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Are you looking for a product that makes your window cleaning easy? And found the Full Crystal window cleaner online and curious to know about its complete details. Does it work? Is it worth buying? Or how good it works? So, let us get started with the Reviews.

Full Crystal is a window cleaning product by, and much demanded in the United States. The product is designed in the manner to make this window cleaning task hassle-free. The company claims that you don’t need to climb on the ladder to clean the two-storey house window – full crystal can reach up to 27 feet. Yes! It can—the Full Crystal cleaner cleans the windows along with the screens from outside in no time. 

You just need to pour the solution in the bottle and fix all the attachments and boom you are ready for cleaning. Don’t forget to dissolve the solution. But wait – Is Legit Let’s check the Reviews.

What is a Full Crystal?

Full Crystal is manufactured by SAS, which is located in the United States. The product is designed to make the cleaning task stress-free. Full Crystal has several features that attract the beleaguered audience. 

It can clean the windows, screens, and the glasses in one go. You don’t need to remove filters – as it cleans the windows and displays at the same time. Don’t need to climb on the ladder- It can reach upto 27 Feet. It is safe to use. It doesn’t harm plants and shrubs. Engineered Bottle – It can clean and rinse together. Still not impressed?

The full crystal cost you $19.99 in the special TV offer- 1 complete crystal set ( 1 Bottle, one lid, and one bags of crystal powder + 1 bonus bag of crystal powder). However, one pack is enough to clean upto 20 windows. The is also giving the 30 days money-back guarantee. 


  • If you shop from –, you can get a special offer.
  • The company claims 30 days refund policy; if the product found unsatisfactory.
  • has a live demo video tutorial on YouTube- also available on its website. 
  • The website contains every essential information regarding the product, special offers, refunds, etc. 
  • The website accepts payments from VISA, American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and PayPal only.

Benefits of

  • The website has called to order facility – (800) 520-6979.
  • The product has many features and benefits to make your work easy. 
  • The provides a special offer along with 30 days money guarantee for its shoppers. 

Drawbacks of

  • No contact details available on the such as email, contact no. Etc.
  • No social media account existed. 
  • The product got several unsatisfactory feedback. 

Is Legit?

 The company claims to provide the best deal to its customers and has also designed exclusive special offers to double it sell. The products found not up to the mark as the company claims. But to be honest, we got a bunch of negative feedback on social media and blogs. 

We have also checked several video reviews where people displayed the live demo of full crystal. The results were excellent, but we can’t say it does an incredible job. One of the shoppers claims that the Full Crystal is Waste of money and suggested to stay away from the because the website denied refunding the money. And most of the people are highly disappointed with the product and calling it crap!

We can’t consider the Reviews a fraudulent website since we haven’t got any specific evidence that proves it unauthentic. 

Customers’ Feedback 

The product got lots of disappointing reactions from its users. People were saying that – I am frustrated, disappointed with results, Do not buy, Waste of time and money, $19.95 ended up being $78.98, Crap sprayer, want to cancel my order and want complete refund ASAP, poor customer service, etc. So, we think you get an idea of how the product works? 

But we want to say that we have also found some positive feedback also – it does a pretty good job, if you use it right then it is an excellent product. 

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  1. I used this product to clean my windows,and it killed all my plants.It says its safe for plants and grass but not so much.Now I am left with many a dead plants. NOT A HAPPY CAMPER BUYER BE WARE

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