Ownerly Review [Jan 2021] Is It A Scam Or Legit?

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Ownerly Review [Jan 2021] Is It A Scam Or Legit? >> In this article, you will learn about a website that offers you mortgage advisory.

Are you wondering about the worth of your house and want to calculate your assets? Let’s check out Ownerly Review and see if this website is helpful for asset calculation and finding homes near you. 

Folks from the United States have come up with a brand name ownerly.com which helps you in case you want to sell your current assets and what find the worth of your house at the current market scenarios.

When it comes to knowing your house value, you have to share some information about your assets to realize it’s worth it. But the question is how you can share your valuable information out of the blue. Therefore we are here to answer your question Is Ownerly Legit or not.

We have done comprehensive research on ownerly.com, and we looked into all the online reviews available on various online reviewing website so that we can present you with a clear picture of the authenticity of this website. 

What is Ownerly.com?

Ownerly.com is on online consultant website that helps you calculate your mortgage, provide you information about the best quality homes available for you and also calculates your owned assets value.

The motive of the website is to put professional housing data and assets insights into your hands. They also provide their research from the data and strategies used by professionals. The site gets updated frequently as per changing market asset values and interest rates.

Some of the services provided by the website are Mortgage provider, refinancing, home insurance, Home equity line of credits, home warranties, and information about solar powered companies.

The website also has a mobile application available on the apple store. The user has shared their insightful Ownerly Review about the app and its services. 

Why is Ownerly.com unique?

The website uses professional investor data and general strategies to calculate your house mortgage and asset value calculation. The site also provides you with information about the property available for you at the best price.

The website also offers you home insurance with the lowest interest rates and secure payouts. The mobile application available on Apple Store is user friendly. 

Specification of Ownerly.com:

  • Product Type: Asset and mortgage calculator, home insurance
  • Website Link: https://www.ownerly.com/
  • Email Address: support@ownerly.com
  • Address: MSC – 414887 P.O. Box 105168 Atlanta, GA 30348-5168
  • Contact Number: 1-888-212-8460
  • Return / Exchange: Not Applicable
  • Refund: Not Applicable
  • Mobile App: Available on apple store
  • Mode of Payment: Online payments

Pros of services of Ownerly.com:

  • Professional and strategic advisory
  • Efficient property locator
  • Customized home insurance plans
  • Https protocol followed
  • Safe Payment Gateway
  • Newsletter services
  • Separate blog section
  • Mobile application available

Cons of services of Ownerly.com:

  • The website asks for your crucial asset information 
  • The site shares your data to third-party
  • The website has the right to change policies overnight
  • A loophole in the policy section 
  • The website asks for your location
  • The newsletters might be disturbing 
  • No information about the financial advisor

Is Ownerly Legit?

As per technical Ownerly Reviewthe website is suggested safe and gained high trust index. If we look into the customer reviews, the site has mixed perception. Some of the customer reviews recommended this website as suspicious. 

Therefore to answer your question Is Ownerly Legit, the website seemed technically safe to browse. Still, it would be best if you were very careful while entering your data on this website because it is suspicious to own customer asset information.

What is customer feedback about Ownerly.com?

The customer reviews were somewhat satisfactory in terms of mortgage calculation. Few customers have given the brand five stars on Apple store while others have claimed that app is junk and not helpful. 

The Ownerly Review on social media states that people are not comfortable to share sensitive information to a website. The customer also noted that the website estimated mortgage price is 10%-20% below the actual price.

Final Verdict: 

In conclusion, the website seems safe in terms of technology and security aspect, but when it comes to sharing your crucial data, we would recommend you to be very cautious. 

We have represented you both the positive and negative aspects of this website. Hence we would advise you to do your research as well and then make a wise decision. 

If you like our research on this website, we would love to hear from you. Please comment below about your experience using the services of this website. 

7 thoughts on “Ownerly Review [Jan 2021] Is It A Scam Or Legit?

  1. This is a FRAUDULENT company. They say they will charge $1 but charged $18.95. I’m making a complaint to ATTY General and other agencies.

  2. Ownerly is Bullshit and a scam to get your information and then beat you to death with emails phone calls and mail coupled to calls from realtors. It’s bullshit

  3. It’s a scam. I inserted my credit card (I have excellent credit) and it said my credit card was rejected. Now they have my information and I got nothing.

  4. My bet is they are selling your contact information as leads to Mortgage reps, Realtors, Insurance brokers, and anyone else they think could sell you something based on the information you provide them. That is the general modus operandi of these sites and they probably sell the same leads to multiple parties. Therefore you should expect a number of individuals trying to contact you. This is just my opinion. I could be wrong but I doubt it. Quoting Tom Selleck ” this isn’t my first Rodeo”.

  5. The TV ad and also the website says it’s free. But they charge $1. When I checked my bank account they charged me $18.95. I cancelled 12/17/20. Today is 1/12/21 and still haven’t received monies. I E-Mailed them and told them I will give them 5 more days. If I don’t receive my money I will contact the Better Business Bureau and the Missouri State Attorneys Office.

    Rodney Anderson
    January 12,2021

  6. SCAM – I’ve received phone call after phone call from people that want to refinance my house when all i wanted to see is the value of my home. Leave me the FUCK ALONE ASSHOLES!

  7. I, attempt to get a valuation for my property and found it not be no way near market value by other real estate agencies. Is this another way to under value real estate property owned by minorities.

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