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Qanon Website (August 2020) Check The Website Working! >> This post will tell you about a conspiracy theory that has gained some popularity. Please read the details now.

There are a lot of conspiracy theories on the internet that have gained a significant amount of popularity. They are often a topic of discussion among people. One of these conspiracy theories recently made their way into American politics, where the current president Donald Trump addressed it. This conspiracy theory is the Qanon conspiracy. Soon after that, it became viral, and Qanon Website became a trending search on the internet. 

This theory is said to be baseless and is said to hold no weight. But this soon became a topic of concern after Trump directed praise towards the believers of this theory calling them patriots. 

According to Qanon, this theory is applicable Worldwide, and not limited to a single country. Keep reading this article as we’re going to tell you everything about this theory and the events that took place.

A Few Words about Qanon?

Qanon is one of the several conspiracy theories that have made its way into mainstream media and politics from the internet. It has become a topic of discussion. Qanon Website became a trending topic on social media platforms.

According to this theory, the world is run by a cabal of Satan-worshipping democrats, billionaires, and Hollywood celebrities Worldwide who engage in activities like human trafficking, pedophilia, and abusing children. The theory itself is baseless and is said to be the culmination of unnecessary internet chatter. 

The followers of this theory believe that Trump is carrying on a war against these people to expose them. This theory has listed some of the most influential people as villains. Donald Trump also praises Qanon believers instead of debunking this theory entirely.

How did Qanon become so popular? 

There are several reasons for the popularity of this conspiracy theory. Qanon Website has been searched heavily on the internet after the popularization of this theory. Let’s take a look at the reasons for its popularity:

  • It initially started as an internet theory that has been a topic of discussion on online forums for several years.
  • It started in October 2017 when a user “Q” posted that Hillary Clinton’s arrest was imminent, giving several reasons.
  • However, the recent pandemic and the unrest in society have made this theory popular.
  • It was soon assumed that “Q” is a top-rank government insider, and his followers were called anons.
  • Qanon followers call Donald Trump a messiah who’s going to wage war against these cabal people who supposedly run the world.
  • Several celebrities from Tom Hanks, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, and Pope Francis have been called villains.
  • The theory gained more traction when President Trump supported its followers instead of debunking this theory.

Final Verdict

If you have been on the internet or social media platforms for the past few days, you must have noticed terms like Qanon Website going around. 

This conspiracy theory may have gained popularity and support, but it’s entirely baseless like countless other similar theories.

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