(Feb 2021) Is It offer Free Learning? Is It Offer Free Learning? (Feb 2021)->This article shares details of the website that renders free online courses and training programs. focuses on offering students and aspirant cost-effective methods to get to and through college degrees and providing educators tools to transform education. Find all details on the Reddit page. 

It is the website in the United States offering free education tutorials to thousands of students. There are free certificate programs, courses, and online college degrees at cost-effective rates to make education affordable for all students.  

The website also offers online college credit courses to students and other helpful tools for educators to change their teaching. You can find all the relevant details on their official website. 

What is is the online education portal offering free educational tutorials and cost-effective college credit courses to students. The website specializes in providing no-cost certificate programs to teachers and tools to help educators change the way they render education. 

The online credit courses are affordable, and a majority of the courses are free. You can collect more information from the Reddit page. The education website offers aspiring students cheap methods to get to college and get college credit degrees without breaking their bank accounts. 

The pathway renders affordable and approved online certificate and college credit courses to heighten the academic success of the United States. The website also specializes in rendering customized training programs and courses to improvise employee skills. 

It is the website for overall development, both for the students and educators. Even employees can benefit from the skill development courses offered on the website. Reddit Page Explains How to Join the College Credit?

If you are interested in joining the alternative college credit courses at, you first must understand how it works and how to registers for the course. Here is the step-by-step guide that explains how to enroll in the college credit course. 

  • You need to sign-up with the official website and create an account.
  • The credit you earn after the course is transferrable to selected colleges and regions. 
  • Even if you have multiple credits from different sources, you can transfer them all up to 85% of the transferable credits.
  • After enrolling for a college credit course, you get a 60-day window to complete it.
  • You get all possible help, support, and instructions for the course online, along with study-materials in the downloadable form.   

If you have any queries or questions about the course, you may share them on the Reddit page to get a prompt answer to your queries from the authority. 

Is Legit or Scam?

We have evaluated the website and found that the portal offers educational courses and training programs for quite some years. It has received many reviews from customers online with good star ratings and trust scores. 

So, we find no reason to consider it a scam. You can enroll for any course on the website and get a credit degree from the website.

Conclusion is the reliable online website for free education courses and training programs. Students and educators would find helpful tools and courses to improvise their academic success. For any help or assistance, the Reddit page has proven to be a boon.  

Are you a student of Kindly share your views about the portal in the comment section.


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