How to Care For Your Roller Skating Shoes the Right Way

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Roller Skating Shoes: All shoes, and not just roller skating ones, will eventually suffer the same, inevitable fate. However, if you take care of them well by taking a couple of simple yet essential steps, you can successfully boost their lifespan by at least a couple more years. 

It is wise to ensure your rollers shoes last longer than usual to save a reasonable amount of time and money in the long run. The fundamental steps to care for your skate sneakers involve more than choosing the right pair of shoes for your specific needs. For first-timers, here are some critical things you must diligently do to ensure your skate shoes remain in the best possible condition always.

Choose Shoe Material Wisely

It is widely acknowledged that roller skating is an excellent form of exercise for kids, teenagers, and adults alike. If you, too, wish to indulge in this activity every day, choosing a pair made with robust and durable material is imperative.

While canvas is vastly popular and good for daily use, suede offers more flexibility and a better grip. It is the type of leather that is not stiff, can stretch considerably well, and helps perform consistently. Depending on the frequency of use and comfort level, you can also browse other options, such as vegan skate shoes or synthetic ones.

Sand-down a New Grip

Novice skaters often become paranoid when trying new skate shoes, mainly because the grip is exceptionally rough, preventing them from shredding the streets. Therefore, falling during these times may demotivate them, preventing them from trying again. An excellent way to deal with this issue is to sand down the roughness using cut-off grip tape scraps. This will effectively reduce friction in the sneakers, ensuring their longevity is better than expected.

Prevent Lace Ripping

It can be an extremely unpleasant experience when you try to tighten your laces and end up with them ripped in your hands. To make sure this does not happen, you can get lace protectors or try making hidden lace, so they do not touch the rough grip tape.

Alternatively, you can invest in shoes that have laces higher up on the ankles, preventing them from ripping that easily. You can also stock up on extra laces, such as leather or suede ones, to replace worn-out ones quickly. Some avid skaters recommend coating the laces in rubber cement or purchasing waxed varieties.

Avoid Hot Glue

Using hot glue on rollers shoes can be a bad idea, especially if made of canvas, as it can cause a chemical reaction. Consequently, it will burn through the material, creating unsightly holes and burns in places it comes into contact with. Therefore, it is better to seek a professional if your skate sneakers require a repair instead of using hot glue and making matters a lot worse.

Use Waterproofing Spray

If you skate in extreme weather conditions, it is critical to ensure skating sneakers are dried after every session. To do this, you can use a high-quality waterproofing spray that can keep the shoe material and your feet dry in wet conditions.

Besides this, it is pivotal to allow the shoes to air-dry after intense skating sessions that leave the material potentially wet. This will keep the shape of the sneakers intact, enabling you to wear and use them easily the next time you skate.

Clean Them the Right Way

It is advisable to never throw your skating shoes into the washing machine, regardless of the number of blogs that tell you to do so. That’s because although the shoes may seem fine on the outside after a tumble in the machine, you will have effectively and irreversibly ruined the padding, soles, adhesives, and coating. In worst cases, shoes can become entirely shapeless and deformed after a single wash, rendering them completely useless.

Therefore, to clean your skate shoes the right way, you can follow the simple steps listed below.

  • Use a damp brush or soft cloth to wipe clean the shoes, ensuring you do not put too much pressure on them.
  • Always dab the sneakers clean rather than rubbing them vigorously, as that may make the dirt and grime go deeper into the material. This often happens with mesh and canvas sneakers.
  • Choose a light, chemical-free detergent to wipe clean the outer soles of the shoes.
  • Invest in organic wet wipes for regular cleaning sessions.

Invest in Quality Shoes

Buying excellent quality skating shoes is a must because cheap materials will wear out faster, costing you money in the long run. Therefore, look for reliable sellers providing a vast selection of shoes made of different materials, designs, and features. Branded shoes are better as they come with quality assurance, ensuring they live up to their hype.

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