3. This website is a scam. There is no option of COD here, and amount transaction is carried by razorpay. Only order confirmation mail will be received and no followup later. No reply to mail either.

  4. Scam!!!!! They take only online payment, no COD. Receive one email of order confirmation and nothing else. Thereafter, no replies, no way of contacting them.

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