Pearlfeet Shoes Reviews {2020} Really Work or Just Hype?

Pearlfeet Shoes Product Reviews

Pearlfeet Shoes Reviews {2020} Really Work or Just Hype? -> The article talks about the online shopping website Pearlfeet. It will discuss in detail whether the website is legit or scamming people.

A majority of ailments concerned with the feet stem out of the shoes we wear. You can thank the pain, discomfort, and on occasions blistering on the feet to your lousy pair of shoes. Your feet spend most of their time carrying the weight of your whole body on them. It is also essential to notice that we keep them caged for almost 12 hours a day. Add taking roughly ten thousand steps (Per day) to that! Providing a good pair of booties to your feet, thus becomes very important. A website that has become popular in the United States, Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom is Pearlfeet’s shoes.  

If you are anything like me, you will have managed to tumble your around. Which usually results in a twisted and swollen foot. A good and comfortable pair of shoes will give the foot proper support and rest it deserves, thus accelerating the healing process. Hence choosing good quality and suitable footwear is mandatory. Since we are talking about comfortable shoes, let’s see what Pearlfeet shoes have to offer us. Here is the perfect Pearlfeet Shoes Reviews.

What Is Pearlfeet Shoes? 

It is an online website where you can buy shoes for men and women. The site claims to be the one-stop-shop for the trendiest shoes. It also claims to connect the buyers directly with the suppliers to provide fast delivery. I believe the company was set up in 2019, as it has a recent creation date address. The date makes me wonder if it is a scam or legit as most websites with a current creation date are scams. They offer boots, flats, woven flats, running, and sneakers—just a wide variety to shoes from. The name of the brand suggests that one would find some durable comfort shoes, but as you scour around. You will notice that a lot of the shoes are the kind you will find on Wish, Romwe, and other fast fashion websites. 

Apart from the shoes, the brand also offers you a variety of clothes and bags. Confusing, don’t you think? The name of the brand suggests otherwise. But a variety of these sites sell multiple products on them instead of sticking to just 1. There is an email ID mentioned and no phone number in the “Contact us” section. Again, this is common with all online clothing/shoes shopping sites. No red flags there. What is questionable about its practices is that they offer a “Your order could only be partially refunded more than 24 hours after purchasing.” In the returns section. How do you make any sense of that? So, is it legit? 

Who Is Peralfeet Shoes Perfect For?

One look of the website tells you that almost all the products are available at slashed prices. Like a pair of Men’s vintage hand-stitched soft leather boots are up for grabs for $43.99. Which were previously priced $79.98, a discount of almost 49%! Woohoo. Did I mention hand stitched? Yes, hand-stitched shoes for $43. The prices are fitting right in anybody’s budget. It is probably why the website is raking in rave reviews in the United States, Australia, Canada, and the United KingdomThe site is perfect for all those who prefer shopping online and have no time on their hands to run out and shop. Customers looking for the highest discounts will find Pearlfeet shoes to their liking.

Pearl Feet Reviews

The website looks legit, and just like other websites such as Wish or Shein, it lacks a return address and details of the owner. Having shopped from them, I know that they usually take 20-21 days to deliver your order. Does that bother you? Definitely! But if the quality of the product is top-notch, then it would be worth the wait. 

The website looks like a mess and can be a little confusing to use. For example- Clicking on the Hand made shoe section took me to the second page instead of the first. The details of each shoe are incredibly long! 

Here are some Pearlfeet Shoes Reviews on trust pilot and scam adviser 

  • A customer complains of her not receiving the order at all! Talks about the company being a scam. ” They don’t send people the merchandise,” she mentions in her little rant as you read further. She concludes with, “Also, I would be scared to order from this company now March 11, 2020, with the coronavirus disease 2019(Covid-19) their packages come from China!! I would be so scared to get there package now that it would be contaminated!! Do not order from this company. They don’t send your shoes and stuff.”
  • Amidst bad reviews, you also see a good one! She talks about ordering two pairs of shoes from them in 2019. She received a lot of compliments when she went out wearing them. They are still in perfect condition she comments! “they still feel great and look good.” she says at the end of her review.

Where can I get this product? 

