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Hate Class Site Reviews [May] Is It Secure to Buy?


Hate Class Site Reviews [May] Is It Secure to Buy? -> In this article, you got to know about a website that serves all the genders with high efficiency.

2020 is the phase of coronavirus, and the whole world is struggling with this phase. The lockdown in the world made people sad and bounded with some rules. Well, in this situation, you are not able to visit the market and shops for your essential needs, but yes, you can place your order online.

Online shopping is not a fashion, but yes it is a trend, and Hate Class Site is one of the best sites among other online websites where you can find exclusive summer collection at affordable prices. Every person wants high-quality products and a legit website. In this post, we are also talking about Is Hate Class Site Legit or not.

Hate Class Site Reviews can help you with this task. Still, by reading this post, you will also get to know about the complete information regarding this website like specifications of this website, benefits of purchasing products, website offerings, extraordinary features of this website, customer reviews (negative and positive), and delivery information.

When it comes to comfort, everyone makes all the efforts for it. People work hard and earn money so that they can collect all the comfort possible. Shopping is working in the same manner. Online shopping provides an opportunity for those who are shopping freaks and are lazy to step out of their homes.

People in the United State is using as a smart web store for picking some products for them. It is vital to answer questions like is legit, or is it a scam website that is here to fool people.

Please read the complete article so that you can find out more information about the website and decide whether to buy from it or not.

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What is Hate Class Site?

Hate Class is a website where you can shop for everything you are looking for. This website offers all categories of products for all genders. From apparel to accessories, you can find everything here.

The website contains different categories like speakers, bags, dresses, accessories, tools, tops & bottoms, etc. They also featured two other groups for customers. In Featured Sale and On Sale category, you can find all the offers and discounts on all the products.

If you are looking to buy high-quality and modern summer dresses, tops, bottoms, bags, speakers, and other summer clothing, then Hate Class Site is the one-stop destination for all your needs. The company is offering great deals to the customers so that the customers can avail of the benefits of buying products from the particular site. For more information or genuine experience reviews, you can check Hate Class Site Reviews and make a decision.

Specifications of Hate Class Site:

  • URL:
  • Store: Apparel for all genders, furniture, electrical items, and many other accessories
  • Shipping time: All orders are shipped out within 24 hours via USPS.
  • Delivery time: Orders arrive within 8-16 business days.
  • Shipping cost: Free shipping on or above orders of $100.
  • Return: Acceptable within 30 days from the date of purchase.
  • Exchange: Acceptable. Products can be exchanged within 30 days of purchase.
  • Refund: Processed in 3 – 6 business days after the returned product is received and inspected.
  • Payment:  Visa, MasterCard, Western Union, and PayPal.
  • Email:   
  • Contact person: Nicole B. Brunet
  • Phone Number: 701-203-9440
  • Address: Sycamore Circle, Grand Forks, ND 58203, United States.

What are the advantages of buying products from hate class site?

If you have checked Hate Class Site Reviews, then there is no need to explain more about this, but if you are not familiar with the advantages, then read the entire post.

  • At Hate Class Store, you will get an extensive collection of daily-used products like clothes, accessories, and bags.
  • The website also offers huge discounts on some popular products.
  • The company also offers a rush delivery option to the customers for their convenience.
  • The refund, return, and exchange policy of this website is feasible and prominent.
  • The customer service team of this company is dedicated to their work and reply to the customer’s queries on the same day.
  • The website accepts various online modes of payments.
  • The website is also offering a free shipping offer on orders above $100.
  • The company will assist the customers within three days if any customer has received defected items.

Where does this website lack?

According to the review and post, enough information is available on the website, but customers want full-fledged information regarding the particular site and here are some points which are missing-

  • Cash On Delivery is not availble on the website.
  • The product delivery service is time-consuming and comparatively takes more time to deliver the package.
  • Genuine customer reviews and ratings are not available on the website.
  • The company is not offering free shipping costs on orders below $100.
  • The return policy process is of 3-6 days, and the company is very strict about the returned product. If the merchandise is unused, unwashed, and unworn, then only the company will accept your return otherwise not.
  • The site is not managed professionally.

Is legit?

The researches have shown that the website is doing well in the market. People have shown a great interest in buying from the website. People have trust in the site and have made purchases in bulk.

 People are seen happy from the fast delivery of the products. The website also has a good return policy. This has also attracted a lot of customers from many sections of the crowd. Also, the website serves both men and women. This point has also made it popular among all the genders.

 Thus, there is a positive answer to the questions like is legit.

What are people saying about

The website does not provide reviews of the customers. This is a point that should be taken care of by the people responsible for maintaining it.

People have followed the website on various social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. We could see the responses of people there. Everyone is noticed to respond happily to the site and the services rendered by it.

Final verdict:

There are always two sides to a coin. There can be found good points about a website as well as weak points about a website

.The same is the case with this one. People have loved the website. People have shown a happy response to aspects like delivery, returns, etc., of the website.

 A few complain that the website is not professionally managed. However, there are more positive responses than negative ones.

With this note, we would welcome feedback and reviews from the people who proceed with shopping from the website.

