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Jujumod Reviews [April] Is It Legit? or Another Scam?

Jujumod Reviews [April] Is It Legit? or Another Scam

Jujumod Reviews [April] Is It Legit? or Another Scam? -> Check out this post to know the review of the personal care online shopping website.

Nowadays, ‘’ has become famous among people due to its high-quality personal care products. The items like sanitizers, gloves, thermometers is everyone’s primary need in the deadly season of Coronavirus. Every one of us couldn’t compromise health at any cost.

Jujumod is already gaining a crowd of customers from the United States

To know more in details, let’s check out our Jujumod Reviews:

What is

Jujumod deals in personal daycare items include hand sanitizers, wet wipes, toilet papers, hand gloves, and thermometers. 

The prices are low, with massive discount rates. Also, buyers do not have to bear the shipping cost if they place the order above $79. 

The site is well-maintained with the required information. As we already mentioned, there are limited product categories. Therefore, customers can choose easily as per their daily needs.

If you still have doubts in mind, then this full unbiased review will help you to understand-Is Jujumod Com legit or scam?

Who’s this is for?

We have already mentioned, this website mainly deals with personal care items. It targets every age and gender. Today, where everyone is worried about their health due to Coronavirus, products like sanitizers or gloves provide full protection.

They claim to deliver high-quality item at low prices. It allows people to place orders from different corners of the world. 

Pros Of Buying From Jujumod 

  • The store provides the best health care items at discounted rates.
  • The prices are quite low as compared to several shopping stores.
  • Buyers will get a free shipping gift over the purchase of 79 dollars.
  • Jujumod Reviews found this site is safe to do the transactions as information is SSL-encrypted.

How Can You Place the Order?

To place the order, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps: 

  • Visit on the official 
  • Choose the desired item from the ‘Menu.’
  • Click on the product you wish to pursue.
  •  Choose the right quantity and color.
  • Add item to the cart by selecting the ‘Add To Cart’ option.
  • Proceed with the shipping details. Fill the correct address with the e-mail ID. 
  • Make the payment. Once done, the confirmation e-mail will be sent on your mail ID. 

Important Specifications

As per Jujumod Reviews, check out essential specifications:

  • The site presents items in 5 categories- Personal care, Hand Sanitizer,  Toilet Paper, Wet Wipes, and Safety Gloves.
  • All transactions count based on US Dollars.
  • Payment method- Credit card (VISA, Mastercard, AMEX) and PayPal. 
  • It allows cancellations. When you cancel the order after placing the order, the cancellation fee of $0.5 will be charged.
  • Delivery time
  1. United States-8 to 10 business days.
  2. Others-10-20 business days
  • If you want to return the undesired item, contact within 30 days after receiving the item.
  • Please contact the company within seven days after receiving the product in case of defective items.

Cons of Jujumod 

When we analyzed this store for Jujumod Reviews, we found available products and website is not that much appealing. The following are the cons which quite justify our point:

  • It does not allow cheques, bank transfers, debit cards, and cash on delivery.
  • The company wouldn’t cancel the packed or shipped orders.
  • Limited product options are available for buyers.
  • No proper company founder and physical address of the company is provided on the site.
  • It doesn’t provide a 24*7 customer care service to buyers. The buyers have to contact on for issues concerning orders.
  • We have not found any social media connectivity.
  • Cash on delivery or debit card payment method is not allowed.

Is Jujumod Com legit or scam? has less number of personal care items. Also, it is a new website, so it might be possible that the customer presence will be less. Therefore, we are unable to find customer testimonials. The website display is not so impressive. The items are listed with the required details and pictures. Thus, buyers will not face any difficulty while choosing the product. 

It accepts orders from around the corner. It doesn’t accept cash on delivery or debit card payment, so it restricted such users. 

To conclude, Jujumod Reviews, we already mentioned this website is new in the world of online selling, so we should give it a chance to grow more in the future.

Final verdict

Well! We can’t say it’s the best place to shop like Amazon or Flipkart. We attempted our best efforts to share the best information and knowledge. 

Everyone has different choices and opinions. If you have already purchased the item from this store, then write your review in below comment section.  We will appreciate your efforts. Also, it will help thousands to make the best decision.

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    1. Ordered toilet paper a while ago.No response to find out about my order.Now checking bank statements so I can get my money back.Would never buy from them again.Never responded to any of my emails.Stuck not knowing anything about my $69.00 order.

      1. This company is the biggest scam ever. Canceled my order prior to shipping they still sent item to me after 31 days. Won’t give me a refund just keep asking me for same screen shots. NOBODY do business with this terrible company….

