How to Earn Long Shot Medal in Codm (March) Read Steps!

How to Earn Long Shot Medal in Codm smoothcreationsonline

How to Earn Long Shot Medal in Codm (March) Read Steps! >> Do you want to win the amazing medals? Please check this article to learn about the methods to boost your performance.

Do you love games? In the United States and India, over a majority of the people plays Call of Duty. Are you among them? Then this article is for you only.

Here, we will guide everything about How to Earn Long Shot Medal in Codm. So continue to read to unlock the mystery.

What is Call of Duty: Mobile? 

Cod mobile is a competitive and war fight game that brings multiple Call of Duty series features into a single smartphone game

COD decided to celebrate its first anniversary with such a big release and the announcement of several in-game activities. 

Gamers can earn the Long Shot medal in Codm by pursuing the measures outlined below: 

The medal can achieve by using a weapon, but to make it convenient, players can configure your automatic weapon to award you easier medals. The ongoing seasonal event allows players to win five long shot honors in a play, and here’s the solution of How to Earn Long Shot Medal in Codm.

Long Shot Medal is a credit for shooting someone from a great range in online mode matches. Its summary states shot an enemy with a long-range attack.’ 

Fact about the game that you should be aware of 

  • Numerous gamers believe that to gain the Long Shot reward in Call of Duty. The player must have a Sniper; else, the user will not earn the Long Shot Medal. Although, this is a general mistake among Codm players.
  • Codm Maps such as Scrapyard and Crossfire are excellent opportunities to win the Long Shot Medal.

How to Earn Long Shot Medal in Codm?

  • Open COD Mobile, then navigate to the ‘Multi – player’ section upon the central screen’s right end. We suggest that you use a more reliable gun for the top results, including an M4 or perhaps an ICR.
  • Then, click the list & click “Long Shot.” Now gamers can add other modifications to your rifle that will boost its durability and distance.
  • Choose any map. However, a long-range map, including Scrapyard, is superior.
  • Upon reaching the battle, choose a place to hold from to locate & destroy enemies from a great range.

Continue to read this article to know How to Earn Long Shot Medal in Codm?

  • If you achieve a long-range shot, you will earn the Long Shot medal. Practice in this way till you have won five awards.
  • Once you’ve gained all of the rewards or finished the contest, go to the Activities section and pick Seasonal. Once you press on the Elite Marksmanship tab, you’ll see that task achieved.


COD was the first game throughout the Call of Duty franchise, and it was announced on October 29, 2003, for Internet Explorer.

Long Shot Medal in Codm is a seasonal activity that can be difficult to accomplish, although there is a simple way to win the reward. Throughout this article, we will explore how to get the medal in Codm exactly.

Hope, we have successfully given the easiest method to How to Earn Long Shot Medal in Codm.

Have you ever played this incredible game? Please share your experiences with us in the comment section below.

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