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Lovekeys Net Review [July] Know its Legitimacy Here!

Lovekeys Net Reviews 2020

Lovekeys Net Review [July] Know its Legitimacy Here! -> The article gives an unprejudiced viewpoint on a newly launched online site that sells eight random products.

Isn’t it a natural tendency to get attracted to something that saves your time and money? Online shopping is just that. What if an e-store sells eight different types of products under its name? All the better, isn’t it?

Lovekeys Net is one such store that is trying hard to gain acceptance worldwide, mainly in the United States.

It is a relatively new store. Therefore, one must read the following Lovekeys Net Review that tells Is Lovekeys Net Legit or not?

What is Lovekeys Net? 

Lovekeys Net sells eight items under the categories Best Goods and Hot Sales. One can buy a portable liquid turbopump, cat litter trapper, door-step hook for vehicles, remote control, and LED strip. 

A 3D paint moonlight lamp, carry caddy and beam laser level are other items that are found on their e-shop.

These offhand products come at reasonable prices and good descriptions about how to use them.

Specifications of Lovekeys Net:

  • Products- An assortment of 8 products
  • Website-
  • Address- Not given
  • Email-
  • Contact- Not given
  • Processing time- 2 to 3 business days from order date
  • Shipping fee- Free for delivery over $50
  • Exchanges- Not clear
  • Returns- within 45 days of receiving the order 
  • Refunds- Within 7 to 10 business days after order cancellation or receiving the returned item
  • Mode of payment- Online through major credit cards such as Mastercard, Visa card, American Express, or Discover, and PayPal 

 Is Lovekeys Net Legit?

That’s indeed an important question. 

On browsing through their website, one finds that their “About Us” page is very generic. It tells nothing about the products that the store claims to sell.  The information provided is a copy-paste from other fraudulent sites.

Another thing that strikes us about Lovekeys Net is their merchandise. They sell very mismatched products that cannot be categorized under specific categories. 

Even after thorough exploration, we couldn’t find any connection between a remote control, a carry caddy, or a litter trapper.

No mention of a physical address or phone number on their website is another cause of concern. 

Why would a genuine company hide such crucial details?

Also, their FAQ and Return Policy seem to be very informative on the surface. However, on scrutiny, one finds that they provide two different return time-frames under these sections.

Under FAQ’s they claim to accept returns within 30 days.

On the other hand, their Return Policy says that returns can be done within 45 days.

Why would any reputable brand give such confusing details?

These sore points ring warning bells about this e-store. Therefore, it becomes imperative for us to probe into the legitimacy of Lovekeys Net for your benefit.

We have assembled information from various sources to compile Lovekeys Net Review.

Read this complete review to discover, “Is Lovekeys Net Legit or just another scam”?

Pros of Lovekeys Net:

  • Well-described products that are easy to use
  • They claim to have an easy checkout process.
  • They claim to provide 24/7 customer care service.
  • You can track your order.
  • They provide clear cut information through the FAQ section.
  • Their shipping and returns information is very precise 

Cons of Lovekeys Net:

  • Not many categories of products are available
  • Very erratic assortment of products
  • Free delivery available on only orders that are more than $50
  • Very recent website
  • You pay for any customs fee, taxes, or duties as per your country
  • You pay for shipment or any miscellaneous fee on return items 
  • You pay a cancellation fee of 30% of the total price if you cancel after your order has been placed 

What are people saying about Lovekeys Net?

Even after scouring the internet, we could not find a Lovekeys Net Review. This might be because the site shows its inception date as June 2020.

They have no social media presence, which is again a blemish on their cap.

Final verdict:

According to our meticulous Lovekeys Net Review, this eCommerce store is counterfeit.

It has many discrepancies that showcase it in very poor light.

Therefore, we strictly advise you to stay clear of Lovekeys Net. 

It is one of those scam sites that steal your money and personal information.

If you are still in doubt, we recommend that you wait till this e-shop establishes some devoted customer base.

We would love to know your shopping experience at Lovekeys Net.

Feel free to add your comments.

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  1. I ordered a floating water Pad/Mat on July 17th. On July 25th the information was sent to FedEx to create a shipping tag. I have been contacting Lovekeys thru support only to be told to be patient, they will contact me with shipping information when it is available. The swimming season comes to an end by Labor Day and we have heard no further updates. Its supposed to be shipped from California. We are so disappointed. I am going to protest the charge on my credit card .

    1. I will also protest the charge. I also ordered on 7/17 and have received nothing as of today, August 27. I have sent emails and receive stock replies about alerting their warehouse, etc.