The company delivers worldwide by partnering with different logistics such as Epacket, USPS, Yun, Express, DHL eCommerce, etc. They take a shipping time of 7-20 working days and roughly 1- 5 working days to process your order. Please read the return policy carefully before purchasing it. 


Comfort can relax your body like no other. Sliding your feet in a pair of shoes with foamy cushiony soles adds that right dash of comfort to your life. Most products on the website that seem to be original look a tad bit out of fashion. I wouldn’t purchase them! You will keep seeing “Buy 2 get 10% off CODE:G2” popping up on your screen. Reminding me how persistent these websites can be. They also offer no precise details of the products they are selling, giving you no insight into the durability of it. Many of the products look like knock offs of CROCS or Timberland. 

Shopping online can sound daunting, but that is not the case for every user! Many users end up getting products that phenomenal, but others complain about being duped. It is just sheer luck. Read up reviews and policies of the brand on their website and online before purchasing. 

51 thoughts on “Pearlfeet Shoes Reviews {2020} Really Work or Just Hype?

  1. i will buy pearlfeet shoes if i have a phone number and i can talk to a person give me a phone number to call

    1. Ordered THREE pairs of shoes – was told to expect delivery within 30 days. SIX WEEKS later and a half dozen e-mails with no response, still no shoes. Paid through Pay-Pal and filed a grievance. I was refunded 30% of my money, and a “tracking number” was supplied to pay-pal (not to me) which indicated the order was fulfilled (I received NOTHING from PEARLFEET – Z E R O).
      Would never – EVER give this company another DIME of my money.

      Consider yourselves warned….this is a freakin SCAM out of CHINA that purports to be out of the UK.

      1. I ordered a pair of shoes 4/11/20. They have not arrived. No correspondence from the company. I am disgusted. Do NOT do business with this company!

    2. Looking for my order Pearl feet number one 18331 leather casual sandals order them in May for 39 99 total of 5 pairs up shoes total amount 19995 they cost off my credit card I would like to know why I never received my shoes why isn’t the money put back on my card I got it off of Facebook please respond back you supposed to be a very good company but obviously I am really doubting that because I haven’t received my shoes yet

  2. This is the worst company that I have ever bought from. They stole $30+ dollars from me. They do not care about humans. They take your money and you will never see them again.

    1. I ordered two pair of shoes on June 1, 2020 and now it is July 15th and no shoes. The tracking info ends at July 3, 2020. I received an email saying they would “try to do something for me” if I had not received in 5 days (this was July 10th). I think I was foolish and ordered through a scam company and that I was careless with (found on Facebook ad). Out my money.


  3. Bought a pair size 11. Way to small could not send them back. Gave to my son he really likes them but I find the outfit (pearlfeet) to be a bit
    Hard to deal with. A phone number might help.

  4. I bought 3 pairs of shoes from them in March 2020 and received one of them so far [4/14/2020] and they do fit. Of the other ones I ordered I can not say as of yet.
    During this Coronavirus pandemic I think you people are way too critical of a budding business.

    1. Really?! Funny how they can send any nonessential item they want when they can make a profit. I was stupid for ordering from this company and am trying for refund. Hey if u like what u received glad for u, but a budding company, no company exists. Just an address in London with no way to contact them! Have a good day.

  5. I ordered two items from this company I have not gotten my package yet they said I would receive my package in 7 to 20 days it has been over 30 days the item numbers they gave me do not exist I’ve asked for a refund they have not given me my money back I don’t think this company is real my bank account says that the money was excepted through an ATM can you believe that during the times that we’re living in right now I just can’t believe people are out there scamming us

  6. Same thing ordered 2 pairs shoes cant talk to anybody i emailed them and no response. no shoes. I will update once i received them.

  7. Same story with me. Purchased and paid for a pair of shoes on April 9th and was told delivery in 10-20 days. Now past 20 days and (3) emails to their service department, I have nothing to show for the $30 I spent. Rip off!!!!

  8. I started to read your article, but with all the spelling errors, it’s VERY hard to take your site seriously. Sorry but you may want to look into an editor…?

