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Perfectkitchen.is Reviews [May 2020] Is It Scam or Not?

Perfectkitchen.is Reviews 2020

Perfectkitchen.is Reviews [May 2020] Is It Scam or Not? -> This article will tell you everything about the website so that you can make a final buying decision.

How many of you shop almost everything online? Well, according to research, more than 60% of the people shop online. However, in the present situation, when people are afraid of the pandemic Covid-19, everyone is interested in buying things online to avoid physical contact and maintain social distancing. Kitchen appliances are also purchased online. 

If you have visited this website, you are interested in knowing Perfectkitchen.is Reviews. Reviews of a website help you in knowing if the site is legit or scam. There are many ways by which you can find out the authenticity of the website. But the best ways to look at the customer reviews and do some research on the company’s background. 

Perfect Kitchen is an online store which sells kitchen appliances at an affordable rate. The website is offering a massive discount on all the appliances due to the present situation. But you have to see if the site is legitimate or not. As many people in United State are shopping online, they have to make sure they don’t involve themselves into any scam. 

For this, let’s find out more about the website. 

What is Perfectkitchen.is? 

Perfectkitchen.is is an E-Commerce website that claims to sell kitchen appliances. Some of the highlighting products on the site include coffee maker, washing machine, microwave, food processor and so on. Apart from kitchen appliances, you will also find mobile accessories on the website. 

The feature which will draw your attention towards the website is the rate of appliances. All the appliances are available at an affordable price along with a 10% additional discount on first purchase. Moreover, shipping is free on all the orders. 


  • Website type: Kitchen Appliances, mobile accessories and games
  • Shipping time: 2-5 days
  • Company contact number: not given
  • Company e-mail address: service020@manyhnice.com
  • Refund: applicable
  • Return: applicable but only within 45 days
  • Return shipping charges: not applicable
  • Cancellation: It should be applied before the order is delivered. 
  • Payment options: Credit cards, Western Union and bank transfer 

Pros of Perfectkitchen.is

  • The website has an SSL certificate which means that your personal information and payment will be secured. 
  • The website is offering a 10% discount on first purchase. 
  • Variety of kitchen appliances, mobile accessories and games are available.
  • The price of all the products is reasonable. 
  • Shipping on all the orders is free.

Cons of Perfectkitchen.is

  • Products available on the website, including mobile accessories and games completely mismatch with the domain name. 
  • The website is not much popular and does not have any social media presence.
  • The website is too new to trust.
  • Nothing about the company background is mentioned on the website. It does not have any about us page, not the company address or phone number is given. 
  • Payment through debit card and cash on delivery mode is not acceptable.

Is Perfectkitchen.is legit? 

After looking at Perfectkitchen.is Reviews, it can be said that the website is not trustworthy. The overall interface of the website is not much attractive. Generally, the font size on the website is 11 or 12. But this site has managed website poorly which is visible on the homepage. 

Moreover, you will not find any information about the website on social media platforms. The trust index score of the site is just 2%. A website with much less trust index score shouldn’t be trusted. You should be careful before placing an order from the website because it does not have any cash on delivery option. 

What are customers saying about the website? 

There were only a few Perfectkitchen.is Reviews and the customers were not happy with the website. Few customers have revealed that the product they received was of poor quality whereas some customers didn’t receive the product after making the payment also. 

Customers have shown a thumb down to this website. Anything you buy from Perfectkitchen.is will be at your own risk. 

Final verdict

To recapitulate, after looking at Perfectkitchen.is Reviewsit has been finding out that this website is not much popular among the users. Also, a site that doesn’t have any social media presence cannot be trusted. The content available on the available is not impressive and has some grammatical errors. The website is not well maintained, and so it can be a scam. 

This is a crucial time when most of the people are facing financial constraints. So, you are advised to buy a product only from a legitimate website. 

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  1. This place takes your money an more then they are suppose to I agree for 49.00 an they took 97.20 out of my account they will not answer emails there is no phone number this place is nothing but a rip off do not buy from perfect kitchen.is

  2. I guess it was a good thing it wouldn’t accept my payment. It only gave me one way to pay and then it kept saying my brand new, 0 balance credit card was declined. It also wouldn’t let me have a separate billing address from my shipping address. I think its total BS and glad I did not finish my order.

  3. I tried to order with a visa and it told me I had to use MasterCard. I’m so happy I was being lazy and didn’t go get my MasterCard. Thank you all for letting us know.

  4. Thanks for your reviews. I would have order several items, for wedding gifts, but obviously research pays off. Thank you both for your review. Hopefully it will save others from making a mistake. When it’s too go to be true, it probably is. That’s kind of what I try to do.

  5. Definitely a scam. I had to cancel my CC and get a new one. My bank had many strange charges today which fortunately they didn’t pay.
    Lesson learned!! Too good to be true!!

  6. I ordered a mixer on may 15 for daughters bridal shower . Its july 12 and the order still says pending. I’ve emailed them 4 times. No response!!!
    Do not buy here!!

  7. i ordered a mixer and didn’t receive it and they took 103$ instead of 49$- we received nothing

  8. TOTAL SCAM! I ordered back in May and haven’t received anything! There is no number you can find and the website now can’t be found!

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