  2. I bought a floating water mat from them in July, and still am not able to track my package or get an estimated date of arrival. I emailed their customer service 3 times, getting a generic response that “my order has shipped, please wait a few days for tracking info”. After almost a month I finally requested a refund, since they still cannot tell me a ship date, or estimated date of arrival. I paid thru PayPal, and will call them Monday. I assume I was scammed!

    1. I ordered a floating mat too and it took 7 weeks to arrive. I had emailed them several times. What arrived, was not what was advertised. I received a 15 1/2″ x 64″ mat Total joke. Was supposed to be for 3-6 adults. Contact your credit card company and file a dispute. You haven’t received anything yet. Good luck

  3. Ordered the floating Mats 7/20. Have emailed service – they say it shipped. They send shipping info that is phony multiple times. I asked to cancel and refund – they send another phony shipping label. Paypal dispute is ongoing, but no resolution or refund yet. Completely a scam.

  4. Good Luck. I also ordered a floating mat the 3-6 person one for $70 The one that I received was literally a yoga mat!!! I am having no luck with the customer service. They say they shipped the correct one. And offered me a $4 credit Hahaha this company is a rip off, i would def dispute your credit card. I think I am going to also.

  5. I bought two mats on July 26th and paid for expedited shipping. I’ve emailed back and forth non-stop with them. I did get a shipping notice 20 days ago, but it doesn’t acknowledge my home address and was supposedly shipped 20 days ago. They always tell me to be patient. I’m done. They are definitely a scam site.

  6. Did you get your money back via PayPal? I am in the same position. They told me to keep being patient. Well it came today. The mat that was for 6-8 people won’t even fit one my couch is wider. I’m going to report to PayPal.

  7. I bought a floating pool mat from them. When I got it two months later it was not what they advertised. The mat was 2′ by 1′. In the picture it looked a lot bigger and said it would hold 1-3 kids. This mat I got could not hold one kid. I contacted them by email. They finally got back a week later with ” we sent you what you order” . VERY VERY VERY Bad company . I would recommend that no one use this company.

  8. I actually received water mats that were described as 3-6 person mats and showed a picture of three children standing up on a mat in the water. Ships from China and took maybe 6 weeks. Junk I received was foam that was 15 inches wide and five feet long that in no way could even support one child standing on it in the water. Only truth was that it was green

  9. I bought a floating water pad in July 2020 – they charged me for three – finally got one today about 12 inches wide about 6 ft long definitely not what I ordered. Still fighting with Paypal to credit the other two now I want to return this one and the link on my order to the store no longer works. Filing a complaint with the BBB.

  10. I bought a floatng mat for 3 to 6 people this size is actually 18 inches x less than 6 feet. How can more than one person even be on it. They are telling me I got what I ordered and no returns. So I have a small thin mat that cost $69.00. Scammers big time!

  11. I ordered in July as well and just received it in time for fall. Is supposed to be big enough for 6 people but is about a foot and a half wide and is a piece of junk. The company refuses a refund. Im trying to dispute my order from PayPal. I fully intend on spreading this information as far and wide as I can.

  12. I ordered a floating mat as well. Still waiting finally received shipping information. The weight of the package is 3 pounds so my thought it is most likely a scam I ordered July 16th paid for expedited shipping and now here it is Sept 11 and still waiting says the package is in Kansas. I will write back when I actually receive what is in the box.

  13. THIS SITE IS A COMPLETE SCAM!! I ordered the floating mat as well and after 2 months, I got a 16″ x 24″ foam mat with a nylon cover on it. WTF am I supposed to do with that?

  14. I just received the mat I purchased in early July and paid for expedited shipping.
    I got the mat in a small box and it was very light.
    Not the mat I expected and I’m filing a complaint to the BBB!

  15. We also got scammed. I ordered 3-6 person mat and it ended up being 1 person mat at best. Emailed back and forth with them and they offered $3 refund at first then came back with a $4 refund. Unfortunately we all got nailed on this. I’m contacting the BBB and pay pal for what it’s worth.

  16. This place is bull &$@$. They stole my money and never shipped anything. They send me tracking once and it never got delivered. I asked for a refund several times and am always told wait a few days. Don’t buy you will get ripped off

  17. Same story here with the water mat! I am hoping to get reimbursed through PayPal! It’s so frustrating how they don’t even communicate and send a piece of junk likes it’s ok, three months later!! I really want my money back. They are probably making millions! This happened last year two with a nice clothing website that kept popping up. I was out $80. They claimed they shipped because they shipped only one item and didn’t itemize their shipping list… so many scams!!

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