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Kitchenroxy Website Review [June] Should Anyone Order?

Kitchenroxy Website

Kitchenroxy Website Review [June] Should Anyone Order? -> In this article, you can understand if the site is fake or not.

What site can make it possible for the populace to get kitchen tools online by a single click? There is a website named, which makes it easy for clients to go through kitchen appliances options.

Most of the homemakers fascinate the products that can ensure them safe food processing and cooking. Although there are a plethora of options when it comes to the best supply of materials that are connected to food processing, there is something new that can provide the best quality of the kitchen tools.

Kitchenroxy Website Review gives us knowledge about the functionality of this website in the United States. It is the one to sustain the assistance of buying from stand mixers to food processors.

This website helps us opt for the best equipments for brands Utopia, Artisan, Custom, etc.

Before moving ahead with the detailed specifications, pros, cons, and customer feedback on this website, let us have a gaze on what is?

What is

  • is an online shopping portal for purchasing fashion items, equipment, and tools at improbable prices.
  • This site also provides free shipping of products to most parts of the world.
  • is a global platform that ensures the best customer service.

What is so unique about

The website of providing kitchen appliances at our homes can give a defined look to fashion, especially in-home appliances. website equips us with distinct options of kitchen equipment like Stand mixers, coffee makers, kitchen and dining appliances, Barbeque stoves, and food processors. This can help us buy these tools depending on the popularity, cost, best-selling products, and flash sale products. 

Furthermore, this blog promises to give assurance of the best quality materials.

Is legit?

The online market of Kitchenroxy is capable of offering the latest products. In order to check the validation of the website, it is important to look for information precisely. Henceforth, this can be assistance for ensuring awareness regarding this online shopping company.

Let us have a sight of this blog before making any legitimate disclosure about the site.

Specifications of Kitchenroxy:

  • Product: Kitchen Tools
  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Parent Company: Kitchenroxy
  • Address: Not provided
  • Contact number: Not given
  • Delivery time: within 2-5 business days
  • Shipping fee: Free shipping
  • Exchange: Not mentioned
  • Returns: within 45 days of delivery
  • Refunds: not given
  • Mode of payment: VISA, PayPal, Mastercard, EMS, UPS, American Express

Pros of buying from Kitchenroxy:

  • Professional online shopping at incredible prices
  • Free shipping to most area in the world
  • Delivery of goods with speed and precision 
  • Secure and easy payment gateway
  • 10% discount code for the first order
  • Response to customer’ queries in a day

Cons of buying from Kitchenroxy:

  • Knowledge about mandatory policies such as Return policy is missing 
  • Lack of essential information such as an address, contact number, etc.
  • Absence on social media sites
  • products at very cheap prices or discount rates underrate the products’ quality
  • Absence of customer reviews on products.

Customer feedback on Kitchenroxy:

  1. Doubts regarding are occurred due to the lack of information regarding company details, address that is extremely important for a customer to know.
  2. High-quality assurance helps a lot of customers to build trust on the site to look for the assured products on the site.
  3. Returns and exchanges get noticed while making an online purchase of fashion, toys, appliances, etc. but these are not given much attention when it comes to providing the best customer’ service.
  4. However, the facility of tracking products on this site can help customers rely on this blog as this can easily track products.
  5. Overall, Kitchenroxy has collected negative reviews from the customers due to the underrating of products at a very cheap cost that makes customers vulnerable to do online shopping on this site.

Final Verdict:

This site does not seem to fulfill the requirements of a valid site because it does not provide the most informative details on it.

Moving ahead with the options that are still worthful to look for, there are many out of which,, and many more are operating and working well.

The authenticity of this website cannot be made with such feedback of customers and after having a closer look at this blog.

So, most probably, this website can be seen as a fake site as it does not share its prominent details to its consumers to ensure its trust in others.

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  1. It seems to be a fraud website. It is a scam. You cannot cancel your order once placed. Amount getting deducted from your bank is almost 10 times what you see in your cart. Don’t go for it.

    1. Kitchenroxy is scam. Dont purchase. They deducted huge amt frm my account also. They deduct money for things in the cart also

  2. I ordered a kitchenaid mixer on 6/14, the cost was 49.99, I do not have a charge from my account for that amount, but there is a charge for $79. It appears it comes from China. If this is the case, I would like to be advised, and also, why is the pull from my account more than the $49.99? I will appreciate a response ASAP, my bank is asking for this information also, determining if this is a fraud activity. thank you

  3. Kitchenroxy is purchase is only IDR151,848i pay with credit card .but i was shock when my credit card was debet CNY 697,92 or equivalent IDR 1,494,500

  4. Kitchenroxy is scam. Dont purchase. They deducted huge amt frm my account also. They deduct money for things in the cart also

    1. I too ordered from this company. It’s going on 12 weeks ago. I have not received my order. I did send an email last week and also today. Waiting for a response. Don’t buy from them. Really sucks. If it seems to real to be true it probably is. Going now to clean out my bank account. Uggh.

  5. They charge my credit card over $180 and still didn’t get my order yet originally my order was only $9 this is really scam to the people please don’t go there. I order on may still waiting.

  6. Yes it is a SCAM! I ordered May 24 for $12,
    a standmixer and glass containers and they deducted $96 in my credit card! I sent them an email but they have auto response. I kept on tracking my order but seems like it returned to vietnam due to failed quarantine inspection! I dont know how to get my money back!

  7. I ordered last May 22, 2020 until now the items not delivered they deducted 290aed. almost 2 months already. 😡😡😡

  8. I also ordered on May 21 from this company…..They deducted huge amt from my account also….. I have not received my order till date….. I send an email as well….But still waiting for a response….. Don’t buy from them…..

  9. did you do a follow up on your orders? they did the same to me. I purchased what was advertised for $9.99 last May 28 but they charged me for $99.99 and yet I still didn’t receive my order until now. 🙁

  10. Yes, it is a scam. I have purchased my item on the 15th May 2020 for US$9.99, they took AUD$142.90 out of my account and never replied to my emails except to say that they are in a receivership, bankrupt. I had to get my bank involved and they paid me back after a lots of hassle, had to prove all of my correspondence I had with the company, but finally I got my money back. DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY!!! I tried to look them up, but their website won’t open anymore.

  11. Has anyone actually received the items?? A while back it said that it was waiting for custom clearing and what not. And i just checked the website again and now the website is down completely..

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