Rose Beller Reviews – Is a Scam or Legit ?

Rose Beller Reviews

Rose Beller Reviews – Is a Scam or Legit? : We are sharing it only for awareness purposes because they are newly arrived on the internet.

Is legit or scam? Let’s find out, every new website which is lunches over the internet makes some hype because every user has some questions about that website is this website good or bad and what they are promoting for its customers, etc. This happens because there are so many scams that happened last few years over the internet.

Scam through the internet or website is very easy and sometimes untraceable. This scam happens very frequently by some scammers which scam and selling cheap or nothing and stole our financial details which they sold to other scammers or some individual for their profit. Online shopping is very useful these days.

Be careful from making any financial transaction on any new online shopping, because scammer also sales their product at a very huge discounted price because they take that product directly from the manufacturer. Rose Beller Reviews it is making hype over the internet these days.

What is is an online shopping website which sales cosmetic product with a good discount and also they provide training to their customers about how to use their products. These training facilities are available only three rose-bella stores in Ste-Julie, Quebec, Mascouche in Canada.   

Rose Beller Reviews also provide return policy within 72 after receiving damage or wrong products only. If you are ordering over 125$ goods from it then your shipping is free. In case of any inquiry or support, you can contact through telephone or address for all three stores.

Is legit or scam?

Today everyone loves to shop from an online store without going anywhere only you need a computer or laptop or a smartphone and internet connection. There are so many scams happens in the last few years which make a bad impression in our mind also.

This scam happens by new lunches shopping websites by putting a huge discount on almost every item by that they attract customers and customers do not think twice and make an order because of limited stocks. Which causes so many customers credit and financial loses. is also newly launched over the web which makes some confusion in our mind about this is a scam or legit. Firstly it looks very genuine website and they also provide its 3 store location for training which make good trust. So we can say is legit, but be careful to make any transaction from it at least a few more months.

The points which make legit are given below

  • provides 3 store locations for training in cosmetic fields where we can call and verify from the store website is genuine or not.
  • They are not putting a very huge discount on their all items which the only scammer doing for attracting customers.
  • Or we can call at 1-877-649-4900 for inquiry.
  • And also we can visit its locations to verify its geniuses.


In this article “rose beller reviews Is legit or scam?” we share some valuable information about because it is a new website we are thinking it is a scam but this is not necessary is new also is a scammer, but are not recommending to shopping immediately from it. At least wait for 8-10 months and then it will gain our trust and make themselves a genuine website. Our final verdict is please wait for at least one year. And looks at how it makes trust in the customer’s mind.

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  1. i order some shoes an express it 3 days never did i get my shoes never did they send a tracking number never did they respond to my emails i send about where are my shoes . the number is to a cell and no answer ..

    1. Ordered a Nike Air Barrage, recieved Order confirmation, no shipping notification , no nothing after the order confirmation. Two emails went unanswered I sent to them requesting the status after 15 days waiting. Going on 20 days now, pretty sure it’s a scam site that took me for $140 at Xmas

  2. Same herem shoesmy daughter bought amd paid early shopping and mever got them and on xmas vaca. Ugh same no tracking no return emails onky confirmation of payment ?!?!?!! Im piiisssssed i paid for 3 to 7 days shipping and its bow the 10th day. Wtf!! Im so pussed off because the shoes were for my daughters bf for xmas and now he has,bothing amd shes broke because they were ober 140 bicks. Stupid site.m i say fake af and huge scam!!!!!

  3. I ordered shoes for my son. Got an email with order confirmation, my card was charged immediately. When I go in today do check on my order, as I have not received a shipping notification yet, the website doesn’t even exist anymore. I’ve filed a complaint with my credit card and will be getting my money back, but my son won’t have his shoes he wanted for Christmas!! is a scam!

  4. It’s a scam! Paid for express shipping, nothing ever ship, put in a claim with paypal and nothing they can do… now website is completely gone and their 800# rings busy! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

  5. Has anyone received any of there items purchased from them? I also spent $125 did the express shipping I can’t get a response from anyone

    1. I ordered Dr Martens size 7 on December 16, was told I would get them before Christmas in confirming email. I replied back, no one ever replied to my email, and then the site completely disappeared. I contacted Paypal. After one week Paypal refunded my money because they couldn’t get anyone from Today, January 13th, guess what came in the mail: a pair of fake Dr Martens in size 5. Now I don’t know what to do. Can’t return them, they came from China. 2 sizes too small.

  6. I also purchased shoes for a gift from rose-Beller. It December 24 and have not received anything. Also when I select the link to track shipment in the confirmation email it says the website does not exist

  7. Definitely a scam, ordered a pair of sneakers that never came. Website no longer works. File a claim with paypal or your credit card company.

  8. This site is a scam. Do not order. No way to reach them. They do not answer any emails or calls. The phone number says it can’t be reached from your area. Initially you could leave a message with a woman’s name. …… no longer can.
    I ordered on Dec 10 a pair of black converse sneaker boots. It immediately charged my card !
    I ordered on dec 10 th. No item received…. no response from them. Total scam. I’m so mad. They were my Christmas present. Please share the Facebook article questioning if they are legit or a scam.

  9. This sure is a scam!!! Same comment as all the others. Took my money immediately on 12/16/19 and still nothing. They don’t respond to emails and site has been down for days. So bummed. Like everyone else, this was a Christmas present and you stole a kids Christmas. The universe knows who you are and what you have done. No escaping your bad deeds.

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