Sharpie Gate Dot com {Nov} Check-Voters Used Sharpie!


Sharpie Gate Dot Com {Nov} Check-Voters Used Sharpie! >> Conspiracy circulation by Arizona republicans’ voters were forced to use Sharpie to mark ballots.

Did you cast your vote through the ballot?Then there are higher chances that the voters from Arizona, United States, must have heard about the Sharpie Gate conspiracy. The harmless Sharpie has been circulating to be blamed as the culprit for Trump gradually losing the presidential 2020 election.

The Trump supporters are accusing the voting official that applying a Sharpie would invalidate ballots in Arizona. Sharpie Gate Dot com in the 2020 presidential election became the highlight. Sharpie is making the polls uncountable.

What is this whole ordeal, do read this review to debunk the sharpie incident!

What is the Sharpie Gate?

Sharpie Gate is conspiracy speculation that has surfaced in Arizona, United States. The people who are raising this concern are mostly Republicans. If the results are seen more than a decade now, Republicans are distressed because they have won each year following 2000. But as Joe Biden is in the lead in the election 2020, the sharpie incident has emerged.

The conspiracy claim, based on the Associated Press report, that Trump followers in the country were presented Sharpie pens to elect their voting ballot and doing so has been nullifying the votes.

What is the other 2020 US election buzz among Sharpie Gate?

Sharpie Gate Dot comled to President Donald Trump’s ardent supporters, the crux of a Democratic conspiracy to take the vote. However, the Sharpie Gate is not only news going on social media platforms. But it involves practicing Sharpies or different writing instruments used in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Chicago, and Michigan.

Especially in Maricopa County, people were so susceptible that voting administrators had to release a video to demonstrate that Sharpies were not meddling with the ballots and the vote counting.

Is Sharpie Gate real, and how is it debunked?

As the allegations about Sharpie Gate have appeared, Arizona’s Maricopa County Elections Department has set out a Twitter declaration.

In the Sharpie Gate Dot com, county’s voting committee reinforced that Sharpies were undoubtedly given to Maricopa County voters. And they have assured the voters that their votes were not withdrawing or canceling ballots.

Preferably, Maricopa County’s ballot department stated that Sharpies are suggested by the makers of the tabulation devices utilized in the province because of their waterproof-drying ink.

Simultaneously, electors could also practice black or blue ball-point if they don’t trust the ballot’s sharpies.

What are voters saying about the Sharpie Gate?

Like the state declared in the Arizonian County, the Republicans didn’t like the new way of tabulating ballots. Many Trump electors thought that ballot workers were voluntarily providing the Sharpies to citizens to nullify their votes.

By theSharpie Gate Dot com, Arizona Secretary of State confirmed many times since the ballots were being calculated because the sharpie pen effectively detected the ballots’ votes. The voters now can only wait for the votes to get counted. Now counting of the ballots is underway, and the Sharpie Gate conspiracy doesn’t play a significant role.

Final Verdict:

The Sharpie pen ballot conspiracy trending on social media is only a way for the Republicans to step away from voting. It shifts the focus to the irrelevant points, and the voters should not be caught up too much in it. Citizens in Arizona were allowed to apply their pens also due to the Corona situation.

In case the voters used the Sharpie given to them, it will indeed read by the tabulation machine effectively. The whole conspiracy is only a hoax.Comment below about your thoughts on the Sharpie pen in the Sharpie Gate Dot com!

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