Ovallazy Website Reviews [June] Decide To Shop From Legit Site

Ovallazy Website Reviews

Ovallazy Website Reviews [June] Decide To Shop From Legit Site -> In this article, you get to know about an online store where you can buy Nintendo gaming consoles and accessories.

From how many websites have you bought Nintendo Consoles online ? Now checkout Ovallazy Website.

We researched the internet and tried to get more information on Ovallazy Website Reviews. But not much detailed information is available online.

There are many websites selling gaming consoles, gaming accessories, gift cards, drones and many types of action cameras. And many new websites are also coming up with good prices, referral discount schemes, customer loyalty bonus and reward for posting the website content on social media platforms.

At present this website is more popular in the United States.  It has received lots of responses from there.

If you are looking to make any purchases from it you will definitely have this question in your mind: Is Ovallazy Website Legit?

I hope our article will help you make better decision. 

What is the Ovallazy Website?

Ovallazy Website is an online store which sells Nintendo gaming consoles, action cameras, drones and Nintendo Switchaccessories. These products are very trending nowadays as people are getting more creative in gaming as well as outdoor adventure activities with friends and family.

There are many vivid varieties of Nintendo Gaming consoles available on this online store as well as the prices of the offered products seems too good to be true. But how safe is your money if you buy from this website? Is Ovallazy Website Legit?

What makes a person doubt? There are many reasons and factors which can tell this website is a scam or legit.

Specifications of Ovallazy Website

  • Website type- Nintendo gaming consoles, accessories, action camera and drones.
  • Time for shipping- within 2 to 3 days
  • TIme for delivery- within 12 to 18 days
  • Exchange- Available
  • Return- Available, but within 14 days
  • Shipping charge- Not applicable
  • Cancellation of order- Only if order is not available in stock
  • Company contact number- 3232167777
  • Company address- 921 e 52nd Street LA California US, 90011
  • Email address- milepick@milepick.top
  • Payment mode- Via Paypal

Pros of buying from Ovallazy Website

  • The prices of the products are much lower as compared to other websites.
  • Wide varieties of Nintendo gaming consoles and accessories are available on the same website.
  • Shipping and delivery is free of cost in almost over 12 countries.
  • The order can be returned.

Cons of buying from Ovallazy Website

  • One may not trust much as this website is new.
  • One can pay only via Paypal as per website.
  • The prices are too low to be real.
  • Return and refund is possible only if the order is kept in as it is packed state and applicable within 14 days only.
  • Email address not matching with Domain name
  • The website collects many information, and also collects data of the web pages you are browsing while browsing the website.

Is Ovallazy Website Legit?

The site has not shared any disclaimer earlier in public notice. Moreover the domain is 1 month old as on July 3 2020. Moreover the website name does not make it sound like a gaming store. The prices on the site are too low to be true as compared to other online stores and major ecommerce websites.

The email address of the store has no relevant text of the store name in it. Which makes one doubt even more intensely about the genuineness of the website.

What are customers saying about Ovallazy Website?

As this website is new and it might have not caught notice of many. Practically we didn’t find any sensitive reviews and there were no positive reviews for the same.

Even there were no reviews or feedback being displayed on the website by the customers. Which confirms something is not good about this website. 

Final Verdict

Looking at all the results from our research we find that there are many loopholes which indicate that things are not going so well on this website. One cannot open the order if one wishes to return, payment via paypal only, prices for all given countries are the same with no shipping and delivery charges. 

Moreover there were not strong or positive customer reviews found about this website. The low prices were also a sensitive factor as compared to the prices of the same products on popular ecommerce websites. 

Looking at all the researched factors and reasons we conclude that this website is not legit.

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