5 Important Tools Landscape Designers Can’t Work Without

The Best Top 5 Important Tools Landscape Designers

5 Important Tools Landscape Designers: It takes talent and years of studying to become a landscape designer, just like any other career out there. But, similar to others, there is a limit on what designers can do. That is why brilliant people invented and are still innovating beneficial designing tools. 

These creative materials do not just compensate for the things they lack, but their manufacturers also ultimately make their creations better and more realistic. Thus, for the landscape designers, here are the important materials they cannot work without and their benefits to their career.

3D Modeling And Computer-aided Design (CAD) software

This is a must-have for every designer. They invest in such software as it helps them to visualize their design for a specific project. Designers need to be proficient in using these to work easier and faster. Since they can accurately approximate measurements with this software, it can also aid in estimating the cost of the entire project. 

They can also communicate more effectively to their clients when they use their visual designs generated from these types of software. Furthermore, for designers to master this skill and maximize the potential of these types of software, they can take a landscape design course. Nowadays, many cheap or free online courses offer this for developing skills.


As designers deal with outdoor spaces, sometimes very wide, they will always need to check their maps. A simple online map on their smartphone will suffice if it clearly shows the area they will work on. 

This map, however, should show basic measurements such as the scale and the area. A map with a street view feature will also help them inspect the landscape without physically being there.

Scale And Other Measuring Devices

Scales are very beneficial as they are used to analyze and measure documents. Usually, the scales used by landscape designers are the ones that have three sides, with each side having two scale conversions. This equals a total of six drawing scales. This type is helpful, especially to engineers and architects who use varying kinds. This scale will be able to measure both for maximum efficiency and convenience. Devices for measuring angles and lengths are also essential.

High-quality Colored Pens

A good pen is one thing, but a colored one will significantly help a landscape designer in the long run. Having different colors will aid in the organization and the making of simple diagrams for planning.

Designers can assign a specific meaning to color, so the method functions as a legend. A favorite good pen will also always be within reach of an expert designer’s hand.


This is one of the essential tools where brainstorming and planning happen. A good sketchbook with quality paper will surely be the first one to know about the designer’s idea and concepts in mind. Herein, they also put their quick notes, reminders, and even important meeting details for future reference.

For it to be highly useful, though, a designer must carry this sketchbook everywhere they go. Brilliant ideas may occur in the most unexpected time and place, which may be gone and will never go back once you arrive at your workstation.

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