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pest control Madison MS – According to a report, Madison is rated as the top city to settle down in Mississippi state. It has excellent educational institutes, medical facilities, transportation, and all the basic necessities to facilitate a comfortable lifestyle. 

However, one common problem in the city is that the residents suffer from frequent pest attacks. In addition to causing damage to your property and belongings, pests can affect your health as well. 

Professionals specializing in pest control Madison MS, can help you avoid health issues and property damages. When choosing pest control services, make sure you choose a reliable company. Industry experts provide comprehensive pest control services to not only rid your home of pests but also ensure it stays that way. 

However, pest control services aren’t cheap, so before you go ahead and hire one, it is important for you to know what kind of pest you’re dealing with in the first place. 

According to the EPA, cockroaches, termites, mosquitoes, bed bugs, rats, and other rodents are the most common types of pests found in the country. Termites, in particular, love the hot and humid conditions of places such as Madison. 

So, here are some easy ways to spot termite infestations in your Madison home: 

Signs of Termite Infestations 

  • You’ll notice signs of wood damage

If termites have infested your house, you will start noticing minor signs of wood damage. It may not be completely visible, because termites eat the wood beneath the surface. Externally, you may notice a hole the size of a needle in the wood. These are very difficult to spot, unless you know what you’re looking for. 

As they begin to cause damage to the wooden furniture and surfaces in the house, you notice powder-like substances on the floor or in the corners of your home. 

So, if you suspect a termite infestation, examine your old wooden furniture thoroughly for such small holes. If you do notice a hole, you should tap it with pressure to see if it produces a hollow sound. If it does, it may be an indication of a termite attack.

  • You’ll notice mounds on the floor or in your backyard

Not all kinds of termites live inside wood. There are some that are known for building mounds in backyards. Even though the mound may look small and non-threatening, it may be just one part of a much larger network of underground tunnels, which could be very dangerous for your property. 

Since termites live off wood, letting termites create such networks around your house is dangerous as they may begin to chew through to the building’s foundation, affecting its structural integrity. 

When you notice mounds on the floors of your house and the backyard, it may be a sign of termite infestation. The only way to determine the extent of the infestation is to call an expert in pest control in Madison, MS, to examine the area. 

  • You’ll Notice mud tubes on the walls

Termites usually build mud tubes as a way to safely travel between various places in and around the building without being detected. 

So, if you start noticing mud tubes, it may be an indication that a termite nest is nearby. If a nest is nearby, it won’t be long before you have an overblown termite infestation on your hands. 

Termites may build these mud tubes in your backyard too, as they look to get around without being detected by other insects and pests. So, whether you notice mud tubes in or outside the house, it may be time to call a pest control expert in Madison to examine the issue. 

Aside from these, if you spot a swarm of termites in your backyard, it may be wise to call experts specializing in pest control in Madison, MS, to examine your home and get rid of all the termites before they set up a nest. 

You may be able to find some DIY ways to kill termites, but only experts will have the expertise to accurately determine the full extent of the infestation. For instance, you may notice mud tubes on the walls and clear them out, but what if those tubes led to a termite nest somewhere else? 

Pest control specialists have years of experience dealing with various kinds of pests, and know how to locate and destroy the nest to ensure the situation is completely handled. 

They also have all the tools and equipment needed to effectively and safely get rid of all termites. Moreover, some pesticides may be expensive to acquire, and almost all are toxic in nature, so you should consider letting a professional handle the task.

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