  9. I’ve ordered 8 pairs of shoes over the last year. I have waited up to 5 weeks for some, but I have have received them all and in the size I ordered… yay for size 4 in Womens! I was skeptical and I don’t order from places like this, but I have been pleased by everything minus the shipping time. Are they spectacular shoes? No. I get what I pay for, but that is enough for me since finding my size and fit is a tough one.

  10. I’m not the kind of person to normally leave remarks however I did read a number of them if it’s any consolation I ordered my shoes made an error in the size send an email and they said that it was corrected. they did arrive way too small .
    I have sent approximately six emails to them and with no response.
    Upside they are a nice looking boot but have no use to me whatsoever they sent a six and and I’m a 13
    $128.00 mistake

  11. They are scammers. They advertise on legitimate sites like Yahoo and CNA and so on and then people think they are legitimate.
    So i ordered a shoe without checking… Boy i made a mistake.

    Written to them so many times – they don’t even reply.
    It sites like this that give all the rest a bad name…

    How do we report them?

  12. Looks like they got me for $69.00. Have checked the status of the order half a dozen times, always says waiting to be shipped. Don’t fall for it. Should have known something was up when they immediately billed my credit card and stole my money. Legitimate companies ship first, charge later.

  13. Do NOT buy from Perlfeet! It’s sad to know that a company is willing to essentially STEAL people’s money. Ordered shoes, no response, no order, no one to contact. We’ve disputed it with the bank but who knows what will happen. Trashy human beings make the world a sadder place.

  14. what kind of editing goes into these public blogs? Seriously?
    Who Is Peralfeet Shoes Perfect For?

    what the hell is a Peralfeet?

  15. I put in an order 30 days ago. NOTHING HAS ARRIVED. Tracking is in Chinese and there is no phone number to be found. I emailed but have heard nothing. What a waste of time and money. This place should be shut down.

  16. Thank you for pearlfeet review. I never buy shoes online as I’m afraid to make a mistake and get something big or small for my feet.

  17. I ordered a pair of shoes about three weeks ago, haven’t received my order yet and have not had any communications as what is the status of my order.
    Please respond.

  18. I’m like everyone else ………I’ve been waiting for my Pearl Feet Shoes for over two months. I received one of the three pair I ordered. The shoe is cute but the quality is low. The material is this and may not hold up. I did finally get an email from them asking me to be patient. I do believe they have shipped and that the package is hung up in China mail unable to move forward. Eventually it may show up.
    One thing for sure …..don’t buy anything shipping from China until imports are freed up.

  19. This for “Joe” ….the people that edit these comments are the same people that allow people like you to leave your comments. Did you reread your comments? Why are you commenting on a company you have no personal experience with and that you know nothing about?
    Pearl Feet Shoes is a shoe company based in China. They have some pretty darn cute shoes. Their quality is a little low but the shoes are way cute. They’re having lots of issues right now making their deliveries. I’ve been waiting for my shoes for two months. It’s not their fault. They’ve shipped but China mail is on hold.
    So, Joe … may have heard the world is in a pandemic … a little kindness. (stay in your own lane)

  20. ORDER on April 19, still no delivery. I got link which shows delivery however, does not show where in the delivery in the delivery process. Recieved emails which stating 3-5 days however, still not delivered. I’m really thinking this is a SCAM. Sad to say and I got taken. I did not do my homework. My bad.

  21. Same here no boots or shirts. The tracking Number was false as well. my Bank must block this company.

  22. Ordered 2 pair April 16,2020 still waiting . Out over $100.00. Emailed
    several times with false promises.

  23. Ordered one pair…still waiting over a month. Service department won’t respond.
    Tracking number has NO INFO. My email system CAN”T CONNECT with their
    server, shows invalid numbers.
    I guess I’ve been ripped off…..Damm.
    Bill PonCavage

  24. So disappointed with this company. Ordered some shoes back in December for a Christmas gift. 7 months have gone by and no shoes, no response to numerous emails, and no refund! So my recommendation, do not order from this company.

  25. They are a complete waste of time and money. Ordered 2 pairs on March 6th thinking they were an English company based on the info I saw on the internet site. Received 1st pair at the end of May and they looked and smelled like I had bought them at Goodwill. I have told them 6 times to cancel the remainder of the order but they “shipped” it June 1st. Afraid of what I will get if the package ever arrives.

