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Bluesianas Com Reviews (May) Worth or Waste of Money!


Bluesianas Com Reviews (May) Worth or Waste of Money! >> In this article, you get to know about the virtual shopping site for home decor and essentials.

Bluesianas Com Reviews: Have you been looking for a site for the items you require while setting your home? Finding a home for yourself and your family is a blessing. Decorating or having set-up the house is also essential and exciting. But to find the place where it is readily available at an impressive price is tough.

The website Bluesianas com is a place where all the items related to decorating a house is readily available, and the best part is that it is also cost-effective. The website is old, and people are raving about it, which gives us several questions, and you will get all the answers to those questions in this article, so keep on reading.

What is Bluesianas com?

The Bluesianas com website sells unique, functional, and designer items related to home decorating and setting-up it. The site has gained popularity because of various features and added benefits, and customers from the United States are very impressed by it.

The website has options to choose from, like baby car seaters, blenders, microwaves, digital multi-media receiver, gamepads, hair stylers, multi-cookers, refrigerators, security cameras, video games, coffee makers, accent chairs, and many more.

The website usually goes with lots of ongoing offers all the time, which is very exciting and also cost-cutting. The services of this is very commendable and do have added benefits. The site has given enough information about it, and we are going to look at some specifications.

Specifications of Bluesianas com:

  • Website: It has unique items for home decor and functional elements while setting the home up.
  • The website offers free shipping on all orders.
  • The website has 30 days return policy.
  • The customer service is available 24/7 at
  • To contact via phone: (609) 316-0978.
  • The company’s address is 1 Mulberry Ct, Lumberton, NJ 08048.
  • The delivery time is 2-5 business days.
  • The social pages of this website are available on Face book, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Telegram.
  • The shipping systems used by the site are DHL, UPS, FedEx, etc.
  • Modes of payments are VISA, PayPal, MasterCard, American Express, and Maestro.

Is Bluesianas com worthy?

Bluesianas Com Reviews say the site is free from any possible frauds and signs of suspicious activities as it are payment protected. The website claims satisfaction guarantee and also offers various additional benefits. The site also has famous brands like Amazon.

The site has excellent product descriptions, and it also has a fast delivery. The pricing of the products is very cost-cutting because of all-season offers. Payment methods will be convenient for most of us. The site is legit, and after evaluating everything, this site is worthy of your time and money.

Positive remarks of Bluesianas com:

  • The products have reasonable pricing.
  • Free shipping on all orders.
  • Different modes of online payments are also available here.
  • The website has given enough information about its whereabouts.
  • The site has well-explained product descriptions.
  • The site has a wide range of items.
  • The customer’s service is 24/7 available.
  • The site has excellent customer reviews.
  • The return policy and satisfaction guarantee is commendable.
  • McAfee well protects the website.

Negative remarks of Bluesianas com:

  • The website has minimal areas where they deliver the products.
  • There are no offline modes of payments available.
  • The website has some maintenance problems.

What are people saying about Bluesianas com?

The website proudly showcases the customer’s reviews, and the reviews are most pleasing. The customers have complained that the services of this website are limited to some delivering regions. The delivery was fast and effective for many happy customers.

The customer service was beneficial for many customers. The product description was also very much praised. The prices and the quality was a complete package for most of the customers. Most of the reviews were on the positive side.

Final Notes:

Based on the Bluesianas Com Reviews, the website has very recommended by most of its customers. The pricing of the products and the premium and genuine quality of products is power-package to have. Different designer options are available on this site.

The website has awe-inspiring additional benefits like free shipping, return policy, etc. The site was helpful for many customers who were trying to set their homes or reinventing them. The shortcoming of the website is that the services are available in certain regions. In the end, the site is worth visiting to explore and buy.

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  1. is currently not McAfee secure. I checked with McAfee after ordering from the site, not hearing back, then UPS said they delivered but no package arrived. Waiting for response from “owner”…someone who collected from PayPal. Pretty sure there is some scam going on here.

