Newprofilepicture Com Play Store: Is This App Scam? How Users Can Use It On Facebook, Play Store & Android!

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This particular summary is summarized to help you out with the confusion of whether the Newprofilepicture Com Play Store is safe to use or not.

Do you like to spend time on social media platforms? Are you actively indulged in uploading your pictures and changing profile pictures? If so, you must be acquainted with a new app related to this, which is storming in the United StatesAustralia, the United Kingdom, and Canada

Yes, we are talking about a new profile picture that is only suitable for smartphone users. This app helps individuals to beautify their profile pictures miraculously. But can we trust this newbie? Is it safe to use Newprofilepicture Com Play Store?

Is Newprofilepicture App available on the play store, and what are its characteristics? 

Yes, it is a newcomer on the Google Play store that uses mythical espionage to beautify individuals’ profile pictures. Users can easily download it by visiting the play store app. Further, we have also attached the link in the conclusion below for an easy user interface

People can use this app to eliminate watermarks from their pictures. They can add naturally beautiful filters to their pictures as well. In short, this app can add amazing features to images. But is this app legitimate to trust? Let’s see-

Is New Profile Pic App Scam Or Safe?

This seems to be a safe platform if we talk about external features. This app is acceptable and affordable for all smartphone users across the world. And if we talk about authentic sources, it has a high trusting rate and looks safe.

It has got an 80 trust score and has a valid SSL certificate. But, the site’s proprietor is concealing his individuality on WHOIS by utilizing paid assistance. And, we realized the website is fulfilled from a high-risk nation. 

How does it work? 

This app is widely used for Facebook, and it is extremely easy to use. 

  • One needs to upload their best profile photo. 
  • Then, one can select from a mixture of incredible techniques, comic illustrations, leisure art consequences, and amazing cartoon filters. 
  • Anyone can come back anytime they like for even different attitudes and a modern silhouette resemblance. 
  • Additionally, returning after one week for new impacts, fresh choices, and a recent snapshot is the best option they’re suggesting. 

Why is this App Trending? 

This new profile picture app is trending because of people’s craze for social media. Every Android user is drooling over this amazing app as they want to be representable on social media. The themes, effects, and filters attract many followers on social media. 

How to Download? 

Downloading is as simple as using this app-

  • One needs to click on the download button provided on the website. 
  • Then, go to your list manager and search for the APK catalog. 
  • Now, tap on the APK index and initiate the request. 
  • Finally, click on the app’s icon and start your beautiful journey. 


In conclusion, New Profile Picture is a newly introduced App On Play Store. It’s a nicely designed app to beautify our profile pictures. But, we can’t give 100% assurance to use this app because of the previously described points. So, continue using this app by your wish and research. 

Additionally, all the collected information here is based on internet research. Moreover, you can check the link to download it. Are you interested in using this app? Please comment. 

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