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    1. They advertise some high end products for prices extremely lower than anywhere else. Am I going to get the authentic product or some cheap knockoff?

    1. Same thing happened to me I ordered in May and tracking number shown said my package delivered in April

    2. I was given a real tracking number, but it was a tracking number for something else I bought last month and it says it was delivered. Said it was delivered may 4th, I didn’t place the order till May 17th.

    3. Me as well, I ordered something May 20tg and the tracking number i was given says my item was delivered May 12th? How is that possible

    4. DO DID I!! Hate Class keeps your Bank’s Fraud Department guessing by disputing your claim & sending tracking numbers that are fraudulent!! It took me 3 months before the BBB’s complaint information to my Bank got my money back!! They are exactly what they say “HATE CLASS”. DO NOT USE THIS WEBSITE!!


  2. I also got a fake tracking number. Said it was delivered on May 11,2020 and the item wasn’t ordered until May 17,2020! Calling PayPal tomorrow

  3. I was also given a fake tracking number and cannot reach them by phone and no email return reply from them..

  4. I was taken for 42.49..from a scam from them ..never got what I paid for.scammers !!! And no good phone# no good email .and no good tracking #… I will get them ..when 20 ty bikers arrive there .. enjoy your life for a few days..u scammers !!!

    1. Call your Bank’s Fraud Department or Paypal however you paid and you can get your money back! Also report them to the BBB! They will send your Bank a fraudulent tracking number so follow it up and it will prove nothing was sent to your address!

  5. They advertise some high end products for prices extremely lower than anywhere else. Am I going to get the authentic product or some cheap knockoff?

  6. How did u get your money back i checked my card and there is nothing on it yet cant even get the invoice up

  7. I made a purchase Thursday evening 6 days and no email no tracking number nothing however it shows I purchased something. Now I have tried to call the number they provide and it’s a BS number,Also the email is BS as well

  8. I placed an order and received a fake tracking number stating I received my package before I even placed my order. This site is not legit.

  9. I placed an order May 14, 2020 and after couple of hours I got a tracking number that I received my order May 4, 2020. I will report this to paypal next week .

  10. This article doesn’t add any reassurances in ordering from I’d like to know where your supposed “responses from people” come from and what metrics you’re using when stating your claims. The site launched on May 1st so a matter of 22 days is not an appropriate test case. Additionally, you’re a web developer living in Australia, how do you have any credibility in making statements in a supposed US based website unless someone has paid you to do so. Do your research people there are already multiple complaints out there about this being another scam site. Cards being charged twice, fake tracking numbers being issued and miniature bikes being delivered when an adult size was ordered. During these times of chaos in the world we’re finding more and more foreign based market sites popping up with the sole purpose of scamming us. And there’s nothing to be done other than lick our wounds and kiss our money goodbye.


    1. Totally agree with Dale! Use your Banks Fraud department, or contact Paypal or your credit card company they will follow up on it and be sent a fake tracking number, it took me 3 months but i got my money back and now reporting them to the BBB!

  12. Phone number to contact Nicole Brundt is disconnected. Total scam – money was taken, no confirmation of order given and no delivery. No way to contact this site or the seller.

  13. None of the info works. No phone and no email. All fake. I’m concerned because I ordered from there and I am very worried I got screwed.

  14. Got a fake USPS tracking number which is a federal crime and the money removed from my account wire fraud.
    Lets hope there was a mistake and i receive my bicycle because i will have a investigation launched

  15. Someone is hosting this website and that is a crime too if hate class is advertising diamondback bicycles with intent to defraud

  16. Number is not in service to hate class. Copy right infringement posting images of products that thwy dont have contract ual agrrement to sell with manufacturer

  17. I never got an email confirming my orden. I purchased may 16 and I didn’t receive the product I very disappointing. I believe lost the money.

  18. I placed an order for a bike for women, on May 18th 2020 used paypal, on this order, received confirmation from Paypal of the order no order #, and a tracking # that didnt show in the system for Usps or Best Way finally it showed, saying it was delivered on May 13 to me. the tracking # is fake, how could I have received it when I ordered on May 18th. I sent emails with no response from seller, went to paypal told them I didnt receive the item I ordered on May 18th and the tracking # says I received it on May 13th, Input it as a claim, they closed the claim he did a counter claim and Paypal closed it. So I would say BEWARE !!

  19. This is a scam site I ordered from there gave me a tracking number paid threw PayPal my order never came said it was delivered in my mailbox I didn’t think a 8 ft beer pong table could fit in my mailbox . I emailed them several times & email threw PayPal said that person was Matthew bishop not one responds Called the number it’s is out of service I filed a claim threw PayPal warning to all the people who try to order don’t do it . This is horrible how people have the nerve to be scamming people threw this pandemic there already so much suffering going on this is just sad.

  20. Use Paypal, they have 180 days to get your money back when the banks only give 60. These fraudulent websites are from China, the detectives won’t go to China to arrest someone. So these sites are very low risk and high rewards because a small % of people forget about their orders. And computers do all the work! Talk about EZ$!

  21. This is not a legit site. I placed an order and was given a fake tracking number. Contact email and phone no’s are not working

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