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Roxykidsy com Reviews [July] You Must Read Before Order!


Roxykidsy com Reviews [July] You Must Read Before Order! -> In this article, you get to know about an online store to buy playsets for kids.

Are you looking to buy playsets online? Get a look at Roxykidsy.

Roxykidsy com Reviews say that the site is doing pretty well for making the childhood of your kid a memorable one. The site comes up with a solution for those who wished by playsets, Trampoline, ground pools, air furniture, air beds, and more for the kids. 

Everyone desires to get the best choice for their kids. People do everything they can do for keeping their kids happy. Roxykidsy came up with the solution for your kid’s happiness with things that you can buy online.

Many people in the United State have started buying products online. People nowadays are more interested in buying products online rather than going from shop to shop in search of a particular thing.

But, you might be having this question in your mind whether the site is safe for buying products. Also, you may have the urge to know more about the site.

We have reviewed the site for your convenience. Read this article and get all the information that you want to know about the site.

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What is Roxykidsy?

If you wish to buy products and accessories for your kids, then Roxykidsy can be the right place for you.

The main aim of the site is to provide quality products at a reasonable price. The products that can be found on the website are unique and selected out of many things that can be found for children. Products have been chosen by keeping in mind the things that amaze the children the most.

You have the privilege to choose from the various collections that you will find on the side. The prices of products which are found in the site are reasonable. Also, an extra 10% discount will be provided to the customers on your first order.

Specification of Roxykidsy:

  • URL:
  • Email ID:
  • The time required for shipping: 7-12 days
  • The time required for delivery: Not mentioned
  • Returns or exchange: Within 45 days
  • Payment method: Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, DHL, Amex, UPL

Advantages of choosing Roxykidsy:

  • 10% additional discount can be availed on your first order
  • A wide range of products and accessories for the children are available
  • People can place the order from anywhere around the world
  • Prices of the products are reasonable

Disadvantages of choosing Roxykidsy:

  • Cash on delivery facility is unavailable
  • The product gets shipped within two weeks
  • Shipping and processing fee applicable while returning the product
  • Shipping charges applicable while the product is being shipped outside United State

Is Roxykidsy worthy?

We found not many reviews about the site when we searched online. They have recently started selling their products using an online platform. The site has been functioning from less than a year, that’s why we couldn’t find any reviews about it online.

The products which are found on the site are of reasonable prices when compared to other sites. Also, the uniqueness of the product, which is found in the website is highly appreciable.

The site has not mentioned its company’s address and contact number, which is the major drawback of it. But, they have indicated their email ID on which the customers can contact 24/7.

After analyzing all information, we are not sure whether the site is worthy of buying products.

Opinion by the customers of Roxykidsy:

People have not given any reviews about the products on the company’s website. Not many discussions about the company were found when we search for it online. It shows that the company is new to the online platform.

Some customers are happy to see the unique selection of products by the website. Also, the 10% discount that the site is providing on the first order attracted many customers.

But some customers fear to place an order with the site since no reviews can be found online by the customers with previous experience.

Final verdict:

It has not been a year that the site is functioning. We couldn’t find any review about it online since the company is new to the online platform.

The products which are found in the site are unique, and the price tags are reasonable.

We are not sure whether the site is legit to buy products since no reviews about the website can be found online.

Do place your comment below if you have any information regarding the site.


    1. I will tell you if I am receiving my trempoline ordered June 29, 2020, It has been a long time …I wrote many emails but received a pre written answer , never read a customer service member from this company. I would really like talking to somebody ONCE !

      1. I ordered on May 18th and have not received product. I have emailed them a few times but never received a reply. Looks like a scam to me.

    1. Has anyone got what they ordered I’m interested in ordering but nervous after being scammed on another site

    2. Your site here says shipping within two weeks but it never gets past that. I ordered something on June 3rd. It still says “shipping to target country” on the tracking site they give you. I’m pretty sure it’s a scam site.

  1. Isn’t the point of a review is that YOU have tried the site yourself? Your article is not informative at all.

    1. Hi, I am also waiting for a confirmation of purchases. Honestly it’s been a few days. I think we were scammed.

  2. Thanks so much for the current comments. This lets me know not to order. This site doesnt sound reliable.

  3. They tried to get three times out of my account and not for the amount of the swing set but for more so I think it is a scam.

  4. Hi
    Do you deliver to Lebanon?
    How many days it takes to arrive to the destination location?
    Is shipping free?
    Thank you

    1. Hi
      Do you deliver to Lebanon?
      How many days it takes to arrive to the destination location?
      Is shipping free?
      Thank you

  5. I had a banking problem and needed to change my master card number within 24 hrs of ordering but no contact number is available and i have tried to send an e-mail but no answer

  6. I ordered from this website. Never got a conformation or any e mail. No response. But the day after I put my information in this website. My bank account has unexpected activity????
    I don’t think highly of this site. Will never order anything again

  7. I ordered from this company on June 19th and it says my order is pending every time I send them a message it always the same . I ordered the swimming pool for 88 dollars. Have not gotten a confirmation email that it has been sent and no tracking number . And the place they tell me to contact you can’t get a email sent

  8. Please do not order anything from this company! Ordered a pool and still have not received nor will anyone answer any questions and no phone number. My credit card was compromised for $338 after I ordered this item still under investigation . This is a total scam to get your information!!

  9. I ordered the same product. On its tracking site says my order was returned back to Vietnam because it failed quarantine inspection looks like it is a scam site

  10. Hi to all.

    Yes I ordered a above ground swimming pool last feb to March and still haven’t received it. I paid the money on my card as well and cannot contact anyone. The email address doesn’t exist, and theres no way to find out about a refund or how to get my order. Stupid Ass SCAMMERS. I hate when they succeed in getting our money and we get No product.
    It kills me….
    Stockton CA.

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