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Are you interested in correcting your English skills? For example, do you like to practice pronouncing different phrases? This app will be the right fit for you then. is a digital platform that has gained immense fame in Sweden, Canadathe United Kingdomand the United States. This app lets you learn new words, but still, a few people found it problematic using the app and are now searching for Similar Sites.

A Few Words about this App is an application that helps its users to enhance their English learning skills as soon as possible. This app displays all the information regarding the phrase you typed, including its meaning and pronunciation.

Moreover, the app displays multiple short video clips regarding your searched phrase. You can watch each one of them and even pause the sequence to repeat a particular clip. 

However, we saw a few negative comments on the internet where the users didn’t get their refund and are now looking for Alternatives.

Key Features of this App

  • The app was last updated on December 4, 2018.
  • Current version: 1.1
  • To use this app, you must have Android 4.1 and up.
  • This learning app has received 2.8 stars online, and 500+ installs.

Benefits of this App

  • You can learn everything about English language phrases by simply typing the phrase on the search box.
  • This app allows you to maintain a customizable playlist by downloading your favourite words and phrases.
  • allows you to listen to your common phrases for more than 1000 days. 

A Small List of Similar Sites

This digital platform is an application, and many Worldwide users faced issues while operating this English learning app. Most of them are now searching for its alternatives. So, we went online to find some of the better options, including:

  • Yarn
  • Bard
  • Morbotron

All of the sites mentioned above relevant to this English learning app are absolutely free. Furthermore, there are a few sites that offer free trials. In addition to this, all these are compatible with androids, iPhone, iPad, and android tablets.

You can try out all the above-mentioned Similar Sites and learn English for free.


This application is mainly made for those who want to learn more by spending less time. This app will immediately give the results when you type your phrase on the search box.

Moreover, this app allows you to maintain your personalized playlist. However, when we went online to predict the reviews’ quality, we found a few negative comments, where people are stating about its working. You can open this link  to learn about previous users’ experiences.

Have you ever used this Did you find it helpful? Please tell us if you found the above information helpful about the Alternatives.

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