Neckology Neck Massager Reviews {Jan} Safe Deal Or Scam

Neckology Neck Massager Reviews 2020

Neckology Neck Massager Reviews {Jan} Safe Deal Or Scam>> This blog informs you about the product that eases your neck pain and checks the authenticity of the site selling it.

Are you thinking of purchasing a neck massager? If you suffer from nerve damage, then Neckology Intelligent Neck Massager is the only way you can feel at ease.

It’s not possible to get a massage anytime and anywhere you want, but Neckology Reviews suggest that it is now possible. Neckology Neck Massager is a portable massager that you can carry with you anywhere. Wear it on your neck, and it’ll do the job.

Neckology Neck Massager

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Even if you don’t have any collar related issues, this product is helpful as it’s a known fact that a massage helps muscles relax after a long and strenuous work, like working on your office desk for long hours.

It is an incredibly useful product, and Neckology Neck Massager Reviews also say it’s an affordable product. Its popularity is considerable and has done quite well for itself in the countries, like the United States, Australia, etc.

So, if you’re planning on buying any neck massager or this product, we suggest you should read our review describing details like pricing, delivery and the issue- Is Neckology Legit?

What is Neckology Neck Massager?

As the name suggests, Neckology Neck Massager is a massager. Unlike other massagers, they’re portable and can be carried anywhere with ease. They can be used anytime and anywhere. This massager starts showing effective results within 10 minutes of use. It helps in case of nerve damage or muscle spasms.

The 360-degree ergonomic design helps to relax your muscles effectively and relieves you from any neck pain. The three modes on the remote control: acupuncture, pulsation and massage mode can be selected and switched on in a cycle.

They are also cheap, and on their website, you can apply the Neckology Discount Code and purchase it for even lower prices. Currently, they are sold at a 50% discount.

They’ve gained a reasonable amount of popularity and sold a considerable amount of units in the United States, Australia, etc. Their portability and cheap price has made them considerably successful.  

Neckology Neck Massager Specifications:

  • Neckology Neck Massager can be controlled with a remote.
  • It is like a soothing massage from two real hands.
  • They come with 15 modes for different intensities of massages for your needs.
  • They’re very compact and lightweight at 160gm.
  • They have an ergonomic 360 design that’s quite attractive.
  • They charge quickly, and their battery lasts longer.
  • They come with non-stick pads and are extremely comfortable.
  • It comes with a 60-day Satisfaction Guarantee.

Neckology Neck Massager Review

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Neckology Neck Massager Pros:

  • It’s a fantastic product available at an affordable price.
  • Its comfort design helps you sleep while it massages away your neck pain.
  • It comes with an extensive 60-day satisfaction guarantee and can be returned anytime in that period.
  • The availability of lucrative discounts and offers on this product.
  • It has received a considerable amount of praise from customers.

Neckology Neck Massager Cons: 

  • This product is relatively new and not very popular.
  • Contact information about the parent site of the product is absent.
  • The absence of about us page.
  • The delivery time might take longer than expected.
  • When it comes to neck massagers, they’re neither the most popular nor the most positively reviewed product.

Is Neckology Neck Massager Legit?

Neckology Intelligent Neck Massager is a relatively new product and isn’t comparatively as famous as some similar products. So some users raised concerns about their legitimacy. We did our research and found that it’s not very likely to be a scam.

Although the customer information is not present, which makes it a risk, some other information makes it seem less of a chance. The abundance of Neckology Neck Massager Reviews is an indication that this product is authentic. 

So, to answer – Is Neckology Legit? It likely is, but there’s a small risk involved due to the absence of contact information.

Neckology Neck Massager Reviews Scam

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Customer and User Reviews

Neckology Reviews present on the website are all positive. On other sources and reviews, the reception is mixed. Some users have been impressed with the product while some haven’t. Their portability and compatibility received a fair amount of praise.

The customers have positively reviewed the benefits of this massager and are willing to make repeated purchases for their family members. They are happy with the ergonomic design, which makes it extremely comfortable to use.

On the other hand, a few customers are unhappy due to charging issues of the device. But they were immediately attended to, and their product was returned with a full refund in their accounts.

The product is authentic, but if you like the product or not depends on you. If you don’t like the product, it can be quickly returned. It comes with 60-day Money back Guarantee. So you can refund your money easily.

Neckology Neck Massager Where to Buy

Final Verdict

Neckology Intelligent Neck Massager has some advanced and useful features. They’re compact and easily portable. They’re also cheap and can be made even less expensive by using the Neckology Discount Code.

They are gaining a reasonable amount of popularity every day. However, this product is considerably new and not much information is present about it. But, is it legit? Yes, it most likely is. We cannot eliminate the risk involved with it, but it seems safe.

The only concern that bothers the customers is the absence of contact information like company address or direct contact number. But, the site provides a query form to answer any grievances and claim to respond before 48 hours of submission.

The product is also available on Amazon and has been successfully able to gather affirmative reviews from almost all its users. The discounted prices and high-quality delivery have increased brand loyalty amongst the customers.

If you like this product and want to buy it, then you can buy it if you have no problem with the small amount of risk involved. Therefore, we would like to recommend it to all our readers.

Kindly write to us if you have some more information about this website and also share your experiences.

7 thoughts on “Neckology Neck Massager Reviews {Jan} Safe Deal Or Scam

  1. It is impossible to get a return address to return a Neckology item. Were you able to find an address for returns? I would be so grateful. I have literally had 5 emails from them and they keep asking for things like photos of the product …. (and I already packed it very nicely) so frustrating… it does not work at all

  2. I tried to refund because Neckology massage gave me shocks but they have not responded to my email. There is no phone or address. Something is not right with the way the ‘company’ is operated.

  3. Well, this product is really NOT a neck massager. It is a tens unit with a heat element. I am not saying it is utterly useless, but it is hyped as a massager and it is clearly not a massager.
    When I tried to return it, they said there was a 10% restocking fee plus I pay for return postage. Since it shipped from CHINA that would be ridiculous to return.
    They say they are a US company but I have my doubts – the grammar in the owners manual proves they are either illiterate or non- English speaking.

    Overall I feel duped. I have a tens unit. I did not expect to be spending $80 for another one.
    Sadly disappointed

  4. DON’T BUY THIS UNIT unless you are absolutely sure that you understand what this is. It is not a massager, it is something that sends electrical pulse stimulation. I immediately decided to return it. When I asked for a return slip they kept trying to get me to buy it for a lower price. I repeated that I did not want it. They tried again with some other sales tactic. I kept insisting that I did not want it and finally I was required to take pictures of the package and all parts of the item. I did everything I they asked me to do. Many weeks later I realized that I had never received a refund. I ordered the unit on July 9th.
    I emailed them and finally they said they would refund me, taking off a portion of the refund, not sure why. It is now September 3rd and I am told that I will receive the refund in 3-5 days. We’ll see!
    Very disappointed with this company! I think if I had not inquired again about my refund they would have just let it slip!

  5. This is a terrible, misleading product. It gave me and my wife a headache the first time we used it, even on the lowest settings.

    Very deceitful company with slow drop-shipping from China, tonnes of fake reviews, and poor customer service.


  6. This product is terrible. It felt like getting tased. They will not refund after 14 days past receiving. Since this was a gift that was given after 14 days of receiving, they will not refund.

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