White House Website Hacked (Feb) Is It True? Find Here!

White House Website Hacked 2021

White House Website Hacked (Feb) Is It True? Find Here!->There is no harm if you receive wrong information until and unless you learn the right one. Here it is.

For every lock, there is someone out there trying to break in or pick it. And the United States White House networks are no specials, so we sometimes read news headlines in our newspapers saying the White House Website Hacked.

There have been incidents over the years when we see other security or unclassified networks used by the White House to be cyber-attack victims. These networks or organizations do their best towards cybersecurity, but sometimes the hackers find their way into the system. 

Today in this article, let us learn about some of the notable cyber-attacks against the White House networks.

The 2014 White House System Breach

Known as the most sophisticated cyber-attack in the history of the White House was back in October 2014. Headlines like White House Website Hacked were all over the news even though the website was not breached at all.

The officials believed that the hackers were Russians, but nothing was confirmed. Various US intelligence agencies like the FBI and the Secret Service classified it as the most sophisticated attack launched against United States government systems. 

The DISA Computer System Hacked

In February 2020, the US Defence Department confirmed that some unidentified hackers hacked the computer systems controlled by DISA (Defence Information Systems Agency). The hackers breached the data consisting of names and social security numbers. And yet, there were rumors of the White House Website Hacked.

Cyber-attack on US Treasury and Commerce Department 

In December 2020, a group of hackers attacked the Treasury and the Commerce Department of the US. The White House acknowledged and said that the concerned officials are investigating all these cyber-attacks, and nothing can be made official. 

The type and amount of data stolen have not yet been told.

People believed that some foreign government, namely Russia, backed this group of hackers.

How can you save yourself from cyber-attacks?

Proper cybersecurity is the only answer to this question.

Cyber Security consists of processes, technologies, and controls designed to protect programs, systems, devices, data, and networks from cyber-attacks. It focuses on protecting the systems from unauthorized access and thus, reducing the risks of cyber-attacks. 

Reactions on White House Website Hacked:

No public reviews are available on the hacking of the White House Website because no one hacked. 

However, in December, Joe Biden blamed the Trump administration for not increasing cybersecurity, which led to a data breach from top US agencies. He also highlighted that cybersecurity would pose a significant problem for his administration, and yet they will work and try to protect the highly secure information.

Final Verdict:

It is not true that all the headlines you read, like White House Website Hacked, are always valid. There may be times when wrong information is spread in public. So, always read and learn more about the news information before forwarding it to other people.

You saw how a powerful government network system is also prone to cyber-attacks. Thus, opt for better cybersecurity for your devices in this tech-savvy world.

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