  26. Absolutely a scam. I have given up on ever receiving my order placed on 6/5/20. Latest response to several emails indicated the order is stalled in LA at “post XX!!!”

  27. I also bought shoes that were 2 sizes to small when I tried them on. Would have cost me $27 to return shoes that cost $36. Sent 3 emails, no response. Had to get PayPal to force Pearl feet to refund.

  28. I ordered three pairs of shoes in two orders that was back in April, I only received one pair and it is three months since the orders were placed and fully paid. There is no phone number to contact, no address, and the contact email does not respond. If any one can share a way to contact that company it will be great.
    Even the site seems to be real, it works as any spam website.

  29. pearlfeet is a scamming company based in China, so be careful. I ordered 2 pair of shoes but never received anything (it’s been over 4 month). They take advantage of COVID to pretend there are delays but I tracked the package with the info they gave me and couldn’t find anything. The tracking number was showing that the USPS was supposed to deliver the package, but after checking with them (phone and in person), they told me the package doesn’t exist, they never were delivered anything…
    I emailed them several times but I receive automatic BS answer (they propose a discount to make up for the delay, but it’s an automatic answer so you never get the discount and they never give you an update).
    I after checking the company on multiple website, you will see so many people have been scammed.
    Don’t buy from them, it is definitely a scam.

  30. DON’T BUY FROM PEARLFEET! After measuring my feet, I purchased a pair of slip-on shoes a size larger than their sizing chart indicated I needed, but they were too tight across the arch and too short in length. I requested a return and refund, and a week later am still getting a run-around from them, currently they seem to be trying to bargain with me, that they’ll refund 20%, then 30%, of the cost and I can keep the shoes. Why would I want shoes that don’t fit? and why would I settle for $5-7 when I paid $25 for them? And they have the gall to preface these “offers” with statements that they are an honest company – far from it. Their description and sizing chart was inaccurate, and implying at first that they would refund the cost if I returned the shoes and now backtracking from that, are totally dishonest. I have now disputed the charge through my credit card company, in the hope that they might be able to get this resolved.

  31. I would give a negative 5 rating if I could.
    I should have looked for reviews for this company before purchasing. This saga started in July 20, 2020. It is November 14, 2020 and still not resolved.
    I ordered 5 pairs of shoes.
    4 pairs of shoes arrived after 5 weeks. One of the pairs of shoes was the wrong model.
    I of course asked for Pearlfeet to send the correct model. First, they acted like they did not understand the situation and sent tracking information. Then they had me take pictures of shoes and packaging and send them. And then they asked me to do it again, which I did, AGAIN.
    I do agree with other reviews that their emails are very polite; but don’t be fooled. They are very unethical in business practices and actual results.
    So, the company never shipped the correct pair of shoes.
    Not only that, but the 5th pair of shoes finally arrived and it was also the wrong model of shoes AND it was a duplicate type of the wrong shoes sent before.
    So, now I’ve got two pairs of shoes I did not order and I don’t have two of the five pairs I did order.
    I have emails where Pearlfeet admits it is their mistake. AND YET PEARLFEET HAS TRIED TO BLOCK MY REFUND REQUEST FROM THE CREDIT CARD COMPANY. They responded to my dispute by providing tracking information to the credit card company.
    Not only THAT, but they also tried to get me to drop my dispute with the credit company, saying they would be able to send the refund faster if I did. I see from other reviews that they are very, very unlikely to send a refund, ever.
    So now I have to waste additional time just to try to counter Pearlfeet’s unethical attempt to mis-represent the situation with my credit card company.
    And by the way, the quality of the shoes they did actually send is very, very low. I’ve only asked for a refund for the pairs of shoes that Pearlfeet got wrong, but in truth, I would really like a total refund. I have only worn one pair of shoes out of the five pairs. The rest fit OK, but I will probably throw them away because they are too embarrassing in appearance for anything other than working in the back yard.

    While it is within the realm of possibility you will have a decent experience buying from Pearlfeet, the probability is very, very low.

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