M&S Clothing Lockdown {Nov 2020} M&S Clothing Open!


M&S Clothing Lockdown {Nov 2020} M&S Clothing Open! >> Do you want to know about Marks & Spencer Clothing Lockdown? Read whole article about their hours.

Have you heard about the second lockdown in the United Kingdom? Marks & spencer one of the most popular, leading fashion destinations for people worldwide; it has 1300+ retail stores worldwide along with that e-commerce web shop. Let’s check out what the chief executive said after the lockdown announcement.

Do you know about M&S Clothing Lockdown news? – If not! Then read the entire write up; you will get proper knowledge about it.

Mark & Spencer:

Marks & Spencer is the leading British multinational retail store. This public limited company was created by Michael Marks and Thomas Spencer in 1884. The store has become one of the most renowned fashion destinations for everyone around the world.

It has numerous outlets in different countries. As the physical store, it has grown equally in the e-commerce market. Several different categories make this web-store unique and user friendly.


  • M&S Clothing Lockdown: Yes, it is true.
  • Date of Establishment: the retail store had been established in 1884.
  • Founder: The founders are Michael Marks and Thomas Spencer.
  • Headquarters: It has it’s headquarter in London.
  • Type: It’s a Public Limited Company.

What happened with M&S business during this Covid-19 lockdown?

In 94 years, Marks & Spencer has hit with extensive loss due to the Covid-19 lockdown. Marks & Spencer have been suffering the worst days as coronavirus hit trading tremendously among the public sector. In the past six months, the retail store has faced a loss of around £87.6m; if we compare it from past year, the retailer made approx.—£ 158.8m profit in this same period.

Marks & Spencer announced that around 7K employees might be jobless in the upcoming three months. In the second lockdown decision in the United Kingdom, Chief executive Steve Rowe announced about ‘M&S Clothing Lockdown,’ as per his word, the clothing and home division will remain open in the second round of lockdown.

We all know that professionals are expected the second wave of coronavirus might hit us this winter, and they suggested to take everyone well precaution to fight against the Covid-19. In the United Kingdom, it has been declared that from Thursday, all non-essential good-selling retail stores in England need to close their business till December 2nd to fight against Covid-19.

Steve Rowe further stated that they would follow the rules and regulations that the Government implemented and open their store as per the Government guidelines. According to his words, in the past six months, clothing and home retails remained closed and faced tremendous challenges.

Joint venturing with Ocado retail:

The current source shows that mark & spencer has tied with Ocado retail to start a new joint venture for business expansion. From September onwards, Ocado has started transporting Marks 7 spencer food among the people. It has been conveyed that the joint venture become fruitful to the Marks & Spencer, as the sales have risen 47.9% and it indicates the opportunity to make a great profit.


Due to Covid-19 and the lockdown process world’s business has been suffering from huge loss. Each of the leading multinational companies faced a downwards graph in their trading section. Employees are laid off on daily basis. A renowned Marks & Spencer also suffered from an immense loss in trading.

After the second lockdown announcement, the chief executive stated about the M&S Clothing Lockdown. Since the news is true, they will keep their clothing and food section open by following Government guidelines.Kindly share your views about the article.

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