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Prodstop Reviews [May 2020] Is it a Scam or Legit?

Prodstop Reviews [March 2020] Is it a Scam or Legit

Prodstop Reviews [May 2020] Is it a Scam or Legit? >> Read this review to know everything about the site, and then you can decide if you want to go ahead and buy products from this site.

With online shopping picking up fast among people, there are a number of companies which are going digital following the need of the hour. However, some of them are genuine and are thriving since years in this e-commerce business while others have flunked due to their duplicity and counterfeit tendencies.

Here, we are going to discuss ‘ is originated in the United States and a recently registered company.

What is

This website offers a mixed basket of goods ranging from vacuum cleaners, furniture, health and beauty, kitchen appliances, jewellery, luggage bags and toys. The website shows an unique feature that’s a ‘Prodstop Blog’. This blog basically talks about the brands that the company endorses and how renowned and reliable they are.

People would love to purchase products from such brands which have a strong footing in the consumer markets and would doubt little about the quality or price of the items.

However, there’s no ‘About Us’ section mentioned in, which is quite strange.

How does it work?

As a customer, you just need to order your product here and pay for it in advance using your credit card. There’s no COD(Cash on Delivery) option mentioned here.

Another interesting feature is you can find goods worth $0 and only with a shipping charge of $45 or so. This is exciting but how can any branded product cost nothing?

Well, if you are dissatisfied with your order, then you can return it to some unknown address, which isn’t revealed here.

Moreover, there are customer helpline numbers and e-mail described in the ‘Contact Us’ page, which are highlighted as not functional.

Which credible website does that? Being a new launch in the world of internet, must share a lot of external links to confirm it’s presence but it surely lacks any.

Who should buy from here? isn’t a niche company that sells just one type of goods or related products. The broad categories are unrelated and it seems like a casual buyer will only be interested in such a website.

The company details and owner(s) whereabouts are missing, so a conscious wide-eyed person will never indulge into shopping from such a site.

Is Prodstop legit or scam?

In many ways, this new website has failed to establish trust among the onlookers. Some of which, I have discussed above. Apart from that, if you analyze technically, well offering products at zero cost and with great unimaginable discounts, doesn’t assure that the products will be up to the mark.

A person will be thrilled to order from such a website, only to discover that nothing is delivered to him and his money is lost. There’s no link through which one can complain or register a grievance and be confident that his or her query will not go unanswered.

The images and products look enticing but remember that pictures can be copied. The prices and discounts can lead to unrealistic deals.

Such sites will never divulge their own details but will only sought the customer’s vital information. Do not fall for such inviting questions. Remember, once they get hold of your crucial data, nobody can stop them from exploiting your finances.

If is selling goods which belong to companies or brands that are reputed, then why not purchase the items from the mother company itself. It shows that acts as a middleman and being an intermediate business, it cannot offer such products for zero value.

The returns policy says that the goods are to be shipped in their packed condition and the shipping cost has to be borne by the customer. Several fraudulent companies do this. They are actually located in China but claim to be originated from somewhere else.  

When the products are to be returned to any address in China, it takes a hell lot of a delivery charge than the actual cost of the product. This price has to be paid by the customers, which is disgusting.

Conclusion is not the only website for which you have to be skeptical. You will find several such scam sites which aim at making money overnight by luring online visitors through huge discounts and low prices.

One should be extremely careful here. Always try to propagate word about such new shopping portals. Collect information about them in your social media groups. If it seems to be a totally unknown company, then it’s better to wait and watch it’s growth over time and then invest.

You don’t have to wait too long. A month or so is enough. Do not forget to spread a word of caution among the ignorant.

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  1. This is definitely a scam. I was also scammed by these evil guys from china. I actually made two orders at the same time. I received just part of the items (3 of 10!), which were in a very poor quality. The company didn’t ever respond to my complaints by email (which is the only way to contact them). The best lesson I’ve learned from this experience was to first read online reviews and only after that to make any purchases... Please stay away from it and keep your money safe!

    1. How do you know that the product came from china? Was there an address from where your product came from?

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