Ships Stuck in New Suez Canal (March) Know More Here!

Ships Stuck in New Suez Canal 2021

Ships Stuck in New Suez Canal (March) Know More Here! >> Here, we will read about the Suez Canal blockage in Egypt; read this article to have more information!

Basically, in this article, we will talk about how a cargo ship has blocked the Suez Canal because of which there are many Ships stuck In New Suez Canal. This Suez Canal blockage has caused many difficulties in different nations like United States and the United Kingdom.

The Suez Canal is one of the critical shipping arteries that connect the Mediterranean with the red seas through Egypt. Eventually, it has resulted in blockage because a large cargo ship has run, passing through the canal on Tuesday.

Due to this blockage in the Suez Canal, Egypt has been highly affected because Egypt depends heavily on the canal’s revenues.

Ships Stuck In New Suez Canal:

This story revolves around the ships stucks in canal, which has caused many problems in Egypt, resulting in the downfall of the collection of revenues.

It is a human-made waterway, and the Suez Canal is considered one of the world’s mainly used lanes for shipping. This canal was built in 1869, and it is used to provide significant shortcuts to the ships that move from Europe to Asia.

When this canal was not constructed, the ships used to sail around Africa to finish the same particular journey.

What Steps Are Being Taken To Free The Waterway?

One of the maritime historians spoke to the BBC and talked about how these incidents are so rare but can result in massive drawbacks for the global trade. The Ships Stuck In Suez Canal is an issue of great concern.

So there are various steps taken to resolve this issue. The Suez Canal authority is trying its best to resolve this issue by Refloating the ever-given rescue and tug units, and on the other hand, the diggers are trying to rescue the ship from canal banks.

The Importance Of the Suez Canal For Egypt:

It is a 150-year-old canal initially controlled by the people of Britain and France during the old times. But it was then nationalized by Egypt in 1956. Due to the Ships Stuck In the Suez Canal, Egypt has been waiting to resolve this matter soon. 

In 2015, Egypt decided to expand the Suez Canal to reduce the waiting times and double the ships that can be used in the canal by 2023


In this article, we have discussed in-depth the Suez canal and the problems the Suez canal is facing due to the cargo ship stuck in the canal.

In this article, we have also discussed why the Suez Canal is as essential for Egypt as it collects a lot of revenue from the canal. But due to the Ships Stuck In Suez Canal, Egypt is facing a lot of problems in collecting revenues. We have also read about the authorities are trying their best to resolve this issue.

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