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Remarkgreen Com Reviews [April] Is It Really Effective?

Remarkgreen Com Reviews [April] Is It Really Effective

Remarkgreen Com Reviews [April] Is It Really Effective? – If you want to purchase face masks, then you must read this post.

This Remarkgreen Com Reviews will talk about a website that lets you choose from a wide variety of masks. These are nothing like your regular masks. 

If you are reading this post, then you must be looking for some fashionable masks. Given that they are the need of the hour, it doesn’t hurt to add a dash of color or print to the regular ones. 

The people of the United States have been seen making multiple purchases from this site. Read the full review to get to know what else the website sells and if it is worth purchasing from. 

What is Remarkgreen com? 

The market has seen many retailers coming up to sell creative masks and regular masks too. Today it is of imminent importance to ensure your nose and mouth remain covered. 

The remark green mask is a new and fashionable outlook of your regular mask. These are available in solid colors as well as prints! They have changeable filters, unlike other cloth masks. So, there is no need to replace the whole mask! 

However, the website seems to have been recently created; there are no other categories apart from the masks and a couple of key chains. There are no clear categories mentioned, and they lack a lot of necessary details! 

Let’s look into more details of the products available on the Remarkgreen online store.  

What products are available on the Remarkgreen?  

The home page of the site will show you the products that they offer. The categories are divided in the following manner. Most of the items are meant to be personalized. It is a tad bit confusing, and you take some time to figure it out. 

  • Homewares- this section consists of large nightlights that will display your name, bottles small and large, and children’s cutlery. All of these can be personalized by getting your name written on them. 
  • Leather keyrings- these are your average alphabet style key rings. They can be customized by choosing from one of the five colors provided as well as the list of alphabets. 
  • Remark green mask– The online store offers these masks in the regular category, personalized as well as already printed type. Each mask has a filter activated carbon PM 2.5FM along with this a soft aluminum nose clip that will ensure the mask stays in place. It also promises to reduce the heat produced and moisture build-up inside the mask. There is a print for everybody! 

Pros and cons of purchasing from Remarkgreen

Before you make a purchase, let’s look at some pros and cons of the website. 


  • It is perfect for all of us, regardless of age. 
  • Easy customizations that fit in your budget. All you have to do is mention your name before making a purchase.
  • The printed masks are something everybody would like. 
  • It has an SSL certificate as well as a lock next to the website URL tells you that all your information will be encrypted and protected. 
  • It has a DMCA report. 
  • Remarkgreen provides with ample information regarding each product is provided. This ensures you make a thorough read up before making a purchase. 
  • The contact us section provides with an email id- There is also an address mentioned- 4942 Peachtree Hills Road, Las Cruces, NM 88012 USA. This will come in handy when making a return. 
  • Accepts visa card, master card, Amex, and PayPal for making payments. 


  • It has a recent creation date address. 
  • The layout of the website is haphazard and confusing. It needs to be worked on. 
  • There is no phone number provided. 
  • The other product categories lack products, whereas the mask section is filled with a variety. 
  • There are no product reviews available on the site or online. 
  • They lack a social media presence. 

While so points speak for in favour of the Remarkgreen online store, the others tell you that you may face difficulty in purchasing from this website. 

What you will like about the site is its printed masks. These provide the comfort and protection of a good mask along with some quirky prints. 

Final Verdict- 

Although the site could use significant changes and work, it is essential to notice that the remark green mask is something worth looking at. You can purchase after thoroughly examining the website by reading the pros and cons mentioned above! 

If you have purchased from the site, then do share your experience with us in the comments below.

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  1. I made a purchase today, of 1 mask and 5 replacement filters thru PayPal, I immediately got an update from PayPal that this is a China Based Company called LushGood Company Limited. It is possibly a Scam as LushGood goes by Thousands of other Names according to their own website.

    1. I got scammed too. Nothing WORSE than people stealing from others during a pandemic, when most are out of work. Report them to the better business bureau, and the attorney general. Shame on this company!!

    2. Mask is something everybody want these days. The masks that this company is advertising is stylish and have an unique look, so I purchased two mask with a supply of filters. BEWARE and on NOTICE that this company doesn’t exist and it is a SCAM!!! I lost $80.00!!!

    3. I’ve ordered the mask since April and have not received anything, but quick to charge my credit card I sent them two emails and never gotten a response back I want my money back too good to be true for this scam

    4. Yup I ordered face masks on 4/9/2020 and still have not received them. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY REMARKGREEN OR LUSH GOOD!!!!!!!!!!! SCAMMERS

    5. I placed an order with Them 4/28 and I received my masked yesterday. And I did call the USPS.and they said call company so I emailed them. Screen shot my tracking info . And they did respond a week later. But. I finally got my stuff.

  2. From what I understand from the people who ordered from them already they have an address that GPS puts in the middle of an intersection with no building, several people canceled orders within the time frame allotted and because it took 48 hours for the company to respond they wouldn’t cancel the order because it wasn’t within 12 hours, not manufactured in the US btw so um, you’d have to be a ninny. ALWAYS CHECK REVIEWS BEFORE ORDERING!!!

    1. The company is a scam I reported them to the FBI fraud department!! Hopefully they will be brought to justice

  3. I have purchased from this company and never will again. I canceled my order within the 12 hour deadline but it took 2 days for them to get back to me. Once they finally did get back I was told that my order was in production and couldn’t be canceled. I even sent them proof that I contacted them and I keep getting the same answer from a “Sarah Smith”. Stay away from this company.

