Sbtechyt .com {Dec 2021} Read And The Know The Truth! Online Website Reviews

Sbtechyt .com {Dec 2021} Read And The Know The Truth!>> A new site where you can search for free videos related to tech. Let’s have a look at the content to know more about the site and if the site is legit or a scam.

Do you want some free video content? And do you know about sbtechyt com?

The sbtechyt is an online video platform where you can watch free videos related to tech, like WhatsApp status, make WhatsApp status, shake effect on Whatsapp status, and more the site in India.

Let’s look at the article and see how Sbtechyt .com works and how to start videos on this platform, and more. 

About Sbtechyt com?

Sbtechyt is a Hindi and English video studio in which you will find different videos for free.

On their website, we saw that they create videos on their own and primarily create videos related to WhatsApp and WhatsApp status.

Sbtechyt is a video streaming platform where you can get the latest video related to a new and latest video about tech.

They are not selling their videos or services; all the content is freely available.

Specifications of Sbtechyt com:

  • Sbtechyt URL is :
  • According to Sbtechyt .com, the site is offering free video to its visitors.
  • Brand domain Age: 0 years, 1 month, 24 days.
  • Customer care number: Not provided any details.
  • Address: Not provided any details.
  • Email ID:
  • Shipping terms: shipping details are not available.
  • Served area: They are serving and creating videos for India.
  • Refund: No details are on the site.
  • Replacement: Not provided any details. 
  • Shipping Charges: Not provided any details.
  • Return: Not Provided any details.
  • Cancellation Availability: Not provided any details.
  • Payment Mode Features: Not provided any details.


  • This site is solving the problems related to WhatsApp with their videos.
  • While examining Sbtechyt .com, we know that this offers a free video for their viewers and is publishing content related to WhatsApp, Instagram special status, and Whatsapp status.
  • Cancellation, return, and refund policies are not available. 


  • The Sbtechyt is not well maintained as the social media icon was there, but it was not clickable; the Instagram section is there from which you will direct to the other account, which was not related to this site.
  • This Sbtechyt is not available on social media platforms.
  • This site has a meager trust score on the internet.

Is Sbtechyt .com Legit?

There are few factors that help to know if sbtechyt com is legit.

  • Registration company name: As per the scam doc report, this site is register as
  • Social Media Existence: The official Sbtechyt is not open on social media platforms.
  • Address Verification: Address was not available on the site. 
  • Owner Details: manages Sb tech YT.
  • Production and brand date: It has been on 3rd April 2021.
  • Brand Reputation: Not a big brand.
  • Outlines of the site: There are no Sbtechyt .com reviews there on the site and the internet.
  • Plagiarized content: The site content is 30% copied content.
  • Trust Score: This site has only a 2% trust score that is very low.
  • Broken Link: The broken link is there on the site; we examine the site email link not being available to click.
  • Modes of Payment: The payment details are not Provided in the site.

As per the examination, this sbtechyt is not up to the mark because they have only a 2 % trust score and no address available on the site.  Do you want to know about Online scams? Click here to read another article?

Sbtechyt .com Reviews?

We examined the site and found out that there were no reviews on the site and no discussions on the internet after checking on the other sources like the Trustpilot tool and on the other tools.

The sbtechyt com did not have a Facebook page but there was a facebook page icon which was not clickable.

This site was not on the other social media platforms as we had seen on famous sites like Instagram, Twitter, and others, and as per the site we had seen, the icon was also there, which was not clickable.

Final Verdicts: 

Sbtechyt .com is a site where you can view free videos related to tech, but as we examine the sbtechyt com on Trustpilot, we failed get any reviews about this site.

As per the research, the sbtechyt is not up to the mark as there was no address available on the site and there trust score was also at 2% only. 

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