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Mayesu Reviews [April] – Is This A Legit Store Or Scam?

Mayesu Reviews [March] - Is This A Legit Store Or Scam

Mayesu Reviews [April] – Is This A Legit Store Or Scam? >> Answer exists in this review post. You must read our post before placing any order over this website.

The world is growing extremely fast, and online markets are making our life easy and accessible. Things can be ordered online with complete payment or by EMI. Online marketing companies are trying to create a globally available and easily maintainable market for people to easy the needs and supply the demanded. Many small-scale and large-scale markets have emerged in recent times in this era of technological advancements. People who shop online for electronics and other costly things still trust their instincts to figure out if the product is genuine. This is extremely problematic. Every person who has shopped online in his life ever is conned in some way or the other. Some receive faulty products; some make a transaction online and incur subsequent deductions from bank accounts. The problems are not deductions due to ordering the product. It is the use of banking details by hoax websites to scam money.

Though over time, people have learnt which websites to trust and what things to order online to be safe, this is still not convincing. But, some websites have a customer base complaining about their problematic products and no actions being taken against them. Mayesu is one of them.

What is Mayesu?

Mayesu is the United States-based online shopping destination for locals that sell outfits, luggage, and shoes, etc. It specializes in watches with the availability of brands like Casio, Tommy Hilfiger, and Diesel, etc. However, Mayesu reviews also suggest that the company is not strict with its policies, and that is causing trouble to many customers who tried to return any bought product.

What are the policies of Mayesu?

The company claims to have a vision of a better and more easily accessible world. It promises to deliver on time and claims genuine help from customer care executives even after the delivery. It claims to stick to a strict protocol of company policies and not violate them in any conditions. It has a dedicated workforce and is a source of earning too many companies. But, the problem is with the management of the company. Most of the website’s content is clearly unethically copied from other similar websites. The referendum of the company isn’t strongly followed, and that is a problem.

 Reports and analysis of :

  • It is protected from middlemen by SSL, as it is noted by ‘https’ coding.
  • No suspicious coding language was used while creating the website or even while using the website.
  • Though it promises easy returns and a 100% satisfaction guarantee, they don’t possess any phone number or e-mail address for customer feedback or help.
  • The company website is founded on 17th January 2020, which is extremely new. Most of the new websites are a hoax. It has been proven by web decryption specialists but, let this not be the valid ground for terming it as a scam.
  • The number of click baits, advertising, and reviews found about the website is abnormally low, and here is a significant concern. A newly established company would always want to shoot up to fame. Avoiding the limelight is a matter of concern as darkness hides the deepest secrets of the company.
  • It has no official address, and if a product is to be returned, it has to be sent to CHINA, where the shipping cost is more than that of the value of the product.

Final Verdict

The website looks like other ghost websites. Perhaps, it is scamming customers under different names. After analyzing available customer-given recent reviews, we would recommend not using this website as it might have devastating consequences. People have reported that the payment gateway isn’t protected, and money has been stolen. Some people receive what they ordered but also not genuine, and others don’t even receive any products after ordering them. 

Well, that was our review about this online store. You might have ordered anything from this place. If yes, then please share your experience in comments. That will be really helpful to decide about this online store. 

This post was based on our findings and reviews shared by its consumers. We are leaving the final decision over our readers. In case, you have something to share about ordering from this website, do comment about that and also about our review post.

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  1. Hi I’m krystal and I was online googling for portable washing machine and I had found one that I like I click on the picture that said mayesu that was $16.90 it was a RCA 3.0 cu ft Portable washer, white and I never got a tracking number or nothing my portable washer has shown up smh AND I had put in the order on MARCH 24,2020 and till now I havent received nothing…… that is so bad

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