    2. I ordered from them over a month ago and have received 1 answer to my emails, which said my products have shipped and 2 weeks later no products and no one will return my emails. I would never ever purchase products from this company. Anyone that has put in a order I would stop payment and keep your money because I spent 119.00 and I’m on disability. The sanitizer was for me and my grandkids. This is a terrible company.

      1. This company plain and simply, are a Rip Off!!
        Took almost two months to receive my Overpriced order of sanitizer and surprised it finally arrived ,but NO ingredients listed on these and truly believe it won’t sanitize anything!
        NO smell of alcohol or anything to the jel!
        Stay Away and safe your money!!

  1. I have had a terrible time getting them to respond to me. They finally a week after I ordered said they will email when ready to ship when they advertise 8 yo 10 business days? I realize the co. Is busy. But dont advertise that way. Ship an get a positive review

  2. It is obvious I have been scammed. When I contacted them they hadnt shipped. This appears to be the china way. Get u.s. money an forget to ship. They never had the merchandise. I probably wont get this posted but I will on facebook.

  3. Scam. I ordered and tracking says “delivered.” It was NOT. I lost 150$. Terrible way to exploit people who are already suffering economically & in terms of health & time. I have found several items I need on ETSY from small sellers and they WERE delivered. 🙂 Masks, hand sanitizer, face shields. Home made but effective. Im not associated with Etsy. As for Jujumod. Shame on them. But God will take care of it. I am at peace.

  4. I think I have been scammed. When I placed my order for $150, I was informed my order would ship in one to two business days. After waiting two weeks, I was told they were out of stock, yet they charged my credit card for the full amount when I placed the order. Their ad said they ship from two warehouses in the US. The company is in China. Need I say more?

  5. I ordered hand sanitizer on 8 April I have not had a response I have tried to contact online I contact JP they tell me to contact them I am out $63.

    1. I placed an order for a Case of toilet paper, and 2 Bottles of hand Sanitizer, over 3 Weeks Ago…was told it wouldn’t take more than 8 days. I’ve sent Numerous emails, but all I Get back is the same exact reply… Your order is being processed… Have yet to receive my damn Order.


  7. They have a phony ad with the picture of an American Family on it and they claim they have warehouses in NY and California which is a lie when you purchase they go by the name of Fab Fun in China, They have at least three different names that they scam under and it all leads back to them. I don’t how this is allowed and I works love to open up a class action lawsuit from ALL AND THERE IS PLENTY OF VICTIMS OF THESE SCUMBAGS. THEY SENT US A VIRUS I DON’T WANT WANTING SHIPPED FROM CHINA, IF IT ISN’T ON EBAY OR AMAZON DON’T BUY IT, NO MATTER WHAT IS OR SAYS

    1. I ordered Items April 2n 2020 and I never received anything. I notified pay pal. Also sent about 10 emails got 1 response and they said when the order fills they will ship. DON’T BUY FROM THEM. I feel like they are a scam company

  8. I am not sure but I believe this company is a scam :-(. I ordered and after not receiving my order I emailed and someone name Evelyn responded one time and said they would let me know when my order shipped. I still have not received my order and have emailed several times with no response now. I am about ready to contact law enforcement as I don’t feel any company should be able to take your money and the customer not get their product.

  9. I ordered april 4th. Tried emailing them twice never received a response. It’s been 10 days and I’ve received no order and no return email.

  10. I too had a very bad experience with them and paypal actually got my refund yesterday.Pay pal escalation department Took no more than 1 hour to get back to me with a refund that they found in my favor with no explanation of why I got the refund.I could not contact this co. by email I sent 4 emails Asking to please give me a ship date since I had placed an order 10 days ago Or at least tell me if it’s back ordered just communicate with me was my problem.I really think there is A big scam going on here and that’s why I didn’t hesitate to go to paypal And they came through for me Immediately thank you pay pal stay away from this company it’s a scam.

  11. It definetly is a scam. I ordered on April 4 and emailed a week later and still have not heard a peep from them. Do they have phone number? A shame they are running a business to take advantage of people.

  12. Scammers…they take your money and no merchandise…they have told me for 3 weeks it is still processing…shame shame on people who have to make a living this way

  13. I
    Ordered on April 1 haven’t gotten my merchandise nor a response from them . And I don’t have a tracking number

  14. My order of two packs of bathroom tissue on April 4, 2020 is still on limbo. I am allowing sufficient time for delivery. After that, I will call the credit card company’s fraud department. I do not intend to loose $72.00.

    Adam Wm. Fisher,Ph.D.

  15. Scam Scam Scam. Ordered 60 dollars worth of items and has not been shipped. Told me do not worry the status of order will be shipped. But nothing for 2 whole weeks. Fu##ing scammers. How dare you make a website that is fake.

