Poco f2 Pro Launch Date in India -> Are you excited?

Poco f2 Pro Launch Date in India 2020

Poco f2 Pro Launch Date in India -> Are you excited? :–> Here, get to know about the launch date of POCO F2 Pro in India and the specifications of a new POCO series smartphone.

Have you been waiting for the new Poco phone? The wait will soon be over. POCO F2 Pro will soon launch in India.

A lot of smartphones are launched into the market every year, and most of them have the same features even if they are related to processor or GPU. There are only a few companies who try hard to bring the latest updates and exciting new features with every new smartphone they launch. They don’t miss any chance to delight their consumers, and Xiaomi is one of them.

poco f2 pro price in india is expected to be between 35 to 40,000, and the launch date will be around 19 June 2020.

As the internet says the company as well as the consumers, both are highly excited to see the firsthand experience of this smartphone.

POCO F2 pro was about to launch earlier according to the company and few tech gurus, but due to the pandemic situation, the launch has been postponed in India till June.

Will poco f2 be worth the price?

If we see, then Xiaomi has already launched smartphones that were way too expensive and cost around One Plus and Google Pixel price range. POCO F2 Pro is an expensive one from the POCO series.

The phone is serving a lot many options and features that are unique for Redmi phones, but in the same budget, you can buy smartphones from other companies that give you additional specifications as well.

Specifications of poco f2 pro:-

  • Processor:- 856 Qualcomm, 585 octa – core, Supported with 5G
  • Display:- 6.67″ (2400×1080 FHD+)
  • Storage:- 8GB + 256GB variant; 6GB + 128GB variant
  • Rear camera:- Quad rear camera of 64MP + 13MP + 5MP + 2MP
  • 64MP is high-resolution main camera
  • Front camera:- Pop-up camera of 20MP supports 120fps front slow motion
  • Security:- In-screen fingerprint sensor
  • Battery:- 4,700mAh battery
  • Charging:- Wired fast charging of 30W, USB Type-C cable
  • System:- MIUI for POCO based on Android version 10
  • Audio:- 3.5mm headphone jack
  • Cooling system:- 2.0 LiquidCool Technology Network:- Dual SIM standby, Wi-Fi 6, 5G MutliLink
  • Color:- Cyber Grey, Neon Blue, Phantom White, Electric Purple including Anti-glare, matte finish in purple and grey color variant
  • Connection:- IR blaster and Multifunction NFC

Advantages of buying POCO F2 Pro:-

  • The power of the quad-core camera results in splendid camera quality, which can be compared with DSLR camera quality.
  • The flagship processor of this smartphone gives it a lighting fast speed to perform any task.
  • The incredible fast charging technology gives a charging boost to 100% in just 63 mins.
  • It supports 5G internet, so whenever 5G is launched in India no need to change your 4G phone.

Disadvantages of buying POCO F2 Pro:

  • Price range is expensive
  • May not support a high capacity memory card
  • Pop up camera seems an odd addition.

Are customers ready to book the new POCO F2 Pro?

If we see the appreciation that earlier Xiaomi and POCO models have received, then it is evident that the excitement of buying this model too is equal. People are curious to get the device in hands as quickly as they can.

Launching of this phone is much awaited in India, and it can be concluded that to-be buyers are more than excited to use this model by Xiaomi. There are various other phones under the same budget that will serve you much better than this model.

Let us see if customers appreciate this model like other models or not. The wait for the launch is still going on, and we hope that the phone will be launched soon.


Mi gets all the phones pre-booked as soon as the booking is announced. There is always a lot of excitement whenever a new phone is about to get released.

The same has happened with POCO F2 too. Earlier POCO models were appreciated and loved by the buyers. It seems that people are equally waiting for the new smartphone to release soon.

The specifications do show that the phone is going to be excellent in many areas, but it will lack in some too. The price range seems a little expensive because a lot more advanced features are offered by other phone companies in the same budget.

It will now depend on you if you want to buy the POCO F2 model or not.

Do tell us in the comments about your thoughts on the same.

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