7 Health Benefits of Sleeping on an Organic Mattress

Health Tips Sleeping on an Organic Mattress

Sleeping on an Organic Mattress: Since you spend at least one-third of your life asleep, it’s crucial to have a mattress that offers more than a surface for sleeping. Your bed should provide significant comfort and support so you sleep well and wake up refreshed. 

Fine-tuning your mattress and bedding can net you several health benefits, not the least of which is a better night’s sleep. For example, if you’re sleeping on an organic memory foam mattress, like the high-quality mattresses from Essentia (https://myessentia.ca/), you could be counting health benefits instead of sheep at night. 

Allergy-friendly sleeping

When you sleep on an organic mattress, you have an allergy-friendly experience, as organic latex mattresses are resistant to common allergens like dust mites, mold, and mildew. Your body sheds skin cells and sweats through the night, and you don’t want to add other irritants to the fabric of your mattress. 

Moisture-wicking and cooling

Organic latex mattresses help people sleep at a comfortable temperature. The beds have organic wool on their covers, which helps regulate body temperature and wicks away moisture better than any synthetic material. The wool draws water molecules away from the skin, so it can evaporate and keep sleepers comfortable all night. 

No dangerous toxins

The typical mattress has toxic glue, fire retardants, and formaldehyde. These toxins can make sleeping uncomfortable by causing sore throats, wheezing, skin irritations, and more. When you buy an organic mattress, you sleep on a surface with no toxic chemicals or other materials. 

Organic mattresses do not need artificial fire retardants because organic wool is a safe bedding material that passes flammability tests without the need for dangerous chemicals. 

Sleep without worry about VOCs

Manufacturers use volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in many products, especially those used inside homes. Organic mattresses do not have VOCs, but those that aren’t labeled organic most likely have them. 

Volatile chemicals move through the air, and people quickly inhale them. Despite VOCs having “organic” in the name, the chemicals are still dangerous. VOCs are carbon-based but still toxic. Long-term exposure to VOCs can result in cancer and other chronic health problems, including nausea, skin reactions, difficulty breathing, and headaches. 

Rest easy on all-natural materials

Organic mattress manufacturers use all-natural materials made with organic practices. Rather than sleeping on a mattress made with synthetic materials, dyes, and pesticides, you sleep on a mattress made of organic wool and cotton. These all-natural materials make organic mattresses ideal for infants who benefit from being away from toxic chemical-laden materials.

Supportive and durable

Another benefit of sleeping on an organic mattress is the supportive nature of the materials. Organic latex is durable and flexible, lasting longer than its synthetic counterparts. Organic wool stretches and returns to its original size, making it a perfect material to support sleeping bodies. The organic cotton used in mattresses is also durable and easy to clean. 

Keep children and infants safe

An organic mattress is an excellent choice if you are pregnant or have young children who sometimes sleep in your bed. Because these organic alternatives don’t contain the toxins and harsh materials found in conventional mattresses, you won’t have to worry about your kids breathing in and absorbing anything that could potentially hurt their growth. 

Wrap up

When you sleep on an organic mattress, you can sleep with the peace of mind that keeps you relaxed and comfortable. You don’t have to worry about sleeping on toxic chemicals linked to allergies and asthma, as well as cancer and other chronic health problems. 

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