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Pisemn Reviews [July] – Another Scam or Legit site?

Pisemn Reviews

Pisemn Reviews [July] – Another Scam or Legit site? -> This post gives all the detailed information about the new webstore, launched to sell kids playing stuff.

Want to buy swing sets or playhouses for your kids? A new webstore in on the web, known as, selling playhouses, swing sets, water park sets, and sidewinder falls. Before jumping into the shopping spree for your kid, first, know the Pisemn Reviews here in this post. We have researched the new e-store to provide you all the required details.

A trust factor is crucial among the customers of a new website that is not much popular on the web. To develop that trust, they need to analyze the site correctly and then proceed to spend their money online. Hence, we will provide you with all the aspects of this United States website that is entirely new.

To know all about the new webstore, keep reading further, for your benefit.

What is is a new webstore that sells kids stuff like swing sets, playhouses, inflatable waterpark sets, sidewinder falls, and inflatable slides. The price range is quite reasonable for all the items. The shipping fee is zero, and the delivery time taken is around 3 to 7 days. The returns are accepted within seven days, subject to many rules and regulations (given in the refund policy).

The website from the United States does not provide you with a contact address or phone number. An email Id is available for the customers to contact. The payment modes include PayPal and other credit cards.


  • Website type – Online Seller of Kids Outdoor Playing 
  • Website Country – United States
  • Shipping – Zero fee
  • Returns – Accepted within seven days
  • Contact address – Not available
  • Phone number – Not available
  • Email Id –
  • Payment modes –Visa, Mastercard, PayPal and other credit cards
  • Social media – Nil presence

Pros of

  • The website has a range of playhouses and other kids’ stuff.
  • The shipping is free.

Cons of

  • The website age is quite less (it is 30 days old)
  • The return policy is complicated.
  • Information about themselves is unclear.
  • No contact address and phone number are available on the website.
  • There is no presence on social media platforms.

Is Pisemn Legit?

The website is an extremely young website that got launched only thirty days ago. It is not at all recognized on the web and shows its unpopularity. We need to know Is Pisemn Legit, before trusting it for buying purposes. The newness of the site can benefit from doubt, but the absence of owner information and other details makes it a suspicious website.

The website sells kids playing stuff that is in a price range which anyone can afford. But such sites cannot be trusted entirely due to their refund policies that look highly complicated. The points given in the system hinder the customer in making a return, and hence losing his money.

The information in the About Us section is quite unclear and shows how unprofessional the makers are. That is the reason we are providing you with Pisemn Reviews here for judging the site accurately. There is no presence on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and others. That shows for its unpopularity again.

What Are Customers Saying about

The customers give positive feedback only when they are happy or satisfied with the product they received. To provide you with accurate information and feedback, we researched Pisemn Reviews on the web and found none. There is no feedback on the entire internet and not even on reviewing sites like WebOfTrust or Trust Pilot.

There is no customer strength of the webstore, and hence no reviews available for others to judge this kids’ e-store. There is no feedback even on social media sites, and that shows how unpopular the webstore is on the web. That also indicates that no one is buying the kids’ stuff on this website.

The Final Verdict

In the end, we can conclude that the new webstore is highly unpopular and not recognized. There is no customer presence detected, and no association with social media is available. The website looks quite unprofessional and has a lot of hidden information.

All the pros and cons make it a suspicious website that can be a possible scam. We could not find any legitimacy about the site and hence warn the new buyers to be wary and avoid this newly launched webstore for buying stuff for their kids.

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