Knixdon Reviews – Is Knixdon.Com a Scam or Legit ?

Knixdon Reviews


Knixdon reviews – Is a Scam or Legit? : we share only for spreading awareness between online shoppers and protect them from scams

Is legit or scam? Let’s find out, we are living in a digital era. There are so many new things of lunches every day and night. Today’s everyone wants a website for their business for growing and fetching new customers online or the internet. That is why there are so many wrong scamming websites also lunches every day.

Using the internet for growing your business is good for sellers and shoppers both. But a shopping website can grow and making trust in shoppers only to spend more and more time after launching their website. Like Amazon eBay and so on. These both online shopping websites are very old so we can say they are not scamming.  

But when a new company or website is lunches, it can be legit and also can be a scam. There are both possibilities over a period we can find out what is it. Here we are discoursing about a newly launched website knixdon Reviews is legit or scam.

What is is a knixdon Reviews Boutique which is also an online shopping website that selling the latest trending ladies’ dresses at a very low price. It is only one month old and its domain date 11/11/2019.knixdon has only return policy and refund as a credit which you can use for next purchases only on its site. Return policy only 14 days from the date of delivery.  

Is legit or scam?

Everything has so many questions when it arrived or lunched like as this is good for us or not, this product is genuine or not, and so one. It also happens with Let’s find out about it. Below points can help to identify. Some points are making confusions in our mind which given below

  • Its domain date only one-month-old that makes suspense about is look scamming website.
  • has a return policy not exchange and only as a store credit which means you cannot receive your actual money.
  • And store credit use for only shopping on knixdon com. It has only 14 days return policy which firstly inform within 3 days after receiving a damaged or defective or wrong product.
  • It has only Gmail id, not any customer support email id.
  • Item selling at a very low price which also looks very scamming website because of so many customers attracts by these discounts.
  • It cannot disclose who the owner of is. 
  • They are in business since 2014 but its website only one month old.

These points indicate something wrong with It looks scam not legit.


In this article ‘knixdon review- Is legit or scam?’ we share some very important point about by these points you can easily find out is it scam or legit? And also if this is a scam we strongly recommend to all of the shoppers do not buy anything from any suspicious online shopping website. And save your hard-earned money. If you have any questions or suggestions please write to us in the comment box and please give us your valuable feedback.

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  1. I’m believing it is a scam because I ordered someone a month ago, never received a confirmation, haven’t received the item that I was charged for and no one will response to my emails.

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