    1. Biggest scam ever. Ordered an Amazon Fire Stick for 19.99 and paid with PayPal. Received UPS tracking number and tracking number said item was delivered 3 days after item was ordered and received by Brown. Never received product and no one lives at my address with the name Brown. Filed claim with PayPal but was denied because UPS tracking said item delivered. Have tried to contact seller by phone and email and no response. PayPal is worthless so don’t think you will get your money returned by PayPal. This is a scam and you will never receive the item but get charged for it and you can not recover your money

  2. IT’S A FRAUD!!!
    I have not received my Product (Microsoft – Wireless Controller for Xbox One and Windows 10 – Gray/Blue).
    They only accept PayPal payments (which I thought wasn’t a big deal, many websites just use PayPal.
    What I should have payed attention to was the Company name when I was paying via PayPal which was “gamblesolis6398225”
    I was given a Tracking number from the seller with this email “” attached.
    I was told from UPS the it was Delivered, but my Information was not associated with that tracing number, That I was given the wrong tracking number which makes me wonder what UPS delivered… 10lbs of rocks??
    The phone number on the site is a Google number which constantly says they can’t be reached. and their Contact Us page don’t work. I haven’t received any replies from the above email at all. PayPal is now conducting their investigation. Its sad that scammers are everywhere nowadays

    1. THIS IS A SCAM. Ordered XBOX controller, they somehow falsify tracking but the package never shows up, fake google number and all contact forms don’t work. Please change this review this site is a complete scam.

    2. Good afternoon, when did you order your controller. Because I bought the same one and it’s been 4 days.

    3. VERY TURE! Site 100% Scam!! Ordered 4 controllers. Same exact response. Nothing and to wrong person and address. Positive prob a pile of dog crap in box anyway after not being able to get ahold of Company in any way. Papyal said tough luck. Was delivered to an address 🙁 I do not take theft lightly and will pursue these scumbags until they are behind bars!!

  3. I ordered a fire stick 10 days ago they don’t answer the phone don’t trust them f coffas 7168129361

  4. That’s so weird!! I ordered from a company called “Vansona” and The SAME thing happened! Ups said they delivered it but I never received it!

  5. Hello as of today, have you not received the control?? I ask because I just placed an order on friday and no one can give me an answer of when is being delivered. I ordered the exact same thing, so now I am a little concern.

  6. I have also been scammed out of $60 from this website. Funny is the PayPal email I have is different from the person above me. 100% scam scam scam. I hope PayPal refunds my money

  7. I had the same issue. I ordered 2 Xbox controllers on May 15, 2020. UPS tracking said the package was delivered but it was not my name or address on the shipping label despite receiving a confirmation email with my name and address as the shipping info. I filed a dispute with PayPal and am waiting for the result.

  8. This website is a scam, they use UPS and ship the an empty box somewhere in your city with a different name. They will provide paypal with that tracking number so it shows as delivered. UPS will not help you since the package doesn’t go to your address and it is not even sent to your name. Paypal will side with the seller on the dispute since the tracking shows it was delivered and you can’t any information showing you didn’t get the package. UPS suck, Paypal Sucks and the scammers at Bluesianas suck.

    If you wanna throw away your money buy something here….

  9. I have also been scammed by this company after ordering 3 controllers they provided an email address with their tracking information via paypal. Email is and no answer from the company email or that email address i called ups and was told the tracking information was for a different consumer in a different address DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM i am filing a claim with paypal now.


  11. Same thing happened to me as “Drew” above although I used a credit card through the Pay-Pal site. A similar bogus gmail seller confirmed the purchase along with a couple Blue Sianas emails. TODAY I received an email shipping notice (with UPS tracking info) from the gmail seller that that package was delivered to my house YESTERDAY ! Odd form of next day shipping communication. I happened to be working on my front porch at the time of the supposed delivery. The package (that wasn’t) was also 30lbs heavier than what I ordered according to UPS tracking info.

    No response from gmail seller. No response from Blue Sianas when questioning the order status days prior via email. No one answering the phone as indicated above.
    No help from UPS. Reported as fraud to my credit card company. Can’t believe UPS and Pay-Pal aren’t looking deep into this. Go get em Karma.

  12. FRAUD ALERT! Everything Drew stated above is true. Happened to me also. Ordered Roku Stick+ 4K UHD HDR Media Streamer with Voice Search. Paid via PayPal to Sends me a UPS tracking number on 5/23. Search tracking number on UPS and says it was delivered om 5/22. How does that work! Scammer! Never received anything! Phone number has a recording and no reply to email. Initiating PayPal claim.

  13. SCAM. SCAM. SCAM. I ordered from this site by PayPal. Never received an order confirmation from them. I did receive a tracking number from PayPal. The tracking number was delivered but was not addressed to me or my address. I tried contacting the seller. No response to my emails and the phone number listed says they can’t be reached at this time. PayPal refuses to refund due to tracking number shows it was delivered not caring that I proved it was not delivered to me or v my address. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY AND THINK TWICE WITH PAYPAL. They don’t care.

  14. I bought an amazon firestick for 30.00 and the exact same thing happened to me. I’ve tried everything and nothing can be done. Just when I start to have faith in humanity this happened. Unbelievable!!!!!!

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