  4. I ordered 3 masks weeks ago. Have not received them. There is no way to contact these crooks, sent two emails with no response. I am reporting them to the Better Business Bur.

    1. I placed an order on April 5th. As of today, April 29th, I have not received my order. I have submitted a claim with PayPal. Hopefully I will receive a refund.

  5. I ordered a mask 3 weeks ago, and I have not received it. I’m going to report to them to Better Business and Paypal.

  6. To be clear AMY E BIESELIN-CRAPARO they do have reveiws on the products. I know this because I went back and checked each of the products I purchased that I HAVE NOT received. So do not insult the intelligence of people you do not know because I do NOT buy things that I cannot find a review on especially at the prices and total I spent. This company has treated me the same way, I have sent emails and have heard not one word. I will be reporting them to my bank as fraud/spam as well as anywhere else I can report them to.

    If you’re thinking about ordering from this company please don’t they are a waste of your time and money because you will never get your product.

  7. I made a purchase on 4/8 because the site listed New Mexico as the location and I also live in new Mexico. The FAQ section said total estimated delivery would be 4-7 days–it’s now 4/28 and no product. I spent well over $100, received my PayPal receipt–with as the email address. First red flag–what reputable online retailer uses a **.gmail address instead of a registered business domain?

    I never received an order confirmation from either Lush Good or from Remark Green. I sent two emails to between 4/16 and 4/17 with no response, so I contacted customer service through Remark Green’s website, as well as directly to and PayPal on 4/18. I was told by two customer service representatives that my order was in process and I would have a tracking number within four days at most. It’s been 11 days–no tracking number, no merchandise. Contacted customer service yet again and was told they cannot locate my order–despite the fact that I replied to the email their customer service rep sent to me. I’ve contacted PayPal again. is a scam. I would look to Etsy merchants, because masks I purchased there arrived within a week.

  8. This company is a scam DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THEM they are based in Hong Kong LushGood. They will take your money and not give you your products.

  9. Ordered over a month ago still no mask and have sent many emails trying to contact them but nothing

  10. Ordered 5 mask on 12 April 2020! No product and no actual reply other then from Sara Smith! Shane on me!

  11. Wow.. I usually don’t order on line accept Amazon.
    I ordered April 3rd and here it is May 8th and nothing.
    Is there a time to rebut the charge to my visa?

  12. Chinese Scammers; after they gave us the Chicom Virus are stealing our money; please report to the Better Business Bureau if you were scammed by them.


  14. I ordered 2 masks over a month ago and havent received a thing except an email or two saying shipping was delayed due to covid 19. The more reviews i read the more i know i got took. Reported them last night to thw BBB.

  15. I ordered around April 5th and tracking takes along time to update. My masks did not arrive at the same time. I received my mask yesterday.

  16. I’ve finally received a tracking number AFTER disputing with my creditcard company who is opening a fraud investigation. Tracking number is Invalid (of course) and if you look at the web page now, there are no masks to be found. As a matter of fact, when you click shop our products, you get 404 PAGE NOT FOUND.

  17. I reported them to the FBI Cybercrime Unit. I have spoken to BBB also. They also use a company called Zendesk to answer their emails. Also since they use PayPal for transactions they must have some information on these people.

  18. I ordered April 20, 2020 I still have not received my product . I spent $120 on mask. I reached out in several occasions and have gotten no response . I will be sending a credit card dispute today.

  19. I am a nurse as well as a firefighter so i ordered several masks to use. That was April 5 , they took my money and still no product. I have contacted NY attorney general and the federal trade commission as well as my bank. I have gotten several emails saying that the product is coming but nothing yet. I did find a number to Lushgood Hong kong but it looks like there is an extra number 852-2391-0600. These people should be held accountable for these practices.

  20. I googled the address and they are now going by a company called BeautifulSafe ….. same address. 4942 Peachtree Hills Road Las Cruces, NM 88012

    I ordered 2 masks the beginning of April and haven’t received anything. The emailed me back and said that my masks were finished and on the way.

    I should’ve known something when I didn’t get a tracking number. I am reporting them to PayPal and my credit card.

  21. Don’t bother ordering because you will never receive what you ordered and paid for. O have waited over 8 weeks and nothing has ever shown up at my home. Nobody from the company has ever responded but they have my money. I cannot endorse or support a company that has such lousy service and steals from potential customers.

  22. I ordered 3 masks spent over $75.00. That was back in April!!! I’m so pissed. Im a nurse and my co-worker friend is a nurse. She ordered hers before me and she hasn’t gotten hers either. What a scam! .. Paid with Pay Pal… so disappointing. Especially when we are frontline workers!!!

  23. I ordered a set of 3 masks in April with asu logo, on Saturday May 30 I received 2 generic masks from Lushgood, not a all what I ordered!

  24. i ordered 4 mask, all of them got here in 3 months. These are probably the best mask i own, they are made of scuba material with very good filters. They sent me an email when they were made and sent me the shipping information when they shipped. they also told me that because of covid the mail was really slow , which is exactly what happened. of all the mask i own i am more confident with these mask because of the filtration process. i live in ofallon, illinois and you need a good mask here. very satisfied with these mask, they just took along time to get here.

  25. We ordered our masks and they are absolutely amazing.
    The only issues were the 8 weeks it took to get them to me.
    I absolutely love mine and didn’t believe it when updated with information, but they did arrive.

  26. I don’t like their business practice. I ordered some masks & filters in early April. I just received them in late July. I emailed in May & June asking for a refund but all I received was an email giving me 30% discount off my next purchase. I’ve tried calling without fail but no contact. Then on July 26th I get a package. Surprised me but at least I did get my products.

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