Anderson Cooper My Pillow {August} Get Deep Information!

Anderson Cooper My Pillow 2020

Anderson Cooper My Pillow {August} Get Deep Information! >> The above article is about Anderson Cooper’s reaction to the company ‘My Pillow’.

There was an interview with Anderson Cooper with the CEO of My Pillow, whose name is Mike Lindell. This interview was aired on CNN, and the interview instantly gained immense popularity among places such as United States, Canada etc.

The interview made terms like Anderson Cooper My Pillow trend on social media all day long.

If you wish to know further about, then this article is for you to understand.

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What happened in Anderson Cooper Interview?

The interview of Anderson Cooper on CNN got viral after Mike Lindell talked about Oleandrin that he claimed to be a miraculous drug. He talked about how the drug has been miraculous in curing Covid. Mike Lindell told how this drug had been tested on thousands of people.

But Anderson Cooper didn’t take it lightly. He asked Mike Lindell of the tests that have been made. But Mike Lindell had no response to that.

There has been a lot of Mike Lindell Bashing done by Anderson Cooper in noted during Anderson Cooper My Pillow which Anderson Cooper even called him a ‘snake oil salesman from the West’. Anderson Cooper even asked Mike Lindell on how he was able to sleep at night.

In a heated response, Mike Lindell asked Anderson Cooper on why he would ever sell a product that doesn’t work to which Anderson Cooper just answered with one word, ‘Money’

Lindell was questioned on how he could sell something hailing it as a cure for Covid-19 when there is no proof of it doing so.

How does Oleandrin function?

Oleandrin is an extract from the plant Nerium oleander. It is pitched as a treatment for corona virus by Mike Lindell.

You will be astonished to know that President Donald Trump might also have subtly hinted of Oleandrin. He says that they are close to medicine.

All of this excited the Anderson Cooper My Pillow episode in the public eye.

Public Reviews:

This episode of the interview has amused people, and there has been a lot of Mike Lindell bashing done on social media.

It has garnered a lot of public interest from places like the United States, Canada etc.

An angry social media user stated that Mike Lindell shouldn’t be even allowed to sell pillows.

Final Verdict:

As per the various researchers, there have been no researches that will prove Oleandrin to be a medicine for Covid 19. Also, it can be a harmful drug to be taken. Though, in some cases, it is given as a supplement with proper medical prescription.

CNN spokesperson said that it could be dangerous, but then for people who are taking it as a supplement, there are lesser chances of this drug affecting them adversely. We hope that this information suffices to answer all your doubts regarding Oleandrin.

We would like to know your reaction on the Anderson Cooper My Pillow episode. Feel free to write to us in the comments section below.

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