6 Different Types of Refrigerators for your Kitchen Space

Full Information Refrigerators for your Kitchen Space

Refrigerators keep your food fresh for a long time. We all know that. But did we also know how many different options you have when you decide to upgrade your, or rather buy a new one? If you are unsure about that, nothing to worry about. In this article, we are addressing just that. We will also guide you on how you can choose the refrigerator that best suits your needs. 

To begin with, let us see what are the different types of refrigerators.

  1. Single door
  2. Top freezer
  3. Bottom freezer
  4. Side by side
  5. French style
  6. Under cabinet

6 Types of Refrigerators 

  • Single door

Single door refrigerator has, as the name suggests, one door which houses the fresh food section and the freezer all within itself. Usually, the freezer is at the top and has an additional plastic door from inside. This door keeps it separate from the rest of the refrigerator. Thus, when you open the door, the freezer is still unexposed, and you can open the freezer when you need to pick something from there. Some of the best brands for refrigerators include LG, Samsung, Whirlpool and more where you can also buy a single door refrigerator from.

This type of fridge also has sections in the door itself where you can store all things that come in small packages like butter, cheese, spices, beverages etc. It has a handle that is tightly attached to the door. Most refrigerators also have an auto-shut feature which means the door closes itself even if you don’t. If this is something you are serious about, you should particularly look for the feature while shopping. 

  • Top freezer

When the freezer is at the top anyways and is detached from the rest of the body, why does it need to be in one compartment like a single door fridge? Guess what! It doesn’t! With top freezer refrigerators, the freezer is completely separated from the refrigerator body and is stationed at the top. It also has a separate door. This offers more freezer space. 

You can also use the inside of the door to store frozen meat, food etc as this door is not shared by the refrigerator and only belongs to the freezer section. Such a refrigerator is usually mid-range. A little higher in terms of price than the single door but probably lesser than the other refrigerators we are going to cover below. 

  • Bottom freezer

This is exactly the same type of refrigerator as the top freezer except the freezer is at the bottom and the refrigerator is at the top. Both the doors open in the same format that is from left to right. This makes the fresh food easy to access along with giving a classic refrigerator look to your fridge. These are slightly around the same price as some top door refrigerators, or slightly on the higher side. 

  • Side by side

A side by side door has the freezer and the fresh items section at the sides. This means a full-length size for the freezer section with half the door of the entire fridge. The bigger freezer is one of the biggest advantages for a side by the side door. It is also easy to access as you can prioritise the items you want in the fresh food and frozen sections both by placing them accordingly. You get the best of both worlds from the top and bottom refrigerators with this type. Clearly, it’s pricier than the two.

  • French door style

It is a combination of the side by side and the bottom type refrigerators, the freezer is at the bottom and there are two doors to the fresh items section at the top. This provides more space to both the sections and these types of refrigerators are usually bigger in size. Teh bottom freezer has a pulling door. It’s best for big families and for those who don’t mind buying a fridge on the higher side.

  • Under counter refrigerator

These usually do not have a freezer and are only meant to store fresh items. This can be seamlessly installed with cabinets and has only one door. Most under-counter refrigerators have a temperature control setting. This means you can optimise the temperature as per your requirements. 

Now that you know the types of fridges, let us see how you should choose one for yourself. 

  • Kitchen size

The size of your kitchen plays an important role in selecting the refrigerator. Big apartments have big kitchens. Thus a French style refrigerator or side by side one would be suitable. But if you have a smaller kitchen, then a single door refrigerator is the best for you. For limited spaces consider choosing the cabinet style of refrigerator. All other sizes can easily accommodate a top or bottom style refrigerator inside your kitchen.

  • Cost

The cost is also a crucial factor in deciding which refrigerator you should get. Again, the single door and the cabinet refrigerators are optimum choices if you are on a budget. But if you don’t mind going all the way with your budget, go for a french style fridge. Everyone else can either have a top or bottom style refrigerator depending on your preference. 

  • Usage

Do you eat frozen food a lot? Or you are someone for whom freshness of the food is important? I know some friends who freeze food for the entire week and store it in the freezer. If you have a similar requirement, then going for a fridge with a bigger freezer compartment may work for you. Side by side, French are great options in is this case. 

If fresh food is your priority and you cook as you eat and store items like veggies and fruits in the fridge that need to be kept fresh, then a bottom style fridge is for you as you have easy access to fresh food. If you are ready to invest in a fridge for solely storing alcohol and other drinks, you can choose an under the cabinet fridge. They are not only easy to use but also look stylish.

So does that help you understand what are your options are when you are refrigerator shopping? If you have any further questions let us know by committing below.

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