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Sicism Website Reviews [July] How Is It Legit Or Scam?

Sicism Website Reviews

Sicism Website Reviews [July] How Is It Legit Or Scam? -> This post provides a detailed analysis of a new webstore that sells accessories online.

Did you ever buy any accessories online? If not, there is a new website launched for the same. It is that sells accessories like headbands, turbans, caps, bracelets, and anklets, etc. Shopping at a new website can be risky if we do not know the authenticity of that site. Thus, we provide you with Sicism Website Reviews, for you to judge it correctly.

Analyzing a newly set up website is not easy, and hence we did careful research and found details that may be helpful. It will provide you with relevant information that can be used to judge a new e-store. So, to know more, keep on reading this article.

This webstore from the United States sells accessories at a reasonable price. But to know the legitimacy of the website, we need to know more.

What is is a newly launched website that sells personal accessories like turbans, headbands, glasses, anklets, bracelets, baseball caps, and lip rings. The prices are reasonable, although some of the product prices seem to be high. 

The shipping is free in the United States, and the delivery of the product takes around 3 to 5 days. The website accepts the returns and a refund policy is available.

Payment methods include credit card payments. A contact address is available for the customers. A phone number and an email for support is also available. Gift certificates can also bought on the website.

Specifications of

  • Website type – Online retailer of Accessories
  • Country – United States
  • Shipping Charges – Free
  • Returns – Are acceptable
  • Contact Address – 618 Minneapolis Minnesota 55403
  • Phone number – 0016598009508
  • Email Id –
  • Payment modes – Visa, Mastercard, Amex, PayPal, Stripe, Discover
  • Social media – No presence

Pros of Buying at

  • A wide range of accessories is available.
  • Shipping is free
  • Returns are accepted.

Cons of Buying at

  • A newly built webstore (only 30 days old)
  • The address is not trustworthy
  • Social media presence is not available.

Is Legit?

For judging a new website for its legitimacy, it is essential to research a lot. Thus we looked into various reviewing sites for Sicism Website ReviewsBut unfortunately, we could find none. The trust score for the website was also found to be low, and hence it could be risky shopping at this new site.

The website is very young and has a very low ranking on Alexa. The website domain was registered for only a year, and popular sites usually register for two years or more. Such websites are rarely popular and hardly have any customer reviews available for other customers to judge.

That raises questions like, Is Sicism Website Legit or not? Should we spend our hard-earned money on this site? So, for that, we researched more and found it to be a potential scam.

What are Customers Saying About

To shop at a newly built website can be risky, and hence feedback of old customers is crucial. 

Customers are the only source who can provide the right judgment for a new product or site. Thus, to know more about this United States website, we searched for customer feedback online. To our dismay, we found no reviews available for this site

It was a real setback to get no feedback for such a website that sells a range of accessories that are liked by people worldwide. A lack of buyer reviews shows that the site is unknown and has not made any positive image on the web. That is a negative aspect on its part.

The Final Verdict

Concluding, we can only say that the website is very young and cannot be trusted completely. It has a low ranking on various ranking websites and has a low trust score too. The biggest drawback is the lack of presence on social media. Today it is crucial to have a social media handle for developing your customer faith.

There are many negative aspects of this newly built site that forces us to rank it as an unfaithful site. You cannot consider a website reliable until it has excellent customer strength. Hence, I suggest that people looking for accessories online should be careful and avoid such websites. 

New sites can be given more time to make an auspicious presence, but that could be risky. This new site can be a fraud and might be one of the scamming sites launched recently online. So beware.

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  1. We order from company a month ago a series of movies. But received face masks instead and we tried to contact the company. We are waiting for a response from the voice man I left and email I sent.

  2. I ordered a DVD set from them paid over $60 for it and all I received was face masks

    They are totally scamming

    1. I ordered a yard vacuum bag . Got face mask also. Their responce was it was sent by mistake . As of 8-18-20 it shows on tracking of item and it says out for delivery. It must be a snail delivering item
      Sent another email to them on 8-21-20. With no responce but last time they respond got reply of it is on way and the send me picture of samething I had already knew. So not a very trusting place. With the hassle and no responce. I paid by PayPal may have to contact them to get a refund

  3. On July 2nd, 2020 I ordered a Used lawn edger. On July 17th, 2020 I received an envelope with face masks in it. The original picture of the product had a backdrop that had Cokoroda on it. I assumed the product was in Colorado. The envelope with masks, was from China, as was the tracking information.
    I contacted the company by e-mail on the 17th of July, 2020, and received a prompt reply asking for pictures of what I had received. I took pictures and replied.
    The company apologized for the mistake, asked me to keep the masks for the inconvenience and said they would ship the correct item and advise me with a tracking number when the item shipped. That was today.
    As much as I think this is a scam, I have to give them the opportunity to resolve the problem before asking my credit card company for a refund.
    I will advise as the situation progresses.

  4. Same issue. I ordered a lawn edger and got face masks. When I disputed they offered to settle with me for $11 less than what I paid. I am sure that is so they still make a profit. They are a scam.

  5. This site is a scam!!! I ordered a 4k dvd player. I got a tracking from China. I ended up getting 20 pieces of surgical mask.

  6. Same thing happened to me, ordered DVD and received face masks , call your credit card company and dispute the charges. Now the web site is closed.

  7. Hi same here I purchased and order over $62 and received face mask as well made contact with them they wanted a poc of the face mask sent by them to correct the mishap ordered and sent me a new tracking order and still waiting on the order to come to me…?

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