  16. I TO ORDERD $164.00 worth of hand sanitizer. And ALCOHOL SWABS AND PAYED $24 for fast shipping. I contacted them they did contact me back but lying to me about shipping. Told me three times they shipped it. They did not . never got tracking number till today ON APRIL 25 . 3 weeks later. I did not know they are in China. now I don’t want it . NO ONE IS EVER GOING TO ORDER ANYTHING FROM CHINA AGAIN. I WILL GIVE THEM A WEEK THEN I WILL CONTACT CREDIT CARD COMPANY. PROBABLY SHOULD HAVE IT TESTED TO MAKE SURE ITS WHAT ITS SUPPOSED TO BE.

  17. I placed an order on April 2, 2020 at 10:14 AM. Today I received my credit card statement and find that they charged my account on April 2, 2020 for $70.98. To date, I have not received my order. You guessed it, ‘I’ve been scanned’!!!!!! The picture on the website shows a cute family……….watch out, don’t order anything, you’ve been had. Now that we are smothered with the Cobrin 19 virus and cannot get a ‘human’ to speak with at the credit card company, I guess this is my contribution to the scamming business. Too bad. This WILL BE the last time I order anything without looking for responses, as I did not this time. B E W A R E !!!!

  18. Ed I placed two orders back in January, nothing yet. They will not respond…There charges are on my credit card. I reported to the Credit Card co. to cancel. They are a bunch of crooks. Don’t do business with them.

  19. I just put in a refund request through American Express, via PayPal, against Jujumod. My order delivery read canceled from jujumod for over a month. I wrote jujumod several times with no reply. They are a bad choice for disinfectant.

  20. I have been scammed!!!!!! I ordered on April 5, 2020, it is now May 9, 2020 still no products. I have emailed them at least 5 times and it is a different excuse each time.
    They are backed up, they have a P.O. Box for my address (even though I never gave them a P.O. Box). Then today my account with them doesn’t exist, and my order page isn’t on their site anymore. They have since ignored my emails. I spent $173.00. I put in a request to get my money back through Master Card.

  21. How can they just take advantage of people in need right now? My credit card company (Master Card) said that this charge originated in Hong Kong. Do not order anything from these people!!!!!!

  22. Complete scam artists – $ 251.93 order placed on 4/4/20 date , money took out of my account on 4/6/20 along with a $ 8.06 “international border fee”? No merchandise, no email response, no refund request response… Buyer beware, looked them up “after the fact” and of course, they are spread all over the internet as scammers… Just pinged my bank to see if they can help. Coincidence that this jujumod is a Chinese company with a GoDaddy account started on 12/16/19 to sell the sanitizer, toilet paper etc… just weeks before the pandemic broke out?

    1. SCAM. 4/2/20 ordered 40 rolls of Charim toilet paper On 4/17/20 for 41.98.after being informed they could’nt find my order.Someone name Xilin sent me a e-mail saying they were busy and to be patient.On 5/13/20 a small package was delivered by USPS countaining a 10 skinny rolls of toilet paper similar to what government uses in campgrounds.Now after everything has obviously cleared and long paid I CAN ONLY SAY STAY AWAY FROM THIS JUJUMOND IT IS A SCAM. (unfortunely being ripped off by the same country that caused the T.P shortage to start with)

  23. Nothing but problems. Ordered 192$$ worth of product. Payed 20$ for shipping. 4/1 order. Contacted re: tracking. Reply when package shipped. 4/21 notice half of my order out of stock. Asked for refund. 5/21. PayPal and Bank have entered dispute. Jujumod replies in Chinese. I will get my money back. DO NO BUY FROM SITE..SCAM

  24. This site is a total scam. Not only do they not respond to inquiries about your order, once you begin to threaten them with legal action they start by responding with nothing but lies and by giving you the run around with bogus information and bogus tracking numbers. I am thinking about filing a class action law suit against them. How many people would be interested in joining in on it?
    Even though they insist now that they have sent the products, I no longer trust that the products would be safe to use because if they will continue to lie about shipping the order what would stop them from lying about the credibility of their products?

  25. Joke of a company complete scam. Cancelled my order well before they shipped it but they still charged and sent me the product anyways. After receiving it and it was broken I contacted them repeatedly about getting a refund with no response. Finally got a response and they tell me to much time has passed and there is nothing they can do.

    Garbage company stay clear of them nothing at all good about them complete scam.

  26. SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM. Do not buy anything from these fools. Been dealing with them since April. Everything online is a lie they will not respond to you u til after their return policy is up. I canceled my order prior to shipping and they still sent and charged me. They would not give me a return location either. One of the most dishonest companies ever.

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